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Looks like a typical rubbish Ancestry transcription because
your extract above doesn't list whose stepdaughter Frances was, and it inserts a name variant (Fanny) that doesn't appear in the original.

Alexander Sangster 41 Farmer New Deer
Mary 32 Tyrie
Andrew 2 New Deer
FANNY SCOTT step dau 12 ? Jamaica
Mary DUNCAN 17 Tyrie general servant

The info. I typed was from the original census from public tree

Nov 2012
Ellon Library Census records
New Deer , Scottish census 1851

Had a look again and have typed the full info. from the census - perhaps if you or alasdair are able to do so you could take a look and double check the info. I've copied

parish of New Deer District of ?ford (can't make it out)
48 Alexander Sangster Head M 41 Farmer of 24 Acres Aberdeenshire New Deer
    Mary ditto wife 32 Farmers wife ditto Tyrie
    Andrew son 2 ditto son ditto New Deer
    Fanny Scott stepdau 12 farmers step-dau emp. at home N?I? Jamiaca
    Mary Duncan servant 17 general servant Aberdeenshire Tyrie

I think I'm still just as puzzled, I can't figure out the Scotts, Sangsters and Duncan's are to Ann Innes.

I understand Alexander Scott married a Mary Innes but from previous posts it would appear she would be too young to be the sister of Ann Innes i.e, born 1817 instead of the Mary Innes Born to Robert Innes and Isabel Duncan who was born in 1808.

I popped to the archives today and had a quick scan through the Kirk session minutes, sadly there was none for any meetings pre 1853....... damned if I know what to do now, I read online that the church in New Pitsligo was built in top of the old one in 1853, do you think it likely that any attendees would have travelled or moved to a successionist church while this was being rebuilt?, travel out with to attend Resulting in records being kept at an adjoining parish?.

I had a quick look in the KSM for Deer, although very interesting I couldn't find anything, plenty of information regarding a long on going charge against a Dr Lockhart who couldn't keep his paws of his servants whenever his wife was away or whenever the whisky was in!, these case records seemed to dominate the minutes throughout.

New Pitsligo KSM did however have an entry for a couple of illigitamate children between Duncan's and Emsley's, 1st was on 3rd Sept 1854 a twice ignored summons to appear by a James Duncan who later refused to acknowledge the charge raised by Isabel Emsley.

2nd being the acknowledgement of an illigitamate child by a William Emsley to a charge raised by Mary Duncan.

On 9th Aug 1867 another similar charge involving a Jane Will and a William Barry from 16 years earlier (1851)

On 3rd May 1863 again similar charge involving an Isabella Will and a William Smith from 8 years previous to charge (1855), apparently William Smith having left the county before birth never to be heard of again.

I may have a look for these later 'Will' girls in the hope this might throw up some clues but I'm struggling understanding how to find the connections or maybe I'm just too short sighted or experienced to see the relevance.

Thank you both very much for all your help.

I had typed out a reply but never hit the post button, when I went back to rootchat I saw you had already looked it up, I had tried to locate Mary and Frances also to see if there were any clues.

Ancestry transcription for that 1841 census states born in "foriegn parts" for Frances Scott (could this Frances Scott be Female?, the spelling in the transcription is Female, if so there is a Frances Scott born Jamaica in the 1861 cencus in New Deer, possibly just complicating things for myself now though).

Name:Frances Scott [Fanny Scott] 
Estimated birth year:abt 1839
Where born:Jamaica
Registration Number:225
Civil Parish:New Deer
Occupation:Dom Serv

 Elizabeth Sangster  7
 Jessie Sangster  1
 Frances Scott  22
 Alexander Reid  2
No adults?

I have so far opted to take the line of least resistance and work on the family tree (1855+) sections or other branches which are more obvious and easier to work out but Alexander's birth date has been bugging me for a while trip to Aberdeen or Edinburgh it is!.

I did have a quick search online to work out how to search through the Kirk session minutes and for other advice on locating further information, one page recorded there are only minutes from 1853 onwards for the Kirk in New Pitsligo although there were various other church records available for before 1853, another site stated that the church was rebuilt in 1853, if this was the case the Kirk might not be up and running, is it possible that some locals would have travelled else where or attended another Church?.

I'm sure I read that Alexander was an Elder in the Church in either Rogart or Bonar, is it possible these might hold any other details?.

Thanks again

World War One / Re: WW1 uniform
« on: Saturday 24 February 18 04:28 GMT (UK)  »
Possibly 6th Black Watch/Royal Highlanders?

World War One / Re: Alexander Dawson MM
« on: Saturday 24 February 18 04:14 GMT (UK)  »
London Gazette - Publication date:25 June 1918 Supplement:30768Page:7589

351626 Pte. A. Dawson, R. Scots (Airdrie).

Hoping someone can please help me, I am struggling to find any information on my Great Great Grandfather Alexander Will's birth, this obviously preventing me going any further back.
I had first thought that maybe Alexander was being looked after by Ann Innes on behalf of someone else, my thoughts were on behalf of James Will and Margaret Bain of Speymouth, they had a son Alexander Will around about the same time as my GGGF was born and also a younger daughter Margaret McKidd Will, I thought the ages fitted in well with the Margaret that later appears with Ann Innes in 1861 census New Pitsligo but later found a death registration for an Alexander Will born to James and Margaret……… any advice or breakthroughs most welcome.
Heres what I have so far -
Alexander Will - Born about 1850
MARRIAGE 1 - 1871 WILL, ALEXANDER (Statutory registers Marriages 169/ 13)
16/12/1871 (roughly 3 years after the birth of Mary Ann?)
Alexander a 21 year old Farm Servant, resident of Tillywharn Farm, parents Alexander Will a Farm Labourer and Ann Innes, all work.
Barbara also 21 resident of New Aberdour, parents John McRobbie a farm labourer and Ann Hutchison.
Witness’s – Alexander McRobbie and Thomas McRobbie.
MARRIAGE 2 - 1920 WILL, ALEXANDER (Statutory registers Marriages 046/1 1)
6/02/1920 in Tulloch, Bonar, Sutherlandshire, Alexander Will aged 69 and retired Police Constable married widow Ann Mackenzie aged 48, Alexanders parents listed as Alexander Will a deceased farmer and Ann Will, witnessed by Mary Ross and Norman Forbes (Norman is the husband to Alexanders daughter Alexandrina, later moving to Canada about 1925)
DEATH  Alexander James Will- 1923 WILL, ALEXANDER JAMES (Statutory registers Deaths 046/1 11)
21/06/1923 @ 06:15 in Tulloch, Bonar, Sutherland, due to Chronic Superlative Cystitis, 1 year prostatitis.
Parents listed as Alexander Will farmer (Deceased) and Ann Will (McInnes), the Mc prefix believed to be a mistake.
Previous marriages recorded 1.Barbara McRobbie and 2. Ann Mackenzie (Ann a widow previously married name was Yellowlees).
 DEATH  Barbara McRobbie Will - 1901 WILL, BARBARA (Statutory registers Deaths 045/8)
20/05/1901 @ 13:15 @ Police Station, Gower Street, Brora aged 50 years from Heart disease, Sudden, Different names from marriage listed, Father George McRobbie a crofter (not recorded as deceased) and Ann Hutcheon.
MOTHER Ann Innes information – 23/10/1806 INNES, ANN (Old Parish Registers Births 248/ 30 49 Tyrie) Page 49 of 143
Born/Baptized 23/10/1806 Ann natural daughter of Robert Innes and Isobel Duncan in New Pitsligo was Baptized before Thomas Urquhart.
1879 INNES, ANN (Statutory registers Deaths 227/B 44)
Death 29/11/1879 @ 11:00hrs in Poor Lodgings House, New Pitsligo aged 74, Parents both deceased, Robert Innes a Crofter and Isabella Duncan, death attributed to Chronic Bronchitis and general disability for 14 months. Registered by Alexander Will of School Street, New Aberdour.
1851 WILL, ALEXANDER (Census 248/ 5/ 26) Page 26 of 29 - Listed as 146 High Street New Pitsligo aged 1 year old with Ann Innes Born Tyrie, aged 44, Fish Monger.
1861 WILL, ALEXANDER (Census 227/B 2/ 13) Page 13 of 23- New Pitsligo aged 10 with mother Ann Innes a Beesom maker, aged 55 and also resident is Margaret Bane aged 6 (Grandaughter).
1871 – Possibly 19 years old in Aberdour as a farm servant Ref 169/ 2/ 3
1881 – Age 29 Police Constable in Criech Police Station, Sutherlandshire, birthplace New Pitsligo, Aberdeenshire with Barbara also aged 29 birthplace Aberdour.
Children – Mary Ann (age 13, born New Deer), Barbara (age 3, born Aberdour) and Charles James (age 5 months, born Fraserburgh).
1891 – Aged 41 Police Constable in Gower Street, Clyne, Sutherlandshire lists his birthplace as Tyrie, Aberdeenshire, with wife Barbara McRobbie Will also Age 41 and lists her birthplace as Banffshire, King Edward.
Children - Barbara (age, 13 Born Fraserbugh), Charles James (age 10, born Fraserburgh), George (age 8, born Kildonan), Alexandrina (age 7, born Kildonan), Alexander (age 3, born Clyne), Christopher Reid (age 2, born Clyne).
1901 – Aged 50 Police Constable in Gower Street, Clyne, Sutherlandshire lists his birthplace as Tyrie, Aberdeenshire, with wife Barbara McRobbie Will Age 50 and lists her birthplace as Banffshire, King Edward.
Children - Barbara (age 23, born Aberdour), George (age 18, A Stone Mason, born Kildonan), Alexander James (age 13, born Clyne), Christopher Reid (age 12, born Clyne), Alfred William (age 8 born Clyne ), William Anderson (age 6 born Clyne).
1911 – Aged 60 Police Constable in Bonar, Sutherlandshire with 2 sons and a daughter

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