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Staffordshire / Re: occupation on census - legibility
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In 1851 Thomas is a potter - saucer maker (as is his father).


Staffordshire / Re: occupation on census - legibility
« on: Yesterday at 23:27 »
Ann is a pottery burnisher in 1841 I think:


JOLES, Miriam  mother's maiden name SAXTON
GRO Reference: 1906  S Quarter in ST. PANCRAS  Volume 01B  Page 35

Miriam also married as JOLES in Islington, Dec qtr 1942 to Stanley Davidson (she was already with him before the war, as Jolles).

Adolph claimed to be Austrian, rather than Polish, by birth (though, as we have seen, the census may not be reliable on birthplaces).

You say Hicks was her maiden name, but are you sure?

See births:

Joseph Jolles, motherís maiden name Sexton, Dec qtr 1907 Southwark
William Henry Jolles, motherís maiden name Hicks, Jun qtr 1909 Southwark

Rosabelís maiden name is noted as Scharenguivel in an article reporting her death.

Family tree:

says that her husband Charles Norris died in an air raid during the Japanese occupation of Singapore.

Ethel had a sister named Hester, who was her bridesmaid.  The Norris family residence was Cambo House, River Valley Road.

Miss Ethel Joseline Elaine Norris, daughter of Dr and Mrs C.V. Norris of Singapore, married Captain C. Stewart of the Edendale at St Andrewís Cathedral, Singapore on Saturday [29 July 1922].

From the Singapore Free Press, 3 August 1922 (on Cathyís link).

Looks like Miss Mitford married Sir Offley Wakeman and died in 1996, so not the right person:

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