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Cornwall / Re: Rule Family from Camborne
« on: Sunday 16 September 18 10:42 BST (UK)  »
Hi Carola

I forgot to mention that William Henry RULE is my 4th cousin 4 times removed.  Your great grandmother's birth was registered with the name Ellen.

I'll send you a private message.



Cornwall / Re: Rule Family from Camborne
« on: Sunday 16 September 18 10:08 BST (UK)  »
Hi Carola

That family is in my database -

William Henry RULE bapt 3 Apr 1841 Camborne, abode Town
son of Jeremiah RULE & Elizabeth ROGERS
married 31 Jan 1861 Wesley Chapel, Camborne to
Mary Jane HOCKING b ca 1842 Redruth, dau of Samuel & Elizabeth HOCKING

They had at least 7 children -

1  Minnie, b March quarter 1861
2  Annie Hocking, b Sep qtr 1862
3  Ellen, b Mar qtr 1864
4  Elizabeth Mary "Lily", b Sep qtr 1865
5  William Henry, b Sep qtr 1871
6  John Charles, b Sep qtr 1874
7  Samuel John, b Jun qtr 1877

1881 Apr 4: ENG CON Camborne Beacon Hill Villas: census:
all b Camborne except as noted, no head of household stated
RULE, Annie (replacing Wm Hy crossed out), dau, unm, 18, scholar
RULE, Lilley, dau, 15, scholar
RULE, Charley, son, 5, scholar
RULE, Samuel, son, 3, scholar
TEMBY, Elizabeth, serv, wid, 55, general servant domestic, b Stithians
RICKARD, Sarah, serv, unm, 20, general servant domestic
[RG 11 Piece 2334 Folio 73 Page 34 Reel 1341561 CP Camborne RD Redruth ED 3,].

William Henry, the father, married secondly 10 Aug 1886 at Treleigh to Eliza Jane TREGANOWAN bapt 25 May 1852 Baldhu, dau of Henry & Elizabeth TREGANOWAN.

His occupation - tin miner (1851), miner's labourer (1861), general merchant (1871), stock broker (1886), mine share dealer (1891).

More data -

1841 Jun 7: ENG CON Camborne Trelowarren Street: census:
all b CON
RULE, Jeremiah, 20, copper miner
RULE, Elizabeth, 23
RULE, William, 6m
[HO 107 Piece 141 Book 1 CP Camborne ED 2 Folio 45 Page 27 Reel 241263 Hundred Penwith RD Redruth SD Camborne,].

1851 Mar 31: ENG CON Camborne Union Street west side: census:
all b Camborne
RULE, Jerimiah, head, mar, 34, tin miner
RULE, Elizabeth, wife, mar, 38
RULE, William H, son, 10, tin miner
RULE, John, son, 7, scholar
RULE, Nicholas, son, 2
[HO 107 Piece 1916 Folio 63 Page 43 Reel 221070 CP Camborne EP Camborne RD Redruth SD Camborne ED 1b Schedule 155,].

1861 Feb 8: ENG CON Camborne: newspaper marriage notice: "At Wesley Chapel, Camborne, on the 31st ult, Mr W Henry RULE to Miss Mary Jane HOCKING." [West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser, Fri 8 Feb 1861, posted by Maurine NUTTALL on CORNISH-GEN mailing list, Digest Vol 13 Issue 1, 13 Jan 2018].

1861 Apr 8: ENG CON Camborne Trelowarren Street north side: census:
RULE, William Henry, head, mar, 21, miner's labourer, b Camborne
RULE, Mary Jane, wife, mar, 19, b Redruth
RULE, Minney, dau, 2m, b Camborne
[RG 9 Piece 1583 Folio 169 Page 36 Reel 542835 CP Camborne EP Camborne St Martin RD Redruth SD Camborne Ed 6 Schedule 183,].

1871 Apr 3: ENG CON Camborne Union Street: census:
all b Camborne except as noted
RULE, William H, head, mar, 30, general merchant
RULE, Mary Jane, wife, mar, 29, b Redruth
RULE, Minnie H, dau, 10, scholar
RULE, Annie, dau, 9, scholar
RULE, Ellen, dau, 7, scholar
RULE, Lily, dau, 6, scholar
[RG 10 Piece 2324 Folio 9 Page 9 Reel 838826 CP Camborne EP St Martin RD Redruth SD Camborne ED 4 Schedule 39,].

1886 Aug 10: ENG CON Treleigh: marriage register transcript: "William Henry RULE, full age, residence Camborne, widower, Cornwall Stock Broker, signed, son of Jeremiah RULE miner, to Eliza Jane TREGANOWAN, full age, residence Treleigh, spinster, signed, daughter of Henry TREGANOWAN farmer, by licence, witnesses John WILLOUGHBY, Elizabeth Mary RULE, William Henry RULE" [COPC].

1891 Apr 6: ENG CON Camborne Veor House: census:
RULE, William H, head, mar, 50, mine share dealer, b Camborne
RULE, Eliza Jane, wife, mar, 39, b Kenwyn
RULE, Elizabeth M, dau, unm, 25, b Camborne
RULE, John Charles, son, unm, 17, b Camborne
UREN, Elizabeth A, serv, unm, 31, general servant domestic, b Hayle
next door to
RULE, Mary, head, 51, b Crowan
RULE, Lillian B, dau, 12, b Camborne
BENNETTS, Susan J, serv, unm, 22, domestic servant, b Troon
[RG 12 Piece 1850 Folio 72 Page 35 CP Camborne RD Redruth SD Camborne ED 3,].

If you would like more information on his ancestry, let me know.  I know some of William Henry's close relatives (but not descendants) - they are on the Facebook group called "The Rules of Cornwall (and beyond)".



Cornwall / Re: Rule Family from Camborne
« on: Friday 17 August 18 10:25 BST (UK)  »
Thanks, Toby

I'm in Australia.  Thanks for the offer, I'll keep it in mind.

Richard John BULLOCK also has a RULE descent, via his mother Jane LUKE, whose father Richard LUKE was son of Mary THOMAS, daughter of John Thomas and Mary RULE.



Cornwall / Re: Rule Family from Camborne
« on: Friday 17 August 18 09:54 BST (UK)  »
Never mind, Toby, I found Richard John BULLOCK's administration record in the National Probate Calendar.



Cornwall / Re: Rule Family from Camborne
« on: Friday 17 August 18 09:38 BST (UK)  »
Thanks, Toby

I guess, then, that Ada's son, Gordon U RULE would be Gordon Ulvesford RULE, after her brother.

Can you tell me Richard John BULLOCK's date of death?



Cornwall / Re: Rule Family from Camborne
« on: Thursday 16 August 18 02:04 BST (UK)  »
Hi Toby

Thanks for the reply.

What is your connection?



Cornwall / Re: Rule Family from Camborne
« on: Tuesday 14 August 18 01:52 BST (UK)  »

William Henry RULE was born 25 (or 21st?) Nov 1891 at Redruth, registered Mar qtr 1892 Redruth 5c/208 mother's maiden name WEBB.  He died about Jul 1949 in USA.  He was married 18 May 1918 at Camborne to Ada Winifred BULLOCK (born 6 Jun 1894 at North Parade, Camborne, baptised 4 Jul 1894 at Camborne).  She was first married 9 May 1915 at Redruth to John Thomas GILL (one daughter Ruby M GILL).  William and Ada's children were - Gordon U 1918-1919, William Arthur 1920-2000, Ada Winnefred 1921-1993, Audrey Anita 1926, Albert "Jack" ca 1927, James H ca 1930 and Esther Frances 1931.

William Henry RULE's line is as follows:

Jeremiah RULE 1868-1899 m 1888 Emily Jane WEBB (later Mrs Ernest P FLETCHER)
Jeremiah RULE 1842-1911 m 1864 Jane SCADDEN
William Rowe RULE 1820-1899 m 1843 Blanche HOCKING
Stephen RULE 1775-1841 m ca 1805 Ann ROWE
James RULE 1744-1807 m 1770 Kezia ROWE
Stephen RULE 1702-1778 m 1727 Elizabeth HAMPTON
Johnson RULE ca 1663-1723 m 1687 Elizabeth JAMES
Johnson RULE 1629-1683 m 1654 Rebecca VEALE
John RULE m Margaret (she was buried 1680/81)
Robert RULE bur 1619

And, a further note, Gordon U RULE was born 7 Dec 1918 at Redruth, Cornwall, and died 19 Sep 1919 at the Finlen Hotel, Butte, Silver Bow, Montana.  He was buried 20 Sep 1919 at Mt Moriah Cemetery at Butte.

There is a Facebook group for RULE families of Cornwall.  It is called "The Rules of Cornwall (and beyond)".  There are 158 RULE researchers there.

Contact me if you are interested in joining.  There are descendants of William and Ada in that group.

Kind regards

Peter J Williams

Cornwall / Re: RULE family
« on: Saturday 26 August 17 11:51 BST (UK)  »
Any RULE researchers seeing this - you might be interested in the following links:

My RULE website

Rules of Cornwall (and beyond) - Facebook Group (all welcome to join)

FamilyTreeDNA project for the surname RULE



Cornwall / Re: RULE family
« on: Saturday 27 August 11 07:46 BST (UK)  »
Hi Christine

For John RULE who married Grace BRAY 7 May 1803 at Illogan, children appear to be William 1804, James 1805, Ann 1807, Grace 1809, John 1811 and Mary 1813 (years approx).  Grace BRAY was bapt 27 Mar 1780 at Illogan, d/o James BRAY & Grace FRANCIS.  Grace BRAY nee FRANCIS died 1828 and left a will.

James BRAY & Grace FRANCIS had at least 6 children:  Mary 1774 (m 1793 to Thomas RULE b 1764 s/o John RULE & Jane BAUDEN), Anne 1776 (m 1796 to Christopher RULE b 1769 s/o John RULE & Jane BAUDEN), James 1783 (m 1811 to Frances RICHARDS), John (mentioned in his mother's will), Joseph (mentioned in his mother's will) and Grace 1780 (m 1803 to John RULE).  WIth so many connections to the John RULE m Jane BAUDEN family, it might be theorised that the John RULE who m 1803 to Grace BRAY was also closely connected to Jane BAUDEN.

As to Peter RULE who m 1768 Illogan to Margaret COCKING, I had the following children - Peter 1771 (must have died in infancy), Peter 1773 and Henry (or Henery) 1787.  I don't know of any other children to this couple.  The Peter RULE who m 1768 was bapt 1744 at Illogan to John RULE and Catherine PERKING, I reckon.

You said "Peter Rule b. 1756 m. Margaret Cocking".  If that was so, he was only 12 years old when he married, so I think your statement must be in error.

I think you need to look more into the BRAY family, especially the connections to the several RULE sons of Jane BAUDEN.



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