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Dublin / Re: DNA in genealogy surname Bay
« on: Yesterday at 23:25 »
It seems that you know quite a lot about John.  :)

Keep in mind that depending on location, what records were kept, what records survive etc, there may or may not be any (surviving) record of John's birth/baptism in Great Britain. It is very early and although there are quite a few people on rootschat who have experience in such early research, many do not.

There are a few John Bays on Familysearch:
but unless you can find a way to link your known John to these, you would just be guessing - just because you find a likely one it does not follow that this is your John.

Without a more precise idea of where John hailed from, I'm not sure what help we can offer. :-\

Dublin / Re: DNA in genealogy surname Bay
« on: Yesterday at 22:54 »
I presume you are therefore looking for John Bay's origins in the British Isles? Do you know anything about his family or origins from documents in America?

May I ask what sort of DNA test you took? Autosomal? Y-DNA?

Dublin / Re: DNA in genealogy surname Bay
« on: Yesterday at 22:29 »
This is running slow for me so I did not explore many of your "Bay" and variant surnames in any depth:

There are pages of "Bay" variants here but no "Bay". Bayes is mainly concentrated in the East Midlands. Distribution of surnames from the 1881 census so unlikely to be relevant for the era you are looking at.

What is the significance of the year of 1635?

The Common Room / Re: Requesting Records
« on: Yesterday at 21:34 »
At the bottom right of any reply box, you will see a small blue “report to moderator” - just click on it and ask a moderator to move the thread to the American boards. If you can’t find it, let us know and we will request it be moved.  :)

These are the various boards on Rootschat - scroll down to see the USA board:

Dublin / Re: DNA in genealogy surname Bay
« on: Yesterday at 21:19 »
There are some online databases which show surname distribution but these are based on surnames taken from the censuses. There is no such thing for the C17th.

You could have a search nevertheless - it might give you some idea.

There are no records of any movement between Scotland, Ireland and England at any time in history.

The Common Room / Re: Requesting Records
« on: Yesterday at 21:05 »
Good advice Christine. I assumed the records were historical records, which is probably not the case.

It may be that you need proof of the relationship for more recent records too, and the documents sighted and approved by a JP before application.

Could you assist your friend in filling out the forms and obtaining the required documentation if required?

The Common Room / Re: Searching a date range on Ancestry?
« on: Yesterday at 21:00 »
On Ancestry is “up to” 10 years, so you can make the search date range lower if you wish.

To get fewer results you could also try “exact” search. If you get no results, or the wrong results, you can expand the search, use wildcards etc.

The Common Room / Re: Requesting Records
« on: Yesterday at 20:48 »
Welcome to rootschat Lou.

I presume Cook county IL is in America? I don’t know anything about the process of requesting records there, but I would say your theory is correct, and it is logical that if you are working on a friend’s tree that you should give your friend’s relationship to this person.

If you are concerned about it, could you phone them to ask what the correct procedure is?

Either that or ask your friend to fill out the form. :)

Are you hoping to find records about what he did while in Australia?

I am not sure if there are surviving records on each of the boys but that might depend on which scheme brought him out. The information on the links should at least give you some idea.  :)

Good luck.

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