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Hello All

Thanks Claire for the reply.

I'm hoping that developments in the last 24 hours regarding George Hood's past (buried in the Selby Quaker Burial Ground as "Not in Membership"), will show the first signs of a few cracks!

Maudland Hood

One of the witnesses at Maudland Hood's Wedding at Selby 27th November 1794 was Frances STEARS.

After searching Family Search again, there is a possibility that witness Frances Stears, might be a Quaker?

Frances Stears to Richard Yarwood 4th February 1796

For the Stears = Yarwood marriage Family Search are quoting Quaker references:-
RG 6/785 (TNA cat - says Yorkshire QUARTERLY Meeting - Marriages Soc. of Friends' Registers)
RG 6/857 (TNA cat - says York - MONTHLY Meeting - Marriages Soc. of Friends Registers).

Frances Yarwood, aged 83, is recorded as a Quaker at death, Hull.


Maudland Hood's Father was John Hood of Selby, Mariner (late of Scarborough, where Maudland Hood's birth and Baptism dates are recorded - St Mary's).

Regards Mark


Maudland HOOD & Charles TURNER's 1794 Wedding at SELBY ABBEY CHURCH

Going back to this Quaker, Frances STEARS, witness signing the Register at a CHURCH WEDDING by Banns (who themselves were absolutely forbidden to even marry in a Church or by a Priest, couldn't swear an oath, or not even able to call the Days and Months by their names, having to convert them to a number).

Frances STEARS, a QUAKER was present at Maudland HOOD's 1794 CHURCH Wedding, so I am wondering if Frances STEARS or a STEARS somewhere was related to either HOOD or TURNER?

1st of 1st mo. 1790 [1st January 1790]
I have got hold of the York area Quaker Families (which include Selby) and before 1790 there were several Quaker STEARS families locally Headed by:-

Mary STEARS Wife of Samuel STEARS, Linen Draper of Castlegate, York and also
two Thomas STEARS both married to a Mary, one Thomas Stears a Husbandman at Drax, the other Thomas Stears a Shopkeeper at Selby.

Cert Rec'd 1795 - also Morley STEARS, Miller, residing at Heslington Field.

I realise Frances is not marrying herself, but she is definitely involved by the very fact of her being not only present, but also a witness at the Selby Church Wedding.

Quakers were ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN to marry at a Church Service, so I am wondering if Frances and the STEARS were related to HOOD or TURNER marrying in 1794?


Hello Claire

Thank you, for the information.

Mark POSKITT and Mary TURNER have had a Son, John POSKITT, bapt at DRAX, Yorkshire, 1 April 1810.
(Mark Poskitt added in my previous post)


Hello Romilly

Some Welsh newspapers can be freely accessed online and from The National Library of Wales.

Have you tried various bits of the address alone too.

The address might be "Albert House", Albert Place, Mumbles, Swansea, or two addresses starting Albert House?

Trouble is, if Church Park is an area place within a town or village, they are sometimes dropped in addresses.

A Google search threw this up, but I can't display it properly on this Tablet and it is later, 1914.

Also try another search from the Natonal Library of Wales web-site.


Considering Summercroft, Yorkshire is reputed to be one Farm, a few claiming to be born there in the 19th Century Census, it seems a small community might be living there, or a high turnover of occupants.

Having a job to trace their nee surnames and one couple's children, because the Mother's surname doesn't seem to be matching amongst the siblings.

Summercroft Yorkshire - Births
Rebecca HARDBOTTLE (Married, poss nee BRITAIN?), born about 1821.
various BARKERS, born about 1835 to 1846 (including Mary Barker born abt 1844-6).
Hannah SINGLETON, born about 1851 (Father Joseph Singleton).
Hannah DENNIS, (Married, poss nee BRIGGS & nee SCOTT) born about 1858 - 1860.
Hannah Mary WOODALL (claimed Married name), born about 1876.
Elizabeth FOX, (Married name), born about 1877.
Elsie SIMPSON, born about 1889 (Father, Charles Simpson).
George LAZENBY, born about 1899.


Quakers at DRAX
1st of 1st Month 1790
Edmund Belton, Husbandman and Elizabeth Belton his Wife - DRAX.

Thomas Stears, Husbandman, DRAX
Mary Stears, his Wife
Samuel Stears   )
Isabell Stears     ) their Children
Elizabeth Stears)

1791 John Gouch, Servant to Edmund Belton, DRAX.
Disowned 1797.

1817 Thomas Camm.   Servant with Wm Procter.
At a Farm at Summercroft, Disowned.

1835 (Newspaper) & 1840 (Tithe Map & Apportionment) Thomas Marshall at Summercroft, Drax.


1851 From Family Search (FS)
Mark POSKITT, Head, Marr, 70, Formerly Sailor, Birthplace Carlton, Yorkshire.
Mary POSKITT, Wife, Marr, 67,                        , Birthplace Long Drax, Yorkshire.

Another online source (not checked) claims the POSKITTs were at Summercroft - 1851 Census.
1841 Census (FS) says Woodhouse, Drax.
(Mark Poskitt, born & Baptised 1780, Carlton Juxta Snaith)


The 1861 census has households in the following order (I'll just list the heads):

Ferry House/ Thomas Barker
                    Samuel Hood
                    Francis Cook
Summer Croft/ Thomas Howden
Drax Abby Cottage/ John Smith

Thanks Claire and Shaun

Per Family Search
Robert BARKER in 1871 at Whitley, gives his Birth about 1834 at SUMMERCROFT, DRAX, Yorkshire.
Harriet Pinder in household, come across a Quaker Pindar before.

Other BARKERS born SUMMERCROFT, Yorkshire.
Robert Barker born about 1835.
William Barker born about 1835.
John Barker born about 1837. (In 1851 living in same household as Jonathen BURTT). I have come across a BURTT before related to Wm PROCTER of Selby (Quaker).

1846 William Procter left Summercroft, Drax, in a Will, see page 1 (Reply #5)

Mary Barker born about 1844 and 1846, Summercroft, Yorkshire.



Well this is a small world

1861 Census Long Drax,
Hamlet or Tything &c., of
Long Drax

Francis COOK, Head, Marr, 56, Agricultural Labourer, Yorkshire Assleby.
Elizabeth COOK, Wife, Marr, 55, Agricultural Wife, Yorkshire, Long Drax.
John COOK, Son, Un, 33, Agricultural Labourer, Yorkshire, Long Drax.
Mary COOK, Daur, Un, 32, Agricultural Daughter, Yorkshire, Long Drax.
Hannah COOK, Daur, Un, 28, Agricultural Daughter, Long Drax.
Charles COOK, Gran Son, 8, Scholar, Born Long Drax.
Margaret COOK, Gran Daur, 6, Scholar, Born Yorkshire, Long Drax.
Ann COOK, Gran Daur, 11 mths, Infant, Born Yorkshire, Long Drax.

Are living next door to the HOODs of DITCHINGHAM, Norfolk.

Samuel HOOD, Head, Marr, 45, Agricultural Labourer, Norfolk, Ditchingham.
Sarah HOOD, Wife, Marr, 44, Agricultural Wife, Norfolk, Colton.
Emily Vincent HOOD, Daur, Un, 20, Daughter, Norfolk, Barford.
Harriot Vincent HOOD, Daur, 11, Scholar, Norfolk, Ditchingham.
Samuel HOOD, Son, 7, Scholar, Yorkshire, Long Drax.
Orson HOOD, Son, 4, Scholar, Yorkshire, Long Drax.
Mitilda VINCENT, Gran Daur, 7 weeks, Infant, Yorkshire, Long Drax.

District SELBY, Birth in the Sub-District of Carlton
Matilda VINCENT born 16th February 1861 at Langrick
No Father listed
Mother Emily Vincent HOOD (Mark of Emily Vincent HOOD Mother, Langrick)
Registered 20th February 1861, William Newton, Registrar.

Now wondering if these HOODs or VINCENTs had family Quaker links somewhere and if the family are working on the Quaker farm.

I don't have the previous page saved, to confirm the residence.

The residence underneath might be Summer Croft?


Thanks Claire & Shaun

Considering the age of the Cemetery, or perhaps the age of the farm, I would have thought that bit of old burial ground in the copse could have been left unploughed!

Thought, I was onto something, I don't really know now.

Francis Cook married Elizabeth Tomlinson 1825.
and previous generation ... 
Thomas Cook married Elizabeth Thompson.
Claire, didn't you find a Hood - Thompson link somewhere?


The township is Long Drax.

There is no house name recorded for Francis Cook, but a few lines above his entry "Summercroft" is recorded as a name for the abode of William Hawden or Howden, an ag lab for John Hutchinson of Selby.

the 1851 gives address (looks like to me) as Summercroft (one of several residences in Summercroft)


Thank you Suz and Shaun

I'm loving this! Don't know if you have been following my long threads, but a Jonathan Hutchinson of Selby was listed in the Will of George Hood of Selby, (my brickwall ancestor).

Also one of George Hood's Grandchildren was named ELIZABETH COOK HOOD.

Then my brickwall ancestor was buried by the Quakers at Selby in September 1845 (aged 60 years), as "Not in Membership".

DDGU/1/51, 1846 - East Riding Archives
Copy Will of William Proctor of Selby, Esquire
Bequests: wife; nephew Jonathan Hutchinson and wife Elizabeth; sister Elizabeth Procter; etc Property: Selby, Great Ayton, Summercroft, parish Drax, Dacre cum Beverley, Brayton, Wistow, Riccall, Hillam, Haddlesey, Burn, Osgodby, Gunby, Bubwith, etc with codicils (1849-1854)

There was a fire in the hay in August 1884 "on the Summercroft Farm, near Selby, the property of Wm Hutchinson, of Grimsby."

In 1909, the Summercroft Farm, was described with 123 acres, so possibly a few tied properties / cottages. Looks like plenty of adjoining buildings too.


Elizabeth Cook living on a Quakers Farm, at Long Drax, near Selby - 1851
I'll have to find out about this Francis Cook, Elizabeth Cook and family, living on the farm of a Quaker in 1851 and my George Hood was mixed up with all the same Quakers, before his 1845 death?

Regards Mark


Found the following on a Google capture, whilst searching for the QUAKER place called SUMMERCROFT (alias Summercroft Farm) at Drax, another source says Summercroft was at Long Drax, near Selby.

"Francis Cook was born in the pub in Asselby in 1801 He left Asselby to become a farmer at Drax The information I have is quite vague. I know that in the 1501 census he lived at Summercroft where he" ...

Looking at where the Grandson, aged 0 years was born "Long Drax".

However, is the Census residence SUMMERCROFT please?

Family Search only gave me the Registration District of Selby
1851 Census
Francis COOK, Head, Marr, 50, Agricultural Lab., born Asselby [abt 1801]
Elizabeth COOK, Wife, Marr, 48,                               born LONG DRAX, Yorkshire [abt 1803]
Ann EASTWOOD, Dau, Marr, 24, Visitor Waterman's Wife, born Asselby.
John COOK, Son, 23, Unmarr, Agricultural Labourer, born Asselby.
Mary COOK, Dau, 21, Daur, Daughter on a Visit, born Asselby.
James Eastwood, Grandson, 0 yrs, born LONG DRAX.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the residence will be SUMMERCROFT, or they will be living in a tied property on the Summercroft Farm?

SUMMERCROFT FARM about 123 acres (when offered for sale early 20th Century), also had a Quaker Burial Ground (according to newspapers) and in 1835 Thos Marshall lived there.

A Borthwick (York University) online pdf, says the burials at Summercroft have had to be made up from the Quaker Meeting Minutes (sounds like the original Registers of the Quaker Farm were lost?)


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