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I would also love to know about his death.
There is a Thomas Kirk, Ithaca, Death 1956 age 52/53 buried Willow Glen Cemetry. But this Thomas was born in New York not Armagh according to the record.

What record are you looking at?  I see that a Find a Grave entry says he was born in New York, but it doesn't look like any source is given. 

The Social Security application for Thomas Kirk who died 28 Aug. 1956 says he was born 18 Jun. 1893.  That seems to match up with the date of birth for your guy on the WWI draft registration card.

The Connecticut marriage index has an Ethel Jones who married a Raymond Smith in Bridgeport in 1942 -  Maybe that's how she wound up being referred to as Fanita S. Malone?  There are some Bridgeport city directories that have Fanita Jones Smith, widow of Raymond, as early as 1951.

There is a photo of her connected to the newspaper article about her retirement -

I suppose it could be him but if daughter, Carrie was b 1907 could be a problem?

Looking at the image for 1921, it says Carrie was age 16, so seems that her birth would be around 1905.

There is a 1906 article in a Buffalo paper about a Charles R. Gray who committed suicide and left a wife & 4 children -

Might that be him?

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A New Jersey death index that covers 1901-2017 with some gaps is now available here -

United States of America / Re: First time attempting US research
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Civil records are held by the county and state in all states but 6. 

Who holds the records depends on location and time frame.  Many states did not require statewide vital registration until the late 1800's or early 1900's.  There are some places where the city will maintain their own records - New York City, for example, still handles its vital records completely separately from the state. 

Family Search Wiki can be helpful in figuring out what exists by state or on a more local level.  Search for wherever you're looking on this page -  This page has a lot of helpful links to see what is available online for vital and other records -

US Lookup Requests / Re: Linford family
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New members need at least two posts before using the Personal Messaging facility.  That's probably why your message is not getting through to Mrsdewey1997.

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