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Nothing surprises me with Ancestry though looking at their records only one Norwich church has marriages for that period

What information does the marriage give  :-\

Have you tried getting a copy from Norfolk record office

Steve who was the original poster has not been on here since 2011.  He may get notification that you have posted if his email address is still working

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Re: Sheffield Wills
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Those apartments look as though they may have been quite new at that time  (I put the address into G*gle)  Hope you have some luck with electoral registers

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Re: Sheffield Wills
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I suppose that is quite likely  :'(

Was the address he died at a hospital or somewhere else that you may be able to check the occupants on electoral registers for around that time

It is thought that my GORDON ancestors originated in Fife, Scotland and came to the East Riding (via Northumberland) around 1840.

Have you tried to trace William bn c1800 Northumberland any further back than 1841

I wonder whether any of my GORDON family still live in the East Riding? 

You would need to follow the family through from census then try tracing them with birth, marriage & death information.  The 1939 register may also help you .

They appear to be sheep dipping or similar.  I doubt if anyone could tell you where it was taken as the picture would be typical for any location

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Re: Sheffield Wills
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Yes they would have to apply for letters of administration but the entry would still appear on the probate index.  It would then show as Admin. against the entry

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