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Lancashire / Re: Grandmothers birth certificate required.
« on: Yesterday at 17:28 »

When Elizabeth married James Mackness in 1898 she gave her father’s name as John Hamilton

I would think from that she knew that John Nuttall was not her father.  It was quite common for an illegitimate child to make up a father when they married.

England / Re: 1939 Index Frank and Lottie Griffiths.
« on: Yesterday at 16:27 »
Sorry, we are not allowed to do 1939 lookups.

It is possible for you to do a free search (F M P)  It is generally easier to locate people with full dates of birth

From freereg
Shorncote, Wilts
Baptism    13 Jul 1820
Father    William
Mother    Sarah
Father surname   JONCEY
abode   Shorncutt
Father occupation Labourer

He does seem a bit of a rogue  ;D

There are quite a few articles on online newspapers that could fit him.  It looks as though he may have a brother Job Johnsey according to some articles. 

In 1841 there is a Job Johnsey - 20 -living in Shorncote wit a possible mother Sarah -60 not bn in County - of independent means
HO107 /1178 bk24 f2 p16

Does the marriage certificate to Eliza Barnes give any helpful information

Marriage Mar qtr 1844   
JOHNSEY    Henry       
Cirencester    11   249   

London & Middlesex Resources / Re: 1939 index
« on: Yesterday at 15:43 »

role (for institutions only – Officer, Visitor, Servant, Patient, Inmate)

Beat me to it Dawnsh

Ireland / Re: help to find person
« on: Yesterday at 15:21 »
Perhaps you could give us a bit more information on Mary Phillips

Where/when was she born, who were her parents

Where do you last have her on census

Have you considered posting the details from the certificate as a 'postem' on freebmd

Normally if a child was illegitimate then there would be no mothers maiden surname on the index. 

Do you have him on census prior to his marriage.  What information does his marriage give

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