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Seems to be a classic tweed traveling style suit jacket. It became the stereotype for traveling salesmen of the 1800s thanks to early Hollywood movies. I'd guesstimate late 1870s.

Here's a modern example:

I cleaned up the photo just to help decipher the overall look, so I included it here even though you didn't require the repair. Basically it was just something to do. ;-)

My two cents anyway.
   DrDude45  thanks for restore  ,hanging on to pic, hoping to identify it one day  cheers john  ps i love browsing all the restores 

A snappy dresser whoever he was. It was probably stuck on so it could
fit into an album at some time probably in the 1870's.

This is one of those photos that's got a mix of dates.
First thing to say is that it looks like one cardstock has been stuck onto another one.
The outer cardstock is mid -late 70's although the stamp is typical 1860's.
The gent is dressed typically in an 1850's-60's style but as an older chap he's probably not bothered by new styles.
This may be a reprint of an earlier photo so I would have to say 1860's or 1870's.
I think you're looking for someone born c.1790's.
Albums were usually the province of women so maybe a daughter.

thank you Jim,for your thoughts on my photo,  and i now agree ,that its one cardstock on another, i just gently peeled the two hard cards apart, and there was no info on the back of the gentleman, that cardstock was a little bit smaller than the backing with d grant on it,  pic was among about 50  kept by my wifes grandfather,born in pentyrch glam 1896.  one of his rellies ?  i may never know,  but at present  no tie in with builth wells. , but as suggested pic could have been taken elsewhere,  thanks again, i learn a lot on this site  john

please could someone tell me ,approximate date photo was taken,  and rough age  of the gentleman ,the back of the studio photograph says d grant  photo builth, no improvement of pic required, as at present subject ,unidentified  it was in a box of photographs belonging to my wife's grandfather,  i know its not him  ,the jacket looks pixelated,  but thats the pattern clearly on this small 2 and 3 eigths by 3 and 5 eigth's of an inch photo  thanks to anyone that can help  john

World War One / Re: soldier in uniform what regiment please
« on: Wednesday 31 January 18 17:13 GMT (UK)  »
100% Glamorgan Yeo, Yes 1/Y/ GLAMORGAN was used (unofficial) by the 1st line battalion. I have a data base of around 2000 men who served in the Glamorgan yeomanry 1901-1918, unfortunately I can't match Cyril or John William but there are a couple of Davids, the only 1st line man with no middle name is 905 L/Cpl David Davies later 320538 24th Welsh Regiment who served in Egypt (Palestine) then France. The only thing is he would only have been 16 on enlistment as 905 enlisted in Feb 1909, sorry I can't be of anymore help Mike
   a final thanks for the last reply , i appreciate the time you all spent helping me   bye everyone   john

World War One / Re: soldier in uniform what regiment please
« on: Monday 15 January 18 14:50 GMT (UK)  »
Quote from: gw0mow 
 completed   link=topic=785453.msg6405416#msg6405416 date=1515541413
  completed   please accept my thanks for all that replied   and for the information re john william davies  i had missed him  thank you all john
please can someone tell me   which regiment this soldier is wearing  ?   its one of 3 pics  one says idris davies abertaff villas abercynon   ,the other written to    pte i davies  037063  332nd coy 38th div asc etc , i found army service records for idris,  rasc  driver and batman , from abercynon   a brother to my wifes grandfather , if someone can confirm uniform  we will be very grateful,   it came in a box of old pics many possibly family   but most with nil on back  pity    yours john

World War One / Re: soldier in uniform what regiment please
« on: Friday 12 January 18 22:35 GMT (UK)  »
The Absent Voters List for 2 Abertaf Villas, Abercynon has:

John William Davies  Pte 25706 Welsh Regt
Idris Davies  ASC (nil number shown)

I can't see any papers for JWD. He has a Silver War Badge which shows enlisted 11 1 1915, discharged 23 12 1918. There are papers for 25704 Blackler which show he enlisted into Welsh Regt on 12 1 1915. I mention this to cover any possibility that JWD might have transferred in from Glam Yeo. It looks like he didn't so he is not the one with those shoulder tabs, unless of course it's a pre war photo.
   dear Gwil, thanks for the info, we knew idris was in army from online info ,and family stories however ,we did not realize john willie was also in army , we assumed he was working in the coal mines , as we think of the other 2 brothers cyril and david  all then in abercynon  all the best john

World War One / Re: soldier unnamed photo with three numbers on back, help please
« on: Wednesday 10 January 18 23:53 GMT (UK)  »
thanks to everyone that took an interest in my photo,  i have taken all your replies into consideration   and list my query as finished      bye john

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