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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: The Misses Hambidge
« on: Tuesday 27 November 18 11:55 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you all for I feel the whole matter is now tied up.
I did not show the photo for copyright reasons but it can be seen on

This is a very recent posting.

Clearly I am a poor judge of ladies' ages. T

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: The Misses Hambidge
« on: Tuesday 27 November 18 10:47 GMT (UK)  »
I have failed to find the birth of Julia. Neither 1901 nor 1911 censuses too. From the photo it would seem she was about 20+ in 1907. In the North Wilts directory of 1908 Highworth, the entry is just "The Misses Hambidge, The Limes." T

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / The Misses Hambidge
« on: Tuesday 27 November 18 09:56 GMT (UK)  »
Julia seems clear enough, but has anyone ideas about her sister's name. Thanks, Toby.

World War Two / Re: Gunner Jones in 1940
« on: Thursday 15 November 18 12:47 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks. Much as I guessed. Would I be more likely to find him if he became a caualty?

World War Two / Gunner Jones in 1940
« on: Wednesday 14 November 18 12:57 GMT (UK)  »
I have a note book which records that 996798 Gunner Jones was billeted at our house in Swindon for 10 weeks on 24th November 1940. My  mother received 1..3..11d per week for his keep.
How might I go about trying to find out a bit more about this brave man? Thanks, Toby.

Dorset / Re: Dorset Parish Records on Ancestry - how complete?
« on: Friday 09 November 18 12:15 GMT (UK)  »
  There certainly are omissions and perhaps yours is too.
     A hamlet just west of Dorchester known as Compton Abbas i.e. that makes 2 in Dorset. It is therefore  sometimes known as West Compton  to avoid confusion with the other Dorset Compton Abbas which is near Shaftesbury.
      Ancestry provides parish records for the Shaftesbury Compton Abbas but not the Dorchester
 Compton Abbas i.e.West Compton. Fortunately the Dorchester Archives have them.

Missing also is the parish of Symondbury from 1851 Census .
so Joseph Cleall 39 dairyman b. S. Perrott (HO107 1861  429  5) and family do not appear.

Canada / Re: Unfamiliar Destination
« on: Friday 02 November 18 11:07 GMT (UK)  »
Maslen is a step forward. I have not found her marriage in the UK, but ,of course, it may have been in NY.

Canada / Re: Unfamiliar Destination
« on: Thursday 01 November 18 22:00 GMT (UK)  »
Here is a little more to wind things up.
Frances Harwood Adams was born in about 1851 in Boston, Lincs. Her husband George appears to have died in late 1911 aged 57. They had lived for some while in Medgbury road, Swindon. The Salisbury Road address may therefore be of a daughter  or d. in law. Frances nee Hamer married in 1875 and had 6 children of which 4 were living in 1911. Isaac H, Sara C, Amy G, & John W. She had a son in law Henry George Illsey. Also in 1911 at 47, Salisbury road, Swindon was Frances Chilton .

Canada / Re: Unfamiliar Destination
« on: Thursday 01 November 18 19:38 GMT (UK)  »
That's marvelous cosmac. I now have much more than I had drempt of.
When she booked her ticket on 22 Feb. 1913 , she was living at 53, Salisbury Street, Swindon,Wiltshire. She paid 11..9..11d for the full fare to Oneida.
Thanks, Toby.

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