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No, I meant does William Charlesworth name a Father on the 1848 M/C?
Just trying to establish his Mother was Ann Charlesworth who married Samuel Hague.

Welcome to Rootschat paperwork.

Thank you for that interesting info.

As you say Ellen was nee Riley;
Thanks to the newish GRO index these things can be checked now and it was not possible in 2010 when Rowena 1st posted this query.

GRO Index;
Birth Reg's
GRO Reference: 1849  M Quarter in ECCLESFIELD  Volume 22  Page 155
RILEY, HENRY , no Mothers mn (illegitimate)
GRO Reference: 1844  S Quarter in ECCLESFIELD  Volume 22  Page 141

Hopefully Rowena willll reply to this, she hasnt been on here since 2015.

Does William name a Father on the 1848 M/C?

Trish :)

Well maybe not the last above; ;D

1881 Census has a Elizabeth Perrin born c 1849 Tiverton, Somerset (image may be Twerton)
A Widow, Ladies Maid, living in the Tate Household in Sevenoaks, Kent.

So entirely possible she ended up in the US by 1889.

Lastly William Henry Perrin is easy to find 1851/1861/1871 Census.
Born c 1846 English Combe, Somerset
Death Reg Bath 1875 age 29

Possible Child, Mothers mn Hall reg Bath;
Frederick Perrin 1874
He died same year.

Also if Thomas Kelson is Hesters Father Margaret is unlikely to be her Mother.

FreeREG has a Marriage 1835 Bath, Thomas Kelson of Twerton, Widower, to Margaret Fortt, Widow
Her Mother is likely SARAH Kelson who was buried Twerton 28 Jan 1821 age 42

1851 Census James Kelson from 1841 Census is born c 1813/14 Bradford, Wiltshire.

1851 Census Thomas Kelson c 1779 Bradford

GRO Death Reg;
KELSON, THOMAS, age 79 ***
GRO Reference: 1858  M Quarter in BATH  Volume 05C  Page 551

Although Elizabeth Perrin nee Hall said she was 33 when she married 1889 she may have shaved a few years of her age given her spouse to be was 25.

Trish :)

Just noticed a Samuel Kelson age 12, Lab, not born in County on 1841 Census with the Hals +
On same page;
Thos Kelson 1781 Grocer
Margaret Kelson   1796
James Kelson 1816
Maria Louisa Kelson 1816
William Kelson 1838    
Catharine Kelson 1840

Robert HALL married Hester KELSON 19 Jul 1830 St Swithin, Walcot, Somerset (Bachelor/Spinster)

Her age is out but everything else adds up?

25 Dec 1871, Lyncombe and Widcombe, Somerset
Elizabeth HALL, Full Age, Father ROBERT Hall (deceased), Cloth Dreser
William Henry PERRIN, Full Age, Bachelor, Gardener, Father HENRY Perrin, Labourer

1861 Census
Twerton, Somerset
Robert HALL, 50, Head, Mar, Cloth Dresser, born Hinton, Somerset
Hester Hall, 50, Wife, Mar, born  Turleigh, Wiltshire
Robert Hall, 21, Son, Unm, born Twerton
John Hall, 15, Son, born Twerton
ELIZABETH Hall, 12, Daug, born Twerton
Thomas ASKE, 8, Grandson, born London

1871 Census
Hester Hall, 59, Head, Widow, Pauper, born Turley, Wiltshire
Sarah Hall, 27
Elizabeth Hall, 22 (1849)

1851 Census
Robert Hall, 40
Hester Hall, 37
Sabina Hall, 18
Maria Hall   15
Robert Hall, 11
Jestinia Hall, 9
Sarah Hall, 7
John Hall, 5
Elizabeth Hall, 2

1841 Census
Robt Hall, 30
Esther Hall, 30
Louisa Hall, 11
Setina Hall, 9
Lydia Hall, 7
Maria Hall, 5
Robt Hall, 2

All Census they are living in Twerton

GRO Index;
GRO Reference: 1839  D Quarter in BATH  Volume 11  Page 35

FreeREG has Baptisms in Twerton for;
Louisa 1830
Sabina 1832
Lydia 1834
Maria 1836
Sarah 1838, buried 1838 age 5mths
Robert 1839

JOHN Handman christened 4 April 1722 Dymock
Death 21 October 1722
(Source England Births and Christenings on Familysearch.Org)

So not sure what you mean by this;
He married Mary Hatten of Westbury-on-Severn, Gloucestershire.

Do you mean William remarried to Mary Hatten?

Trish :)

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