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New Zealand / Re: Wellington Archives Lookup -Mary Jane SUMNER -widow
« on: Thursday 06 December 18 17:41 GMT (UK)  »
... telephonist, you may need to create an account with familysearch, in order to view the document.  ;)

New Zealand / Re: Home for Unmarried Mothers 1886 Nelson area
« on: Friday 30 November 18 21:54 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, I am trying to find out where a young unmarried woman would have had a child in the Nelson area in 1886? 

Hi ... can you please tell us what age the young woman was at the time ?

  ~  Lu


From PRO VIC (Public Record Office of Victoria) >  Outward passenger lists >

DEC 1873
Destination :  New Zealand
Vessel :   "Gothenburg"
Age :  20

Do bear in mind that errors occur in these lists - as can be seen in surname spelling ... age may well be incorrect also ?   Transcription error ?

Some NZ Libraries have these PRO VIC passengers lists available in microfiche format,  although there is not a great deal of further information to be had.

   ~  Lu 


Will take a further look at your "McLEAN" query - when time permits.  ;)

   ~  Lu


 - now the apparent 'mystery' is travelling across the Tasman Sea from Australia to New Zealand...

Mmm ... I don't necessarily consider it a "mystery".   ;)    It was fairly common for persons to arrive in AUS and then a matter of days or weeks later, to board one of the numerous vessels plying the trans-Tasman route, for the journey to NZ.   

   ~  Lu 

EDIT --  oops ... our posts crossed.  ;D    Hadn't read your latest post before I hit the send button.

... had been looking at PapersPast earlier, and came across a "Miss VALLANCE" who arrived in NZ in early 1874 per the "trans-Tasman" vessel, "Gothenburg" which departed Melbourne on 30 December 1873.   This then caused me check AUS passenger lists.   

I think it very likely that this "Miss VALLANCE" aboard the "Gothenburg", is the lady you seek - although in having said that, the manifest for that voyage has her listed as - aged 20 - surname "VALENCE" ?   

The "Gothenburg" first called at Hokitika (West Coast) 5th January 1874, before going on to other NZ ports.    I'll just re-check my scribbled notes -- think I have "Miss VALLANCE" destined for Wellington a few days after that ?

    ~ Lu


New Zealand / Re: Arrival of Mary Eliza Dunscomb O'Shea (nee Vallance) in New Zealand
« on: Monday 26 November 18 20:19 GMT (UK)  »

Miriam Lois Vallance is not listed on the Passenger List so must have sailed to New Zealand at a later time - the search for that information is ongoing...

Hello bastawolfie

I haven't read through this thread very thoroughly, but it seems from above comment that you are still seeking travel information for Miriam VALLANCE ?  ;)

She arrived firstly in Australia - in December 1873 - (as an immigrant to that country - that being the reason she does not appear on the New Zealand Immigration passenger lists. )

Ship:  "Great Britain"
Arrived :  Victoria, Australia
Date:  December 1873
Passenger:   Miss M. L. VALLANCE
Age:   25 years  (born circa 1848)

I'll see what other information (if any) is to be had for the "Great Britain" voyage 1873.

    ~  Lu

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: George MOOD, born 1831, Wiltshire, England
« on: Thursday 15 November 18 20:15 GMT (UK)  »

Was the George MOOD (born 1831) you seek, the same person as Goorge MOOD, (b 1831) - occupation : Baker - convicted 6 March 1844 -- who appears on the Pankhurst* Prison registers ???
[Note:  * Appears on index as Pankhurst ... but should probably read as Parkhurst ?
Some of these juvenile prisoners arrived in New Zealand. ]

   ~  Lu

Edit --- oops ... our posts crossed.

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