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Scotland / Re: Equivalent to 1939 register
« on: Tuesday 10 October 17 20:00 BST (UK)  »
Did Scotland do the equivalent or similar to the 1939 register taken in England.


Yes, but unfortunately in Scotland the ironically named "Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act" created a 100 year closure for certain classes of documents including the Census records and the 1939 Register - although you can apply for an official extract (if you can prove that the person concerned has died)

Have a read at

Ayrshire / Re: Scottish Birth, marriage & Death Records
« on: Tuesday 10 October 17 12:14 BST (UK)  »
Online at  which is a pay per view site - 40 credits cost £10 and each full image costs 6 credits to download. (searching the index is free after you have registered)
There is a privacy limit of 100years for births 75 years for marriages & 50 years for deaths.

If you are in a position to visit any one of the centres you can view many more documents for £15 per day (booking usually required)

Scotland / Re: L written to the left of marriage cert.
« on: Saturday 07 October 17 16:58 BST (UK)  »
In reply number 5 you added the specific question

Added - could  Pollockshaws be described as Landward

While you quite correctly pointed out the reference to Burgh and Landward your added question muddied the waters and for those who were not aware of the history of the area my response was an attempt to clarify that the Burgh of Pollokshaws was an entity in its own right and that all of  Pollokshaws could not be considered "Landward".

Scotland / Re: L written to the left of marriage cert.
« on: Saturday 07 October 17 15:47 BST (UK)  »
Just checked on Talking Scot - it seeems to mean Landward:
Added - could  Pollockshaws be described as Landward  :-\

It's not Pollokshaws that would be defined as "landward" - it was the Parish area concerned as it was outside the Burgh Boundary (Pollokshaws was a Burgh in its own right for a while)
  In or of the country as opposed to the town, non-urban, rural. Gen.Sc. For administrative purposes parishes which are partly in a town and partly in the country are often divided into landward and burghal sections

I have to also admit myself as one of the less observant - despite having very strong links with Pollokshaws I have not seen this differentiation on any of the certificates

Renfrewshire / Re: House St & Tennant St, Paisley
« on: Friday 06 October 17 18:43 BST (UK)  »
Tennant Road certainly existed in Ferguslie Park. It ran from Falcon Crescent to Bankfoot Road

Although it no longer exists you can see its approximate location by finding Crawfurd Drive on a modern map and Tennant Road was just north of this running parallel

I don’t know of any House Street or Road nearby or in Paisley - Ive also checked the Renaming and renumbering directory for Paisley (1923) but there is no listing for such a street.

Scotland / Re: Scottish Surnames geographical distribution
« on: Thursday 05 October 17 20:21 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Skoosh.

If you go to Search and search for "Forrest" posts by Daval57 you should see all of his Forrest posts - at one point he was trying to records as many Forrest families that he could.

Or just go to his profile page and follow the links from there;u=40157

Lanarkshire / Re: Business Directory Glasgow 1901-1920
« on: Thursday 05 October 17 10:30 BST (UK)  »
In the 1914/1915 & 1915/16 Post Office directories he is listed only at the Shields Road address (with a home address in Shawlands). This appears to change  by the 1916/1917 directory as he is listed at both addresses 296 Shields Road & 8 Mathieson Road and in the 1918 directory his business expands again as he is listed at both addresses 296 Shields Road & 8 Mathieson Road with a printworks at 305 Maxwell Road.

He seems to drop out of the directory around 1928 as there is no record of him in the 1929 directory or later editions.

If your photograph has both addresses the earliest it would appear to be would be around 1915/16 while the latest is possibly 1928/29

Lanarkshire / Re: Business Directory Glasgow 1901-1920
« on: Thursday 05 October 17 09:47 BST (UK)  »
Welcome to Rootschat

From the book “Photographers of Lanarkshire to 1914 “. James Dewar is first recorded at 296 Shields Road starting in 1914.

Midlothian / Re: 1901 - death - certificate signed by procurator fiscal
« on: Monday 02 October 17 22:32 BST (UK)  »
thanks again. I wonder if they buried her locally?

If the local council (poor relief) were responsible for her burial it would have been local and most likely in an unmarked grave in the areas of the cemetery often referred to as "common ground" - there may be some record if the Poor Relief records still exist.

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