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Canada Lookup Request / Re: Connolly/Davies
« on: Today at 11:57 »
Thanks ballydw - lovely to be part of the team researching this one.  ;)

Strange that Reginald or Leslie don't feature more on Canada Voters Lists - might have been handy - its a more unusual name to try and track than David  :-\  So far nothing positive for Reggie.  :-\


Canada Lookup Request / Re: Connolly/Davies
« on: Yesterday at 21:59 »
Well done dbree - great info  ;)

Obituary for Christina "Chris" Davies -
Published in the Toronto Star on January 11th 2012

Peacefully, in the presence of her daughter, on Sunday, January 8, 2012 at the Georgetown Hospital. Chris, 88 years of age, wife of the late William "Bill" Davies etc etc...........


Rather grainy photograph of Vincent with his parents - Marshall Evening Chornical. Friday 18th March 1960 (left hand corner) - probably lots more to see if you google them.

Vince and his wife at volleyball game - lovely article.


Marshall Evening Choronical  Michigan - September 13, 1961
Scroll to OCR Text -

The Daily Banner,Greencastle, Putnam County, 15 April 1964
Mentioned in text LH margin -  Students receiving laurels from their peers.


The Salt Lake Tribune - 21 April 1971 - Sunday, April 18, 1971 - page 121 (details to help anyone with a subscription locate the article)

Sadly Engagement announcement wasn't brilliant in the OCR text - but another source for your records.

Adams, Salt Lake City, announce the engagement of their daughter, Beverly Jean Adams, to Vincent Stauffer:-  son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Stauffer, Marshall, Mich. A June 18 wedding at the First Congregational Church is planned: Miss Adams is a University of Utah graduate. Her fiance was graduated in business administration from DePauw University Greencastle, Indiana.


Canada Lookup Request / Re: Connolly/Davies
« on: Yesterday at 18:21 »
Maybe RAOGK volunteer in Quebec may be able to locate death notice or obituary for David Lloyd Davies in October 1999 which could throw more light on the other two brothers  ??? Worth a try  ;)


Obituary for Vincent  -
Vincent Charles Stauffer 12/11/1942 ~ 8/1/2010


Saint Marks Cathedral Columbarium Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah.


Canada Lookup Request / Re: Connolly/Davies
« on: Yesterday at 17:00 »
Good finds dbree - all helps fill the time lines for this family. Good result.  ;)

Montreal Gazette - 12 October 1966 - Death notice for Bridget page 47 (passed away Monday 10th October 1966)


Canada Lookup Request / Re: Connolly/Davies
« on: Yesterday at 12:08 »
Bear with me I have found the death notice for Benjamin - might have to send via your personal e-mail - unless you can get this link (page 47)  Looks like the couple had three children - 3 sons.


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