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Family History Beginners Board / Lydia Hollingsworth
« on: Tuesday 09 February 16 14:43 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone advise me on how to find a Lydia Hollingsworth. I have her in the 1871 census aged 3 years old her parents are John Hollingsworth and Sarah Aston. I cannot find a birth or death certificate for her.
Also of a Mary Ellen Hill allegedly wed to my great grandfather Thomas Robert Hollingsworth I have her death and I also have her on census but she gives her birth in different places and I have never found a marriage for her.
Any information would be Appreciated.

Many thanks
Jan  ???

London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Radwell
« on: Sunday 10 February 13 12:37 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone help me finding deaths of my great great grandparents

Frank Thomas Radwell born 1866 Middlesex. 1871 census living in Wilsden Middlesex, 1881 Living in Wilsden, 1889 married to Mary Jane aka Rose Taylor, 1891 census living in Hammersmith and 1901 living back in Wilsden with wife and son Frank Thomas Radwell born 1890.1911 census living in Lisson off Burne street lodging at the salvation army on his own. I cannot find out any more about him.

Franks wife;
Mary Jane Taylor born 1869 Somerset. 1871 census living in Lycombe Widcome Somerset, 1881 census her name is now Rose living in Walcot Bath. 1889 marries Frank Thomas In Westminster son Frank Thomas born 1890, 1891 census all living in Hammersmith and 1901 lall living in Wilsden. After 1901 i cannot find anymore info on Rose or my grandfather frank Thomas until i was born and then i lived with him and my gran until he passed away in 1958.

Is there anyone who can help me find out the where abouts of my Radwell familt.

Many Thanks

 ??? Jan

Essex / Re: Charles austin birch
« on: Wednesday 28 November 12 13:33 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Maria

Thank you for getting back to me so quick but that is the problem i don't know where they were born. But i suppose this could be him and he moved to East London/ Essex at some point

I really wanted to know if Charles Austin married again and if he is  still alive the last thing i found was that he was living in 35 Mansfield Road Ilford essex in 1964 and i got that info from the electriol register.

Again thank you very much for your help     ???

Essex / Charles austin birch
« on: Wednesday 28 November 12 12:35 GMT (UK)  »

I am researching the family of Charles Austin Birch born about 1934 Father Charles Birch.

Charles Austin married at the age of 24 on 29 .3.1958 at St Albans Roman catholic church hall in Romford Essex to Maureen bernadette Dwyer.At the time of the marriage they were livibg at 79 Tuck Rd Rainham Essex.

Charles Austin was a motor assemble so must assume he worked at Fords Dagenham Essex.

Charles Austin (father) worked as a security worker (coal board)

Unfortunatley i don't know where they was born or the name of the wife of Charles senior.

Any help would be much appriciated.

Jan  lovett     ???

Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Thomas Richey and kin 1914 and earlier
« on: Monday 04 June 12 14:46 BST (UK)  »

About time to0ooo i was wondering what happened to you. I didn't like to pester as i know you are a busy busy bee.

Ilook forward to the info.


Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Thomas Richey and kin 1914 and earlier
« on: Sunday 03 June 12 19:01 BST (UK)  »
Hi darren

Yes Happy Birthday Thomas. I certainley am an Enigma thats a Hollingsworth trait so i suppose that makes you the same Ha Ha.


Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Thomas Richey and kin 1914 and earlier
« on: Saturday 07 May 11 20:01 BST (UK)  »
Hi Darren

Do you know the middle names of Thomas Richeys children i know one is Bertha after Thomas's sister.

Do you or anyone out there know anything about Robert Thomas W Richey born 1915 on how to obtain a death cert as he was killed in Palestine or any info regarding the Palestinian war..I guess he was there about 1938 onwards
I may have found Eliza info, on one census she said she was born in Shorditch, i found her and her family in the 1841 census living in Shoreditch. In another census she said she was born in Holborn where in the 1851 census she is there with the same family as in the 1841 census.

I now think that Thomas and Robert are the same person as 1871 and 1881 Robert Hollingsworth is there and not Thomas Richey and in the 1891 and 1911 census Thomas Richey is there but not Robert hollingsworth.

Complicated isn't it.

 ???  Jan

Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Thomas Richey and kin 1914 and earlier
« on: Thursday 05 May 11 15:56 BST (UK)  »
Hi Darren

I get that done for you i am going to e mail you the death certs of the Eliza and her two daughters they all died of TB.
My grandfather was born in the march as Eliza junior died in the April. although our grt was a bit o a so n so he did have a sad life.
Let me know what you think of the certs.


Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Thomas Richey and kin 1914 and earlier
« on: Wednesday 04 May 11 18:40 BST (UK)  »
Hi darren

Great to have you back on board. Right i will be getting the death certs of Eliza 1 and 2 also Alice this week so i will e mail them to you. I have also sent you an email i sent to I.O.W regarding Alice and i have to send off for paperwork from them regarding info on St catherines. As far as i can tell it was a home for children with TB as Alice was i think 22 then perhaps she was a nurse.
I have no Birth or marriage cert of Mary nee Hill. My granfather Edward was born in 1876 as i have his cert (do you want a copy of that).
I have the 1911 census and mary was living in Hermes street with her son frederick and his wife to be Lilian Ponsford no sign of Thomas Richey Hollingsworth Smith Walker etc. I am keeping an open mind about the Toms being the same person as one cant change their eye colour or grow taller as the years go by. I think we still have some researching to do on that.

Talk soon COZ Jan

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