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Norfolk / Re: Patterson Gt Yarmouth
« on: Monday 31 January 11 17:40 GMT (UK)  »
No trouble at all. Will e-mail it to you now.
If we do have the same Newby then we can link up more
All the best

Norfolk / Re: Patterson Gt Yarmouth
« on: Monday 31 January 11 14:53 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Bodham. My great great great grandfather is a Newby, documented in various places as a master mariner. The family lived in Deal, Kent, throughout most of the 1800's and I'm wondering if the Newby's you have found could be their ancestors in Norfolk? Capt Robert H Newby was (I believe) a master mariner from around 1820 and commanded various vessels of the infamous South Sea Company, including the "Mary" (wrecked off Tasmania circa 1845), the Helen Denny and Pusey Hall amongst others. He was killed at sea as a passenger on a fellow captain's ship (the Wellington) around July of 1875 when the vessel struck an iceberg. I wonder if there is a connection with the 'Norfolk Line' you mention?
Hello Nibbler
Can e-mail you family tree if you send me your e-mail.
Tried it here but to big to post it.
All the best

The Lighter Side / Re: Four Trees - Our Great Grandfathers
« on: Monday 23 March 09 23:35 GMT (UK)  »
My great grandfathers

 Robert William West Emery 1865-1941 of Sheringham boat builder
 William James Farrer Spurgeon 1868-?  of Lowestoft shipwright
 Thomas William Hollett  1865-?  of Liverpool
 Thomas Horrocks                       

Occupation Interests / Nursing 1903
« on: Friday 06 February 09 00:53 GMT (UK)  »
Don't know if anybody interested in nursing etc 1903.
Have a look at this site i found.


Norfolk / Re: Patterson Gt Yarmouth
« on: Thursday 05 February 09 20:14 GMT (UK)  »
Have a look at
click on Start search NOAH
In search box you can put in surname or town/village etc.
 Tick the box on the left which one you want.
eg. Probate, Books and Trade Directories
& away you go.
Probates: any i find of interest i open the thumb nail up & right click
save image as
i put it on desktop so i can read them.
If you stay online to long reading them, you get time out.
You can save these & it does not cost you anything.

Have a look at the dir's also plus the churches. Keep you going for a while

I also access Norfolk Record Office
& scroll down to NORCAT
open that up put in the surname or town/village loads there but remember you have to pay for Norfolk records Will's etc.
I got most of my Wills from them at reasonal cost.

Family chest is another one.

Norfolk / Re: Patterson Gt Yarmouth
« on: Thursday 05 February 09 16:57 GMT (UK)  »
Yes they do help a lot. I have some where, her father James giving a house to James Newby her hubbie.


Norfolk / Re: Patterson Gt Yarmouth
« on: Tuesday 27 January 09 18:13 GMT (UK)  »
Here is a bit of it.
    Elizabeth Bray marries Robert Newby 05/12/1799 St Nicholas Church great Yarmouth.
     Will of 1843 Susan Bray spinster of Great Yarmouth.
        Imake my sister Elizabeth Newby my sole exc & i leave her all my

    Robert Patterson Newby born 20/03/1791 bapt 22/03/1791 St Nicholas Church great Yarmouth.
     parents James Newby & Elizabeth Nichols.

     Elizabeth Newby Will 1855 "this is Elizabeth Nichols above.
     I Elizabeth Newby widow of James Newby of Great Yarmouth do hereby appoint my sons
    Robert Patterson Newby,John Newby & Charles Patterson Newby plus my daugs Elizabeth Howard
    widow & Ann Palmer wife of Thomas Palmer Lawyer or of Great Yarmouth all exc's of this my
     I hereby declare that all my dwelling house, estate in/around Great yarmouth they do sell
    by private sale or public auction.
     After all my debts,expenses, death costs then share & share a like of the profits.
    I give unto my grandsons James Thurrel Newby George Thurell Newby or if they dead before me
    they  children to recieve 5.
    To Mary Cook wife of Rumowo ? Cook of Lowestoft Suffolk the sum of 10
     She made this Will 1853.

     James Newby married Elizabeth Nichols 01/12/1788 Lowestoft Suffolk.
     James the son of James Newby who married Anne Patterson 1760 Lowestoft.
     Elizabeth Nichols bapt 09/07/1769 St Nicholas Great Yarmouth parents James & Ann

     1851 census Elizabeth is 79 yrs of age owner of 2 houses & residing Row 125 Yarmouth
      her son John is 51 yrs of age a Master Mariner(capt) Row 138 married with 5 kids.
      cannot find Robert Patterson 0r Charles Patterson but also believe they are master mariners
      because i see two Newby families there wife's of master mariners.
Will come back with the Norman & Rose shortly

Norfolk / Re: Patterson Gt Yarmouth
« on: Tuesday 27 January 09 16:20 GMT (UK)  »
Patterson of Great Yarmouth is linked to the Newby's,Rose's & Norman's of Lowestoft
 My wife's cousin & i have been working on these connections for a long while.
What can i do to help please.

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