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Pembrokeshire / Re: Cilrhedyn ? Kilrhedyn
« on: Yesterday at 23:41 »
My wonderful "Parish Registers of Wales", Williams & Watts-Williams, National Library of Wales, 2000 puts Cilrhedyn parish in Pembroke, although it notes that most of the parish is in Carmarthenshire.

Technical Help / Re: Lost files on iMac
« on: Sunday 13 January 19 23:55 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks a diolch to all for your help; we'll see what can be done.  ;D

Technical Help / Lost files on iMac
« on: Friday 11 January 19 01:12 GMT (UK)  »
For a friend - how can you find a lost file on an iMac? Windows user myself, so not much help; suggestions gratefully received.

Cymraeg - Welsh Language / 2019 Lwyddiannus!
« on: Tuesday 01 January 19 00:41 GMT (UK)  »
Blwyddyn newydd dda i bawb a phob hwyl ar y chwilio a diolch i Trystan a Sarah am ofalu amdanom ni. :)

Hoping for the voice (or hand) of experience to help with the above; the photo, professional, monochrome, about 1920, is of a large group amidst which some of my relatives may be. My hope is that there may be some information on the back of the photo, but I don't want to risk damage without advice. The cardboard mount is soft, not very thick, and of a fairly coarse weave. Feel sure that someone has done this successfully; any advice gratefully received.  :) (Enjoying my first hat)

Cymraeg - Welsh Language / Re: "Y" ar enw tref Gymreig a "The" yn Lloegr
« on: Saturday 10 November 18 01:07 GMT (UK)  »
"Dwi ddim yn gwybod pam/neu pan newidwyd yr enw" (zetlander). Mae'n rhaid imi gyfaddef ein bod ni'r Cymry'n ddiog efo "y" o flaen enw lle; mae "Y Bontnewydd" yn hawdd iawn yn mynd yn "Bontnewydd", "Y Dre(f)newydd" yn "Drenewydd" ac yn y blaen. Ond hefyd - rhan o'r rheswm dros fy nghwestiwn gwreiddiol - mae "Y" neu "The" yn weddol ddieithr i Saeson, felly mae'n haws ganddyn nhw adnabod "Bala" heb yr 'y'. Mae enwau llawer o wledydd hefyd yn Gymraeg yn cymryd 'y' - Swistir, Almaen, Eidal, Ariannin; yn hŷn, yr Amerig, yr India. Gweddol ddiweddar ydi'r newid yn Saesneg o 'The Ukraine' i 'Ukraine' plaen.

The Lighter Side / Re: What has Rootschat done for you?
« on: Monday 01 October 18 00:11 BST (UK)  »
A truly global community, RootsChat is probably unique for allowing Welsh-speakers like myself to post in our first language (thankyou Trystan!) and for providing us with our own Welsh-language board. ( I eventually left a family history board run by the BBC as my Welsh posts broke the English-only rule). It is a pleasure  to be able to help RChatters with research and translations of MIs and death notices; Rootschat has also provided me with invaluable research links, not to mention its being an ever-growing and treasured compendium of social and political history. Hir oes and a long life to RC!

The Lighter Side / Re: Brecon town (Powys) - help with an old recitation please
« on: Saturday 15 September 18 22:46 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for the links; I've posted a message to the first link you wrote.

The Lighter Side / Brecon town (Powys) - help with an old recitation please
« on: Wednesday 12 September 18 23:31 BST (UK)  »
My aunt, Brecon born and bred, used to recite, years ago, some comic verses based on Brecon place-names which I have almost completely forgotten; the only words I remember are: " ... was so narrow it fell into Old Bill's barrow." I would dearly love to recover the verses.

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