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Aberdeenshire / Re: Joseph Rainey Robertson lookup
« on: Sunday 07 August 05 03:00 BST (UK)  »
The children of my Joseph Rainey Robertson were born, as far as I can tell, from 1798 (James R. Robertson) to 1820 (Mary Ann),  which appears to be earlier than your Elizabeth.
As for the Rainey middle name of Joseph, his son Solomon Rainey Robertson makes me pretty sure that it is truly Joseph's middle name.
However, I do not know where that name came from.  I do know that he devolved from a Hamilton line sometime in history, from my 37 marker FT DNA test.  In fact I match very closely to both Hamilons and Robertson, at about a 3:1 ratio in favor of the Hamiltons.  I even tried checking DNA agains the Rainey name, (thinking that he might have been named after his mother), and didn't get any matches.
I haven't been able to find the Hamilton connection yet, tho.
Someone suggested "the Laird and the Scullery maid", but I suspect that a Robertson married a Hamilton widow who had at least one male child, and they were raised with the Robertson name.
Good luck in your searches.

Lanarkshire / Re: Johnstons of New Monkland
« on: Sunday 12 June 05 17:11 BST (UK)  »
I can't help you, but maybe you can help me.
I am trying to find a Susannah Johnson, b. ca 1775, possibly in Lanark.
She married a Joseph Rainey Robertson, 26 Nov 1795, in Madison Co. KY
I have 8 known children, with varying amounts of information on the children.
Johnson, James R., Mahala,  William, Elizabeth, Mark, Mary Ann, Solomon Rainey Robertson
I gladly share information with others tracing this line.
Thanks, John

Lanarkshire / Re: Genealogy, Scotland Robertson/Robinson
« on: Sunday 22 May 05 22:06 BST (UK)  »
Due to the Hamilton connection, and the fact that it was 'way too far back for censuses, Does anyone know of a way to find information on the family of the above James/Violet/Joseph Robertson?.
 Was Hamilton a Parish of Lanark, or similar to a "county within a State", here in the USA, with Parishes being religious entities within Hamilton?
From this Joseph's birth in relation to the James/Violet marriage, I would imagine several siblings born before him.
Also, the Hamilton connection is becoming clearer since I received my 37 marker upgrade, with some "36 of37" marker matches with the Hamiltons!
It seems there were quite a few Robertson's who went to Virginia, and then the area of  Madison Co. KY about 1795 +/- 20 years, and it is very possible that they relate to my line.
Robertson's, back then, also appear to have married back and forth with the Hamilton lines, to the point that someone said they weren't sure which name they should use!
Any information will be greatly appreciated, as I am trying to confirm or deny that the above Joseph is the son of James and Violet, and is my Joseph Rainey Robertson.
Thanks  John

Lanarkshire / Re: Genealogy, Scotland Robertson/Robinson
« on: Thursday 10 March 05 23:24 GMT (UK)  »
Due to recently receiving my 25 marker Y DNA results, I have had a bombshell dropped on me.  It turns out that I match 24 of 25 with at least 2 other Robertsons with the same results.
Are there any Robertsons and/or Hamiltons that have found they are related (thru their paternal line "Y DNA), or other source(s)?
I have just found out that my particular line of the Robertsons devolved from the Hamiltons about 200-300 years ago.
It seems that this particular combined line is fairly limited in scope.
If you have hit the proberbial "stone wall" about 1775 +/- 50 years, you may be in this group.
I hit the problem in the marriage of Joseph Rainey Robertson, b. Scotland ca 1775, m. Susannah Johnson 26 Nov 1795 in Madison county KY.
This is all I have on him, other than their 8 known children
I can find nothing on Susannah other than the marriage.
I will answer any Emails
Thanks, John Robertson 

Aberdeenshire / Re: Joseph Rainey Robertson lookup
« on: Saturday 08 January 05 01:22 GMT (UK)  »
No, I haven't had any valid responses.
I also have a query on the Lanark site, and nothing there either.
I know that sometimes  it will be months, sometimes years before any informaiton shows up.
If you would like to remove this one, I have no objection, especially if the space is limited.
I am currently getting ready to submit a DNA sample through the  Donnachaidh (Robertson) Project site, to compare with some others who have already done so, and he has come up with several others who match him - some with scores fo 35 out of 35.
My line is a direct male line to Joseph Rainey Robertson.  Even if I don't match with him, it may bring up someone else who will match with mine.  In his line he associates with the Hamilton Lanark robertson's and I have a possible Robertson birth there, also.
Thank you, John

The Common Room / Re: What Country is your research ?
« on: Thursday 14 October 04 02:15 BST (UK)  »
I only have one, Scotland. (Tho his wife, Susannah Johnson might be from Scotland - can't find anything on her!)
Joseph Rainey Robertson, b. "1760-1780 in Scotland", tho, from the date he married Susannah Johnson, 24 N0v 1795, in Madison Co, KY.  I would suspect him born 1775 =/- 3 years . That could make her an immigrant, Native American Indian or born somewhere in the area.
I don't know.
I have  some possible  places,:
>>Hamilton, Lanark, 1774 of James B. Robertson and Violet Hamilton;
 >>Rhynie and Essie, 1776 , of of Joseph M. and Agnes  Pirie;
Being long before the census' began, it is hard to find any confirmation or denial for these.
I have no idea when where how, or why Joseph left Scotland, nor where, when, or how he arrived in the USA, and Kentucky.


The Common Room / Finding info circa 1770 - 1790
« on: Saturday 31 July 04 00:05 BST (UK)  »
I have (2) possiblities on an ancestor.
Joseph Rainey Robertson b 1760 - 1780.  However, from his marriage in 1795, I woule estimate birth,  guessing age  at 20, to be 1775 +/- 3 years.
Having done a bit of reading I realize that Census started after mid 1800's, so all I have is one in Rhynie&Essie, Aberdeen, and one in Hamilton, Lanark.
I have no idea of Parish or other location/source.
All I know about him is his marriage in Kentucky in 1795.
Any suggestions?

Aberdeenshire / Re:My Aberdeen surnames
« on: Sunday 09 May 04 04:27 BST (UK)  »
I'm sorry, but I don't have any Gordens naywhere in my lines.  I don't even remember having seen the name in the places I have searched, or posted.
I wish I could help, but not able to.  
Thanks for the reply, John

Aberdeenshire / Joseph Rainey Robertson lookup
« on: Wednesday 05 May 04 16:52 BST (UK)  »
 I have a possible birth/christening on  My Joseph Rainey Robertson.
Can someone look at the records and confirm or deny that this is/may be my ancestor?:
JOSEPH ROBERTSON, married AGNAS PIRRIE, Marriage: 15 SEP 1767 Culsalmond, Aberdeen, Scotland.
Son: JOSEPH ROBERTSON - International Genealogical Index / BI
Gender: Male Christening: 17 MAR 1776 Rhynie And Essie, Aberdeen, Scotland.
All I have on him is "Joseph Rainey Robertson b. 1760-1780 in Scotland"
I do have his marriage to:  Susannah Johnson, m. 24 Nov 1795, in Madison Co. KY
They had 8 known children:
Elizabeth, Johnson, (My ancestor), Mark, Mary Ann, Solomon Rainey, James R., William B, and Mahala.
Joseph was listed on his marriage papers as Robinson, but all children named Robertson.
Joseph died in 1833, near Frankfort, KY
I also have a possible in Lanarkshire, but this is not the place to post that lookup request.
Any information will be greatly appreciated, and I will share what we have on the children
Thank you,  John Robertson    Moderator Comment: Email address removed - reply to message or use Personal Messaging facility on RootsChat

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