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Leicestershire / Re: Burial of Ann REID nee GIBSON
« on: Today at 13:19 »
By the way, do you have any connection with a Jarvis family? I ask because there are Jarvis graves on either side of the Reid grave.

Leicestershire / Re: Burial of Ann REID nee GIBSON
« on: Today at 13:17 »
She died in the workhouse and is buried in Welford Rd, plot cL385, with 5 babies/children :(.

REID   EDITH ANNIE   1883   AUG   2   age 13MTHS   SOAR LANE   ALL SAINTS   
REID   ROSE EMMA   1885   JUL   15   age 10MTHS   SOAR LANE   ALL SAINTS   
REID   ANNIE   1897   APR   24   age 48   THE WORKHOUSE   LEICESTER   39860   

The Common Room / Re: Suicide or murder in 1943
« on: Today at 13:00 »
Can I just say that I’m a bit uneasy with the suggestion that a murder may have been committed, recently enough for there to be a good possibility of relatives still being alive, and without a single shred of evidence for the suggestion.

I think, by the sound of it, that the women involved had enough to put up with, without being subject to unproven accusations.

Leicestershire / Re: The HOLYLAND thread!
« on: Yesterday at 21:46 »
I think your Ann was the daughter of Peter HOLLAND, maltster. I don't know why the Holyland name was used as, so far as I can see, this Holland family had always been Holland.

I'm sending you a PM with finer details, Snorbins, rather than clog up this thread.

Leicestershire / Re: The HOLYLAND thread!
« on: Yesterday at 17:18 »
What occupation did she give for “peter holiland”?

If she was Thomas and Harriet’s daughter, why would she give her father as Peter?

You might find a report of an inquest on this if you look in the papers.

Maybe the family moved to Norwell whilst the girls still lived at home, since Elizabeth had a child there, and then both sisters married there.

There are no Slater burials in Norwell on the disc.

Looking harder, I don't think William Sadler was anything to do with the Slaters as there are other Sadler events at Clarborough, so it wasn't just one dodgily written entry!

Leicestershire / Re: The HOLYLAND thread!
« on: Tuesday 15 October 19 18:46 BST (UK)  »
Thomas Holyland and Harriet Mooring had 5 children, as far as I know, including Ann, born 14 June 1844 in the Market Bosworth reg district.

The family lived in Cadeby/Osbaston, and I think that Ann married William Poyser in Cadeby in 1867. subsequent censuses match Ann Poyser's age and POB with this Ann Holyland.

In the 1871 census, Ann Lant gives her birthplace as Leicester, which I'd take to mean Leicester town. Do you have her marriage cert?

Edited to add: Ann LANT age 33 was buried at Welford Rd in 1877; is this the right Ann? Because what's interesting is that she shares a grave with several people with the surname HOLLAND (not Holyland!) -- any misspellings going on?

Further edited -- looking at the GRO records, the mmn in some of the birth registrations was Holland, in others, Holyland.

Do you know what became of William's children? Maybe there's a family grave plot somewhere? What were their names, and where/when did they die, so far as you know?

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