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Not sure where you live, but here in England (and Wales I think) many of our libraries have access to Ancestry and/or FindMyPast.

Yorkshire (North Riding) / Re: Two possible marriages
« on: Yesterday at 07:24 »
From the marriage entry both Matthew and Jane (Atkinson) were single.  Matthew was a Farmer's Servant.

The addresses for the baptisms came from the images of the parish registers, available via Ancestry, as did the Directory information.

Bonds and Allegations are held, if they have survived, usually wherever the Diocesan records are housed.  I'm not very knowledgeable regarding London records, but I would think that the London Metropolitan Archives might be a good staring place.  Ancestry has images for "All London and Surrey Marriage Bonds and Allegations 1597-1921" but there is no sign of George and Ann.

Sorry I can't be more helpful in this instance  :'(

Devon / Re: Looking for 16th Century information
« on: Friday 16 March 18 17:25 GMT (UK)  »
Sorry I can't help you with your quest, but!

4.   He was unlearned
5.   He did not understand Latin

4.   He probably didnít receive a high level of education

Not quite sure how an unlearned man, who did not understand Latin could become a minister at that time (unless I've got it completely wrong).  :-\  ::)

And, if he was cater to the Duke of Somerset, he possibly didn't come from a well-to-do family, who might have bought his ministerial role for him  :-\

1841 - HO107 1260/28 folio 4, page 1 - Wrelton
John - 35 - Ag Lab
Elizabeth - 40
Jane - 10
Hanah - 6
Mary - 4
Dina - 2

It doesn't help that John and Elizabeth don't appear to have had any sons.

The two baptisms for John that you mention - 6/10 June 1804 - son of John and Mary of Wrelton, and 25 April/31 May 1807 son of William and Elizabeth of Wrelton, would appear to be the better options than deciding that Joseph, who was born in 1806, becoming John.   :-\

However, deciding which John to choose is difficult  :o

There are a number of baptisms for children of George and Ann - St Leonard, Shoreditch

George - born 20 July, baptised 20 August 1772 - address is Worship Street
Samuel - born 13 April, baptised 14 May 1778 - address is Kingsland Road
Joseph - born 29 March, baptised 30 April 1780 - address is Kingsland Road
Samuel - born 16 January, baptised 3 February 1782 - address is Kingsland Road
Charlotte Lewis - born 8 August, baptised 7 September 1783 - address is Pleasant Row

St Matthew, Bethnal Green:
Thomas Powrie - born 7 June, baptised 5 July 1775 - George is a Surveyor

Holden's Directory 1802:
George Ferry, surveyor, Kingsland Road

Not a help with Ann Peate, I'm afraid.

The marriage was by Licence, and if the Bond and Allegation have survived, they may provide further information related to the couple.

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