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Still very, very sad that you are determined to submit an "altered" historical image to a local history site, based on a modern-day personal view.   :'( :'(

Just a thought - country, date ?  Might possibly help to solve your query  :-\

London and Middlesex / Re: Mibbeck Riley
« on: Yesterday at 16:35 »
This is the image for the 1841 census:

And the entry says that he was born in County, not Ireland.

1891 - I know there is an ink smudge over Arthur's age, but I believe it is 5, not 3. 

(Not possible to attach a snip as this is a Lookup thread)


I see your point  :-X

Westmorland / Parish Records on FindMyPast
« on: Yesterday at 10:55 »
FindMyPast have issued parish records today, 18 October 2019.

Hope you can access this list:

I hate to say this, but neither the parish register nor the BT give an indication of age on the 1722 burial.

I was going to ask you where you found John Oakes' birth year of 1675.  I can't seem to see one in the Cheshire registers available on FindMyPast.

It's a big plus, isn't it?  I'd be very much inclined to think they are the same family.

Swanlow is part of Over parish.

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