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To Run Kitty - Thanks for the reference.  I have been to the site and noted the material.  Thanks - Regards - Dinny. 

Polar Bear - I went onto the site mentioned - they inform me that have 41,153 records for William James Carson Maclam.  As my primary interest is his first wife Mary, its going to take me quite a while to plough through the info contained.  Thank you for taking the time to acquire this info for me.  Regards - Dinny.

To Polar Bear - Apologies - the reply addressed to Manawaikian was intended for yourself.  Regards and thanks, Dinny.

Thank you Manawaikan - Mary's parents are listed as Joseph & Ann Robinson - cannot find any other's with that Christian name combination in Ireland and Mary is close in birth year to my great grandmother whose parents were Joseph & Ann Robinson.  The Mary nee Robinson could be a sibling of my great grandmother.  The only other sibling I have for my g/grandmother is a chap named Joseph - named for his father, I presume.  There must have been others as the fashion for more than 2 children seemed to be in vogue for those times.   Census records not helpful as they are not comprehensive until 1901/11.  Mary had left Ireland by then.  Thanks and Regards - Dinny.

Antrim / Re: Co Antrim, Ireland - 1851 Census.
« on: Monday 11 June 18 19:00 BST (UK)  »
Elwyn Souter

Thanks for your reply.  I will add this to info.already received.

Concerning the requirement to advise of those absent on census night - in the 1911 census my Irish great grandmother was absent on census night visiting a relative in the same county.  Her whereabouts were noted on the census form and her eldest daughter was designated Head for census purposes in the family household.

My g/grandfather and some sons had already immigrated.  The rest of the family were on the verge of leaving.  G/grandfather and those sons were not listed on the census form for 1911, no explanation of their whereabouts required.   Don't know what rules applied in 1911 but it seems if you were absent and residing somewhere else in Ireland on census night, this was noted.   Interesting.

Thanks again - regards - Dinny.   

Antrim / Re: Co Antrim, Ireland - 1851 Census.
« on: Monday 11 June 18 13:13 BST (UK)  »
To Aghadowey - Thanks.  Regards - Dinny.

Antrim / Re: Co Antrim, Ireland - 1851 Census.
« on: Monday 11 June 18 13:12 BST (UK)  »
The Whuttle

Thank you for your assistance – The wording used was simply “America”.   Your explanation makes sense to me as I have a number of Irish relatives who definitely went to Canada,  whose descendants  are still there today.  Some of my Essex UK  relatives also went to Canada and to Newfoundland around the time of the industrial revolution. 

I guess your explanation would apply to South American countries that became host to many people from Scotland and Ireland whose descendants are recognizable today by their surnames.

Thanks again for your prompt reply. Regards – Dinny.   

Antrim / Co Antrim, Ireland - 1851 Census.
« on: Monday 11 June 18 06:29 BST (UK)  »

Census 1851 Co Antrim Ireland

If individuals were  absent in America from 31 March 1851 and were listed on the Irish Census of 1851, recorded as being absent in America at time of census – wouldn’t they be on the US cenus – even if they were just visiting?   Both unmarried – children of the family – adults aged 30-ish.  At that age, they may have immigrated. 

If they were in another country, why mention them in the census?   Can someone give a possible explanation, please. – thanks.  Regards – Dinny. 

Hi Manawakian - Mary Robinson my focus.  Reaching "Debbie" may be of help.
Thanks - Regards - Dinny.

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