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Australia / Re: MCMAHON
« on: Today at 08:40 »
NSW Electoral Roll 1902, THE HUNTER, polling at Paterson
Frederick ANDREWS, Wallarobba, wine-shop keeper
Mary Jane ANDREWS, Fernvale, domestic duties


Family History Beginners Board / Re: Access?
« on: Friday 25 May 18 14:18 BST (UK)  »
You mention you are seeking info for a chap named John Edward Richardson.  Do you know when he died, or when he was born, or where (what country) he was born...


Australia / Re: NSW Birth Records 1860-1863, Catherine Wilson & Bridget Wilson
« on: Friday 25 May 18 14:13 BST (UK)  »
Excellent Questions from Wivenhoe.  :)
In case Feliss does not have the following,  I think could be of interest  :)
NSW Electoral Roll 1870 THE ARGYLE
William WILSON, freehold, Tarlo.


May I add to the thread

From NSW State Archives,
Births, Deaths and Marriages Branch [Registrar-General] (1857-1975) Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (1975- )

NSW Marriage Act 1855

NSW Registration Act 1855

NSW Appropriation Act 1856
Funding for Registrar General at page 3 of 17


Australia / Re: NSW Birth Records 1860-1863, Catherine Wilson & Bridget Wilson
« on: Friday 25 May 18 12:18 BST (UK)  »
Not knowing parents names makes it hard to help but NSW BMD have the following:
Parents Samuel & Margaret
Wilson Francis, b1860 no 14153, Rego district Yass
Wilson Female, b1862 no 15342, Rego district Yass
Wilson Female, b1863 no 15340, Rego district Yass
Wilson John H, b1866 no 16905, Rego district Yass
Wilson Elizabeth M, b1866, Rego district Patricks Plain

This post has been modified.  It made mention of 1870s and compulsory registrations.

Here is the reply I had prepared as a word document. 

Hi there,

I disagree, 1870s and compulsory … sounds like UK perhaps.

 The Civil registration process commenced in NSW 1 March 1856.  Births were required to be registered within sixty days, by the parent.   Here is a thread I did up about various significant matters for 1856ish for NSW.  It includes a live link to Trove’s SMH of 15 Feb 1856, pg 4.   The following snippet should be helpful; it is part of the opening post.
SMH 15 Feb 1856 The short version of the requirements for Civil Registrations of BDMs …. “furnish books for the registry of births, marriages, deaths and forms for certified copies…..  The District Registrars are to transmit their copies quarterly to the office of the Registrar General…… Parent required to register the birth of a child within sixty days,  housekeepers to give notice of  the death of any person on their premises within thirty days …”Children may be registered upon solemn declaration of their parentage until they are eighteen months old, if not born in the colony”   Ministers of religion are to receive certificates of the registration of deaths when they attend funerals.  ….



For Further Entry, Page 19.


Australia / Re: NSW Birth Records 1860-1863, Catherine Wilson & Bridget Wilson
« on: Thursday 24 May 18 15:18 BST (UK)  »
The bdm should have received quarterly reports BUT may  not have had a check / follow up procedure until 1920s, whole quarters may have missed being sent to be processed  or if not legible ... were not adequately recorded.  Scribble from a deputy may have  not got umm... registered at HQ.  If there had been a need for a copy during their lifetime they could  have obtained it locally rather than from  the Reg-Generals HQ in Sydney.

The  bdm deputy-registrars were part timers..  bdm was one of a number of functions for the Registrar Generals Office until very recent times.


Australia / Re: NSW Lunatic Asylum
« on: Wednesday 23 May 18 00:34 BST (UK)  »
Yes,  the model used for this model lodging house in Kent St was based on UK.  When a lodger could not fund their daily token fee the lodger would be considered destitute. So referred to the next SHelter.... Asylum/shelter


Australia / Re: NSW Lunatic Asylum
« on: Tuesday 22 May 18 04:33 BST (UK)  »

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