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It gets confusing going from one thread to another and then back again!

That looks like the thread I was thinking of but haven't read all of it.

If my memory is correct there's another thread somewhere with more information on it.

Laois (Queens) / Re: Dunphy family
« on: Today at 07:38 »
Birth Certs weren't around then....

Have you checked deaths for wife?

So, it really seems possible that ďmy KathleenĒ is this Smyth Family at 64 Templeogue per 1911 census. And her brothers (who also go by middle names) Vincent and Sidney were questioned for this burglary in 1927.
But without a 1921 census how can I trace her?

I donít know the name of the Protestant Orphanage Kathleenís son (my Father) was was placed in, and he is now deceased so I canít ask him.

But, aghadowey, he WAS in an orphanage for 14 years just as you said was mentioned in another thread. Can you help me find that thread on the other forum?

1926 Census?

Year of Death   1865
Group Registration ID   N/R
SR District/Reg Area   Magherafelt
Deceased Age at Death   43
Returns Year   1865
Returns Quarter   2
Returns Volume No   6
Returns Page No   552

Clare / Re: John Naughton of Tullig
« on: Yesterday at 22:59 »
The 1911 Census says he is 1 year married!!

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