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Exactly what I was going to suggest. 

Someone may locate a baptism for you, it does help that you have an exact date to go by. 

Siblings names were Dorothy - Roberth (might be Robert W) - Annie R - Jane - John - Joseph - Mary.

If Ellen had a daughter called Dorothy that might be positive as the others are more common names.

Jane is a twin to Ellen.  In 1881 they are both 2 and father John has a wife Jemmima. 

Ellen is not with her father and siblings in 1901.

With such a common name it's best to get the marriage really as it's very easy to go down the wrong road.

ancestry hints to this 1891 census entry

Ellen Roberts age 12
daughter of John Roberts 49 widower boot and shoe dealer

birth places for both are Portmadoc

7 brothers and sisters plus a servant in the household 

If you do get the marriage and father's name and occupation match then it's a promising start.

For info 1891 census with George Burgess Berry

Eliza Berry 67 head widow
Nelson Berry 27 son single
George Birchfield 89 father widower
George Burgess Berry 4 grandson

All born Patching Sussex

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Elusive Arthur
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In 1881 there's an Arthur born 1870 London likely the one born Camberwell

Henry Oakes 41
Fanny 40
Arthur 11
Grace 2

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Elusive Arthur
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have you ruled out these births

Jun 1869 Camberwell Arthur Oakes mothers name Chambers

Jun 1869 Poplar Union Arthur Charles Oakes mothers name Hubbard

Who is Arthur with in the 1901 census you have found?

I wondered if the youngest little chap in 1891 Claudie was masquerading as a son instead of a grandson but he has mothers name Berry like the rest. 

I can't see an image of the baptism only a transcription but would it give an age for the mother, I mean how do we know this Alice is the right mother  :-\

Doesn't give an age at baptism does it only there is an earlier birth

Alfred Charles John Field no mothers name shown Jun 1883 East Preston

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