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Hi Gadget and Carol:

While looking through all of the (copied, not original) photographs that I was sent years ago, it reminded me of the family photo that was taken c1901-1902.  I can attach that image if it might help?  If I figured out the individuals correctly, it includes Dora (and her sister, Sarah), Caroline Anna/Carrie (who became Dora's s-i-l) and William (who was Dora's husband).

When I received the photograph I only knew the names of three individuals.  By looking at how they are positioned in the photograph, I believe I have correctly identified the individuals.

Carrie/Caroline Anna was born in Ontario, Canada c1859.  Her parents settled in Toronto in 1857.  She was one of four siblings, the only girl.  She didn't marry until 1904 (also in Toronto).  She lived with family members prior to her marriage.

Thank you for your interest.  Without the reminder about the difference between the two earlier photographs, I wouldn't have thought of looking at the c1901 photo.  ::)  I will wait until I see if the 1901 photo is wanted, as I've already added so many.  Also, I am not sure how to make the image smaller so that it is easier to view?  Or, perhaps a small image is not preferred.

I have one last photograph of a lady who looks like the lady leaning on the fur, but perhaps it is a photo of Carrie's niece?  I cannot date it. She is also wearing a locket, but it doesn't have the extra link of chain dangling from the necklace.  If I had to guess, I would guess that the lady leaning and the lady with the shorter locket necklace are the same.

Note:  I am waiting for a phone call which may take me away for a bit.

Sorry, attaching images now.   :-\    ;)

Apologies about posting a third topic about Dora, but I have yet another question.

Years ago, I was told by my aunt that the image with two photos is the same woman, Dora.
Written on the back of the photo of the lady leaning on the fur(?) is "Great Aunt Carrie".

Dora was born c1861, in Ontario, Canada.  She married William (who is in her photo) in 1888.
Carrie was born c1859, in Ontario, Canada.  Carrie was William's sister. (Carrie married in 1904.)

Dora and Carrie appear to be wearing similar if not identical necklaces.  Since it looks like at least one necklace had a locket (or coin?), is there a chance that they were given the items at the same time, to place a loved one's photo or other item inside?  Or, it is more likely that for whatever reason one gave the other the necklace to wear/keep?  Another thought: they both possibly knew each other by the time the photos were taken and by chance bought the same necklace? I do not know anything about jewellery from this time period.

Less likely since she appears to have different features, this wouldn't be the same person in all of the photos, perhaps?

Again, as in recent postings about Dora, I appreciate any guidance or explanations about the photographs.  It was noted earlier that Dora's photographs were taken around mid 1880s.  Thank you for any guidance you may share.  Lisa

PS  Before I started researching my family I knew nothing about Dora.  Any personal information that can be obtained about her is precious to me, even if it is to just find out about her necklace.

PS  The reason I also went back to thinking about her situation, is that the few photos that I just "found" again don't show her feet except the one above, and she is either leaning on a relative or she is listing slightly (listing to the right).  But perhaps its that uneven ground again; she certainly seemed to find the best spots for her photos. ;)

Wiggy -  ;D

Peter - I dunno - it sounds plausible to me.  But, I am known to be so gullible.  ::)   ;D

Thank you Peter for your insight.  We were able to shine a light on the photograph, used my son's i-pad(?) and took another picture.  The individuals in my "original" photo do not have what appears to be clown noses, those marks turned up in this picture.  :o  I included the rest of the individuals to show that it was a breezy day.  I am guessing that the photograph may have been taken c1924.

Looking at the latest image, does it still appear that Dora had an artificial leg?  I don't mind if she did or didn't, it would just be nice to figure this out.

Again, thank you Peter for your thoughts.  Lisa

Giggsy wins the prize for the best guess about Dora's missing foot and why Dora appears sad.  Good news - I found Dora's ankle, foot and shoe in a later photograph.

Several years ago, my aunt sent me copies of old family photographs.  I ran across them tonight when I was looking for an unrelated photograph.  I knew I had photographs of Dora's adult children; I didn't realize some of the photographs included Dora as well!

While Dora did a good job of hiding her feet in several of the photographs (standing in a field of tallish grass, photo taken of the group from the ankles up, etc.) I did find a photograph that clearly shows that she had two ankles and two feet and hence, two shoes.  I'm attaching a poor quality picture (it is too dark in the house to properly light the photo).

Note:  I am assuming (for various reasons) the photo below was taken after the photo I first posted.  Thank you all again for your time, contributions and humour. I really appreciate everyone's input.

PS  I am thrilled I noticed Dora in the photos as in a couple of the photos she is smiling -- she looks like she was a sweet lady.


Thank you, Gadget.  I just dug through one binder - I do not have any birth, marriage or death papers that state her exact birth information.  I either obtained the date from my father/aunt, or more than likely it was obtained from the headstone (which doesn't make it correct, of course).

I will continue to have a look around after I do some much-needed work in the front garden (we don't want to lose any possible visitors in the tall grass).  ;D

Thank you for posting the image.  I appreciate your help and I will delve into all of my paperwork to sort things out.  Thank you again; I hope you have a good evening.

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