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US Lookup Requests / Re: Finding my aunt
« on: Tuesday 02 October 18 22:24 BST (UK)  »
Hi Mykin:

I am right in the middle of another project but I hope to get back to this thread tonight (it is midday here).

I would think if she passed away, there should(?) be some record of her passing.

Perhaps someone will find information before I return to the thread but if not, I will resume looking around tonight.  Lisa  :)

Hi Handypandy:

That is beautiful; thank you so much.  I've never been to the property (it probably doesn't look anything like that now) so seeing it in colour also gives me the chance to envision what it may have looked like when the family visited.  Thank you, Lisa

PS Thank you for your time, trouble and skill as well and thank you for capturing all of the little details.   :)

Hi John:

Thank you very much for the clean up; the family seems to be more in focus now.  :)  Thank you for your time, trouble and skill.

May I ask if anyone might be able to add a bit of (subdued?) colour to the photograph, please?  I am hoping that with colour the family might stand out a bit more.  Apologies for the poor quality of the photo.  Thank you in advance for any assistance you might be able to offer.  Lisa

Hi Yvonne:

Thank you for your restore as well.  I can't believe how well you've all eliminated the tears and repaired the missing piece!

This will sound silly but if one doesn't ask, one won't learn  ;) could his "baby teeth" be showing or is the shiny spot just his tongue or gums?  I've looked at the original with a magnifying glass and I just can't tell.  (It could be his tongue as it might be too high for teeth?)

Thank you Yvonne for your work.  As you can see, I noticed the possibility of seeing teeth.  It's funny how each photo brings out something different that strikes me.

I didn't think of asking before - would anyone be able to guess his age when the photograph was taken, please?  I am terrible with guessing the age of anyone!  Thank you, Lisa

Hi japeflakes:

As I see the different cleanups, different things pop out at me.
Pat's: I immediately noticed his face (when I previously just looked at the entire photo).
Rami's:  I suddenly noticed his eyebrows and smile.
Yours:  My attention was drawn straight away to his eyes.  As an adult, when he smiled, his eyes seemed to have a sparkle in them.  When he retired, he volunteered a few times to be a Santa.  His sparkly eyes and bushy eyebrows really fit the part.  ;D

Thank you for your time and trouble.  I am so fortunate to have such beautiful copies to save.  Lisa

Hi Rami:

Thank you for your beautiful touch ups as well.  The coloured one reminds me so much of the little boy when I knew him as an adult - it brings out his eyebrows (which eventually became quite bushy) and he had the same smile.

Thank you so much for your work - it is very appreciated.  Lisa  :)

I was looking through some of the earlier posts and came upon yours.  Is there any chance that the scroll could be a narrow book or journal?

I tried to replicate the photo, rolling up a piece of paper and holding it, and the first thing I did when I placed the "scroll" in my lap was to also hold it with my other hand.  I don't see her left thumb, so she was either told to hide her thumb or she didn't have the same reflex that I had when my hands met.

Apologies for contributing a strange idea (a book), but if it was a scroll she exercised a lot of willpower not to hold it with both hands.  ;D

Hi Pat:

Thank you so much; you do amazing work!  My eyes are now drawn to the little boy's face rather than being distracted by the ripped and marred photograph.  Thank you for your time and trouble; I really appreciate it.  :)

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