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Cumberland / Re: Crow / Crowe family in Carlisle
« on: Sunday 14 July 13 12:54 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for the advice Carole.


Cumberland / Re: Crow / Crowe family in Carlisle
« on: Saturday 13 July 13 00:53 BST (UK)  »
Thanks again Carole,

Looks like it is still not going to be easy to find what I am looking for.


Cumberland / Re: Crow / Crowe family in Carlisle
« on: Friday 12 July 13 23:50 BST (UK)  »
Hi Carole,

Yes, this is his family. The birth dates are a perfect match. I cannot find a burial for him online in Carlisle. It has taken me a few years to find a possible death and was hoping things would then fall into place. I was hoping a burial might then turn up a family.

Thanks anyway,


Cumberland / Crow / Crowe family in Carlisle
« on: Friday 12 July 13 12:36 BST (UK)  »
I have been searching for my great uncles for some time now. One of my great uncles Alfred CROW was born in South Reston Lincolnshire in 1901 and after purchasing his birth certificate recently I may have found his death in 1980 in Carlisle Cumbria.

Can anyone provide any more information on the Alfred CROW that died in 1980 in Carlisle?

This is the first possible relative in Cumbria


Huntingdonshire / Re: Bishop and Neal families Peterborough area
« on: Saturday 12 May 12 12:20 BST (UK)  »
Hi Margaret,

Thank you so much for your input regarding the Neal family. I checked back after a late dinner and have spent the last while digesting all the information. Your information has widened my tree which could be useful as it seems that closer family may not be online doing research.

Somewhere amongst the Neal extended family of Whittlesey there must be someone who is interested in their family tree. I am keeping my fingers crossed.


Huntingdonshire / Re: Bishop and Neal families Peterborough area
« on: Saturday 12 May 12 09:42 BST (UK)  »
Thanks once again KGarrad

I will have to be a bit more careful on FreeBMD.

These entries have narrowed the date of death to the quarter which will be helpful.

I have spent a bit of time today trying to track done the Neal family. So far no luck with anyone researching that family but I have Thomas Henry Neal's parents' names as Isaac Neal and Mary Ann ? bprn Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire respectively. I am hoping to find someone who is connect with this family somewhere.


Huntingdonshire / Re: Bishop and Neal families Peterborough area
« on: Saturday 12 May 12 06:57 BST (UK)  »
Thanks KGarrad

I did not have the death entry detail for Philip J Bishop. I couldn't find it on FREEBDM. This will be him.

Does his wife show up in 1947?


Huntingdonshire / Re: Bishop and Neal families Peterborough area
« on: Saturday 12 May 12 01:04 BST (UK)  »
Hi KGarrad & Sandy,

Thanks for your replies.

No wonder I was confused. I will sent to the GRO for his certificate. I am hoping the cause of death matches up to what I have been told through family here in Australia.

Thanks Sandy for the link for the Peterborough library. I have been trying to find newspaper info for a couple of years now and being in Australia I cannot just pop in and look. I had though Peterborough was in Cambridgeshire but now have learnt otherwise.

Yes Sandy, I do have the information from the Coates honour roll. Thomas Bishop was my grans brother and Arthur Neal her step brother.

I have little information on my gran's brother Philip Bishop born 1890 and died about the age of 70. From my research I believe his wife was Elizabeth Hurry. She died 1947 aged 58. The had a girl named Mary. My research again as produced a Gwendoline M Bishop born 1917. I have recently been told she may have married late in life but possibly had no children. Philip Bishop was a railway goods foreman. He was presented with a clock on retirement after 45 years of service.

I have a newspaper clipping for the funerals of both Philip Bishop and his wife Mrs P Bishop but unfortunately the dates have been cut off. They have be a source for family names especially the Neals listed below.

I have even less on the Neal family and hope to make contact with descendants. Futher information gained from the clippings and FREEBMD includes:
Thomas Henry Neal born about 1871 possibly married in 1894 to Alice Knight at Whittlesey. Possible death of first wife 1910 at Whittlesey.
Possible children of marriage include:
Grace Neal born 1899 married George Ruff 1922 Birmingham (Children Elizabeth AM 1922, Ralph J 1924, Gaynor 1926, Molly 1931)
Rose Neal born 1896 married William Benstead Whittlesey 1924 died 1959 Peterborough (Children Alice M Benstead 1925)
Arthur Neal born 1898 died WW1 21st Apr 1916
Mary Elizabeth Kate Neal 1901 married Charles A Gordon 1925 Whittlesey (Children Betty E 1929, Lionel D 1935 Whittlesey)
Harry Neal born 1897 married Mabel J Weldon 1918 Whittlesey (Children Arthur 1920. Thomas H 1921, Reginald 1922, Harry 1928 Whittlesey Winifred
1927 &, Eric 1932 Leistershire)
Thomas Henry Neal married Mary Elizabeth Chesterfield (my great grandmother) in 1911


Huntingdonshire / Bishop and Neal families Peterborough area
« on: Thursday 10 May 12 13:31 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

I am new to this list and a bit stuck & confused.  :-\

My great grandfather John Bishop is listed on FreeBMD as dying June 1/4 1904 in Peterborough. I had tried to get a copy of his death certificated from Cambridgeshire with no luck. Is my only option to go to the General Registry Office? Under which county does Peterborough fall.

At the time of his death he was a police constable with the Coates Constabulary. He died on duty. I have been hoping that somewhere in a newspaper of the time there would have been a piece regarding his death. I have been advised by a police historian that he died 21st April 1904. He was buried in the Coates churchyard but to date I have not been able to confirm if his plot has a headstone. Does anyone have access to the Peterborough area papers of that time? (I live in Australia). I am hoping someone can find something covering his death and funeral.

On his death his wife remarried to a widower named Thomas Henry Neal. He had several children from his first marriage. I wonder if the following names may be familiar to anyone. William Isaac Neal b 1895, Rose Neal b 1896 married William Benstead, Harry Neal b 1897 married Mabel Weldon, Arthur Neal b 1998 d 1916; Grace Neal b 1899 married George Ruff, May Elizabeth Kate Neal b1901 married Charles Gordon.

Any help much appreciated. I have been stuck on both these areas for quite some time.


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