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Kilkenny / Re: Mounteen in Gowran
« on: Friday 30 September 16 00:20 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Maggsie. Can someone tell me more about the Bounty immigration scheme that operated in 1854 between Ireland and Australia? My family travelled in that time frame.
Best wishes,

Kilkenny / Re: Mounteen in Gowran
« on: Tuesday 27 September 16 23:27 BST (UK)  »
Thanks once again "conah calling" & "Maggsie".

"conah calling" I will cross my fingers that the church you have found might be the one. Thanks for the link. What do you think the place name says on James' baptism. Is it Cleart? or something else?

"Maggsie", I did a bit of searching last night again for this family and Catherine's baptism and it looks like Bauchvilletown was maybe in the Clara parish. Clara and Gowran being combined until 1852. Catherine being born after 1852 might mean she was baptised in the Clara parish. Looking online there are no records available for Clara on Catholic Parish Registers.

'Maggsie" thanks for putting me straight on how my family may have caught the boat. I had not considered that although the boat left Portsmouth it would pick up individuals at ports in Ireland. From what I can tell this boat had many Irish immigrants who travelled under the Bounty Scheme of that time. Would Dublin then be the closest port?

Best wishes,

Kilkenny / Re: Mounteen in Gowran
« on: Tuesday 27 September 16 13:59 BST (UK)  »
Thank you "hallmark", "Sinann", "Maggsie" & "conahy calling" for your suggestions and comments.

Sorry I did not mention the actual names for my ancestors. I am probably being paranoid but I have someone who seems to just follow my every move copying my results.

I am not a paid member of Find My Past but took advantage of a recent free session for Irish records. I then followed a link to the Catholic registers at It was here that I confirmed the marriage of my gg grandparents & baptisms of two of their children.

"hallmark" has the correct marriage and "conahy calling" has the second baptism which includes the word maybe Cleat or is it Scart as suggested by "Sinann". The second baptism is at The baptism is potentially of my great grandmother on 23rd September 1845.

Thanks "Sinann" for clarifying the word "witnesses". I thought it odd it was on each of the lines who I thought were the witnesses. I can see the word now that you have described the composition of it with the old double 's'.

I am yet to find the last child who should have been born either in 1853 or 1854. Her name is Catherine and is listed on the shipping record in the category "1 & under" and born Kilkenny. The ship arrived in Australia in September 1854 after leaving Portsmouth England 3rd June 1854.

I have not found her in the Gowran Catholic baptisms but consider that she may have been born & baptised in another area whilst the family travelled to catch a boat to England. Do you think that they would have caught a boat at Dublin?

If I can find Catherine then I think I have the correct family.

Best wishes from a very wet Australia,

Kilkenny / Mounteen in Gowran
« on: Monday 26 September 16 14:09 BST (UK)  »
I am from Australia and researching my ancestors in Ireland. This is my first possible finding of ancestors in Ireland.

I think I may have found a marriage for my gg grandparents and subsequent baptisms for the couple's children. The Catholic marriage occurred in June 1845 in the Gowran parish. Find My Past has the address of the bride as Mounteen. The actual record lists both the groom and bride's names then the placename 'Mounteen' It then lists the witnesses names followed by 'Wihigan'. Are these the names of towns? If so where in Kilkenny are they? Would they actually be the places the couple and then the witnesses lived?

The baptisms include one in 1847 with the placename 'Blauchville? Town and 1850 Cleart?

I would love it anyone can tell me more about these places.

Would the marriage & baptisms have been performed in a church? If so, any idea which ones? I would love to find out more about these also.

Kind Regards,


Cumberland / Re: Crow / Crowe family in Carlisle
« on: Sunday 14 July 13 12:54 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for the advice Carole.


Cumberland / Re: Crow / Crowe family in Carlisle
« on: Saturday 13 July 13 00:53 BST (UK)  »
Thanks again Carole,

Looks like it is still not going to be easy to find what I am looking for.


Cumberland / Re: Crow / Crowe family in Carlisle
« on: Friday 12 July 13 23:50 BST (UK)  »
Hi Carole,

Yes, this is his family. The birth dates are a perfect match. I cannot find a burial for him online in Carlisle. It has taken me a few years to find a possible death and was hoping things would then fall into place. I was hoping a burial might then turn up a family.

Thanks anyway,


Cumberland / Crow / Crowe family in Carlisle
« on: Friday 12 July 13 12:36 BST (UK)  »
I have been searching for my great uncles for some time now. One of my great uncles Alfred CROW was born in South Reston Lincolnshire in 1901 and after purchasing his birth certificate recently I may have found his death in 1980 in Carlisle Cumbria.

Can anyone provide any more information on the Alfred CROW that died in 1980 in Carlisle?

This is the first possible relative in Cumbria


Huntingdonshire / Re: Bishop and Neal families Peterborough area
« on: Saturday 12 May 12 12:20 BST (UK)  »
Hi Margaret,

Thank you so much for your input regarding the Neal family. I checked back after a late dinner and have spent the last while digesting all the information. Your information has widened my tree which could be useful as it seems that closer family may not be online doing research.

Somewhere amongst the Neal extended family of Whittlesey there must be someone who is interested in their family tree. I am keeping my fingers crossed.


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