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ASDA - Walmart - good companies. Some of the others are hardly surviving. Some will be totally out of business. When is the question? The answer is when the announcement comes that they are closing down stores and laying off employees.

Leicestershire / Re: Burnet Road, Leicester
« on: Wednesday 12 December 18 22:22 GMT (UK)  »
It seems to still be there if anyone wants to buy a house.

The Common Room / Re: Do you become emotional doing family history?
« on: Wednesday 12 December 18 16:01 GMT (UK)  »
Yes when I am researching World War 1 servicemen. All wars are stupid but that one topped the list.

The Common Room / Re: Should I just bin all my reserach and forget about it?
« on: Sunday 09 December 18 02:14 GMT (UK)  »
I had the same problem. My genealogy was on the old PAF system and realizing I was not immortal made the decision to load it onto Family Search Org. Took quite a long time but made it. Received help from our local LDS branch genealogy library. Names from all over the world from Australia to Zambia (actually Northern Rhodesia).

Ireland / Re: John Egan and what it says in the papers
« on: Sunday 09 December 18 01:59 GMT (UK)  »
Probably totally irrelevant to your Egan but these Utah Egans would be very well documented if anyone thinks they have a link.

The Common Room / Re: Advice on genealogy websites please
« on: Saturday 08 December 18 00:55 GMT (UK)  »
I have Ancestry, Find My Past, FamilySearch, Durham Records Online, the list can go on forever, some free and some paid for. As long as the person has money or some notoriety Times of London, or even  or i-announce or Google. 

Hampshire & Isle of Wight / Re: Any idea what Midge could be short for?
« on: Friday 07 December 18 02:53 GMT (UK)  »
From Google ... a name for girls. The name Midge means "who is like God?". Midge is an alternate spelling of Michelle (French, Hebrew): feminine of Michael. Seems to include so many possibilities.

The Common Room / Re: Spinster as term for widow?
« on: Wednesday 05 December 18 04:41 GMT (UK)  »
A definition on Google

An unmarried woman, typically an older woman beyond the usual age for marriage

The Common Room / Re: Nationality please of Beja BUNSEEDHUN 1929-1983
« on: Tuesday 04 December 18 04:33 GMT (UK)  »
Nothing new but most come from Manchester and Trafford area. Free BMD

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