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The Lighter Side / Re: Early Assumptions
« on: Today at 14:19 »
Assuming that the people who shared the family tree with you had got it right!

Thanks Cando, Skooosh and Bitzar  :)

Cando an interesting thing is that it was James Malcolm's family who stayed at Glenoe not Peter's.  Does that mean they told the funeral company her father was James? 
On the other hand it was a granddaughter of James who told me the Margaret Cameron story and Peter was the father.
Also had descendants of Peter tell me May was his.

Skosh Glenoe farm was named by Duncan McIntyre (husband of Miriam, father of Peter and James) after his birthplace in Scotland.  He called his first station Ardachy for the same reason.

Bitzar I've tried to find a likely Margaret Cameron in the Penshurst area. No luck though  :'(. There are a lot of Cameron's who came to this area (and many other Scottish families).

Thanks again for taking an interest,

May McIntyre (later recorded as Annie May McIntyre) was raised by her paternal grandmother Miriam McIntyre on her property 'Glenoe' outside Penshurst, Victoria.
Miriam McIntyre had two sons; Peter Duncan born 1849 and James Malcolm born 1851.
Family lore has it that May was Peter's illegitimate daughter by a woman named Margaret Cameron.
From her age at death (more info below) May was born in about 1871.

Chronological Records of May
Branxholme School Register - Name: May M'Intyre; Parent or Guardian: Mrs M'Intyre; Residence of Parent or Guardian: Near Penshurst; Occupation of P or G: squatter; Age: 6 years 10 months; Date admitted: Oct 1878; Date leave: Dec 1878.

Electoral Rolls - Victoria, 1903, Grampians, Penshurst: McIntyre, May, Boram Boram, home duties
Same info for 1905 and 1909 (although in Wannon electorate then). Grandmother Miriam is at the same address in these rolls too.  In 1909 Miriam McIntyre died and it is after this that May is listed as Annie May on the electoral roll.
Victoria, 1912, Wannon, Penshurst: McIntyre, Annie May, Boram Boram, home duties
Same info for 1914, 1915 and 1917.
Victoria, 1919, Wannon, Penshurrst: McIntyre, Annie May, Glenoe, Boram Boram, Penshurst, home duties
Same info through 1921 to 1937.

James Malcolm McIntyre's will: written in 1922 it reads in part "I bequeath to Annie May McIntyre the proceeds of the policy of insurance on my life."

Death Registration: Annie May McIntyre, home duties, died 28 June 1940 at Hamilton Hospital aged 69, single; Usual residence was Glenoe, Penshurst; Father Malcolm James McIntyre, grazier, Mother unknown; Where born and how long in Australian states, stating which: unknown, lived in Victoria, unknown; Informant was the funeral home.

Attached is May's obituary from the Penshurst Free Press.

As you can see May's parentage remains a mystery.  Who was her father?  Peter, who certainly had a reputation that was not undeserved or James, who was apparently the 'good' son? 
I have searched and searched for her birth registration.  I'm really, really hoping Rootschat can help me with it!
Thank you, Marlene  :)
Sorry for the long-winded post but I thought I'd better put all the stuff I have found on her.

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: My own DNA success story
« on: Thursday 11 January 18 12:13 GMT (UK)  »
Very interesting!  Thank you for sharing your DNA story.
It makes me wonder what secrets might be hiding in mine  ;D

Australia / Re: Seeking parents of Tasmanian convict
« on: Wednesday 20 December 17 14:02 GMT (UK)  » has some good hits for "Daniel Wilkins" in Launceston in 1840s through 1870s.  Refine search to Tasmanian newspapers and enter name with quotation marks to get them.
Appears he was a confectioner in Brisbane Street.
Convict Daniel Wilkins shows up too in lists and probably him done for drunkeness and domestic violence.
Your Daniel, the baker/confectioner appears far more 'respectable' as he sits on juries.
Hope this helps a bit,

Midlothian / Re: Christina Sutherland, Edinburgh
« on: Monday 27 November 17 13:19 GMT (UK)  »
Just as a wildcard you could look for daughter Mary's birth under the Carnie surname...

England / Re: Susan Baker born 1846 civil reg help please
« on: Tuesday 25 April 17 09:28 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for the Georgiana Goodland BAKER information  ;D  I'll see what else I can find out about her.

England / Re: Susan Baker born 1846 civil reg help please
« on: Tuesday 25 April 17 09:23 BST (UK)  »
I did see that shipping information, thank you  :)  In the newspaper it says "G Baker, wife and child".  Also there should've been 3 children with them by then, as those three of their children survived to adulthood, got married etc.

Thank you, I do appreciate your help and interest,

England / Re: Susan Baker born 1846 civil reg help please
« on: Tuesday 25 April 17 09:11 BST (UK)  »
Levi and his brother Uriah can be seen to be in Adelaide in 1848 from the following articles via Trove|||l-decade=184|||l-year=1849|||l-decade=184|||l-year=1848

I think the Orator is probably the correct ship for Levi and Uriah's father John BAKER and younger siblings arrival in Adelaide.  The South Australian Register of 3 Oct 1849 Shipping Intelligence says..."John Baker, wife and 7 children".  I'm not sure about the wife bit though as there is a burial record for Mary Ann BAKER of South Petherton, Somerset age 44 on the 26 Jul 1847 and John and Mary Ann were the parents of Levi and Uriah etc.  The family is together in South Petherton in the 1841 census, and John and Mary Ann had their last child Gilbert baptised there on 30 Nov 1845.

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