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Berkshire / A long shot but here goes...
« on: Friday 01 September 17 17:55 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone know the name of a soldier who fought and was injured in the Boer War. He returned to his parents who (I think) ran a shop in Inkpen and died of his injuries.

Wiltshire / The Commonwealth War Graves Committee are Looking for relatives
« on: Sunday 01 January 17 12:19 GMT (UK)  »
of Oliver Alan Rosier of the Royal Berkshire Regiment buried at Leckhampstead St James, and who can provide documentation to UKNA technical team.
I know there are a good few people of that name in the area so maybe they'll be in luck.

Technical Help / Re: Gedcom file Sent by Notepad
« on: Wednesday 27 July 16 20:18 BST (UK)  »
Thank you so much to everyone who answered. I decided to do the right click thing and, as expected from you great roots chaters it worked a treat!

Technical Help / Gedcom file Sent by Notepad
« on: Tuesday 26 July 16 12:42 BST (UK)  »

Someone kindly sent me a gedcom file via notepad. When I opened the file it was all in one "lump" including all the coding. I'm not very familiar with notepad, and am hoping that someone can tell me how to view/print it without the code, and hopefully looking like the original document.

Any advice would be appreciated.


I think it's usual to have the first son named after his paternal grandfather. and first daughter after the maternal grandmother.
The second son to be named after the maternal grandfather and the second daughter after the paternal grandmother.

Depending how many children there were they could continue naming after the parents uncles aunts and Godparents etc.

So in your case the first daughter would be named after her mother's side, (presumably Mary) and any second daughter could be expected to be named Elizabeth.

Expediency rules though. There could be reasons why parents abandon the pattern that we can only guess at.

Occupation Interests / Re: How to find out about Lois Lynham Clarke (Actress)
« on: Saturday 20 February 16 20:13 GMT (UK)  »
Many thanks for the spelling Sc00p - so much easier to look him up now ;D

Occupation Interests / Re: How to find out about Lois Lynham Clarke (Actress)
« on: Friday 19 February 16 17:24 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you so much for your help everyone. I'm researching this lady who is ancestor to my grandchild and have got quite caught up with her life. 

She was born in Hanslope BKM in 1870. She had been married and widowed, married again to Walter Lynham Clarke (and if my research is correct) he was aged about 27 to her age 32. Lois was widowed again when her husband died in York in 1909 when Lois was in her 40th year.

It seems surprising to me that she could continue her acting career but clearly she did her occupation being stated as actress in London in the C1911 although it looks as though she dropped a few years.As a kind person pointed out, she noted the name of her employer as J F Ellston  (? Spelling).

I've been trying to find more about him but so far haven#t found anything. I'm hampered a bit by not having a clue as to their stage names. :'(

Occupation Interests / How to find out about Lois Lynham Clarke (Actress)
« on: Wednesday 17 February 16 00:10 GMT (UK)  »
Lois Lynham Clarke's husband. Walter Anthony Lynham Clarke. was reputed to sing for George Edwardes the theatre manager who ran the Gaiety Theatre amongst others.

Lois married in 1905 and I think she and Walter toured around until Walter's death. probably in 1909, and the few records I have found state her occupation as 'actress'.

I'd love to find out more about her career and would be grateful to any who could point me in the right direction.

Australia / Blanch/Neale Family of Raymond Terrace New South Wales
« on: Saturday 12 December 15 16:04 GMT (UK)  »
I think I've traced my ancestry back to Elizabeth GOODCHILD of White Waltham in Berkshire. She had a sister, my ancestor, named Lucy.

Elizabeth married Thomas Neale and had a daughter, Lucy who married John Blanch and emigrated to Australia where they settled at Raymond Terrace, New South Wales.

I would be interested in locating a member of this family. who has descended through the maternal line and has had, or is willing to take a MTDna test, or any descendent of the family sho would like to investigate a connection :)

Here's hoping and a Merry Christmas to all!

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