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I was feeling a but cheeky and wrote again to the NSW State Library with exactly the same request I had a couple of years ago. I thought maybe they would look at the paper copy of the text I was after.

The response I had was a bit unexpected.  The lady responding by email said that she had looked and the microfilm they have shows the particular page intact!  I couldn't believe it.  I immediately ordered a copy only to be phoned next day to say that the page was not, in fact, intact!  When I recounted the content of the email the caller said he'd speak with the sender as he had seen the page himself that day and it was missing the piece. He called again and said that he had been to the store with the other staff member and they had found there were TWO copies of this paper on microfilm, and they were different.  The one that had been scanned more recently (and since my quest began) was intact.

So now I have the the Grenfell Record, 16/10/1886, page 1, and another piece of history has fallen into place.

Thanks folks for the help, ideas and encouragement you have given.

Thanks folks for these suggestions.

So far Fairfax (who own the Grenfell Record) have not responded to my enquiry.

I already have the two NLA/Trove references thanks JM.  The Cootamundra paper gave the Title and Author of the notes in question so was quite important for me.  WB Filby was my wife's great grandfather. He was quite prominent in Grenfell from 1868 (I've written a book chapter about the family during the near-century they lived in Grenfell). The Bathurst paper gave me an approximate return date for WB Filby from the Kimberley and confirmed some names.

Thanks, I hadn't thought of the council as a source.  We know the Historical Society/Museum folk quite well and they know I am after that paper, and why.  They were unaware of other material in town that could be useful.  I'll look at the State Archives and also see if there is anything I can turn up in other towns around.  I have pretty well given up on thinking there may be a copy of the issue of the Grenfell Record without the missing column.

Thanks again for the thoughts, time and effort in responding.


Thanks JM. You are correct. It is OCTOBER 16 1886, not November.
Don't know how I missed this. Thanks for your sharp eyes!

Thanks for the responses. The original posting on RootsChat was not, in the end, fruitful despite a generous effort on the part of a member here.

Wivenhoe, I have tried the local history room, but thanks for the suggestion. I've also tried the present owner of the newspaper. I've had great cooperation from the British Library, but so far to no avail.

The missing text I want because of the information it must contain. Some of it I have obtained/reconstructed by scouring scores of other reports, letters and some genealogies I have prepared but critical information is still missing from the narrative.  Of course I'd like the text for completeness as well.  I have a deadline approaching for submission of a book chapter.

Yes, you are correct.  This isn't a letter but a report by the (probable) leader of a party on his return to home base, Grenfell, after unsuccessfully seeking gold. It's a pity that his remaining family papers don't have any record of the journey in question.

Thanks again.

I raised a similar question elsewhere on RootsChat some time ago, and elsewhere, all to no avail. This is a last try.
I am doing some research for something I have been asked to write about a party of Grenfell, NSW, Australia inhabitants who in 1886 journeyed to Wyndham (WA) and then overland to Halls Creek area seeking gold. I have come against a problem using Trove, the excellent repository of so much Antipodean material. I have a problem with the image of a particular paper, the "Grenfell Record" dated 16/10/1886 (This paper is sometimes Catalogued as the Grenfell Record and Lachlan Advertiser.). Part of page 2, a letter, is missing in the Australian online source (see below). It seems that the only extant copy of this paper in Australia is the one from which the microfilm was taken! (In the image, it seems as though a piece (about 75 lines) was cut from it and about the top half of the first column is missing. It is clear from looking at the page 1 of microfilm of this edition that it was an item on page 1 that was removed prior to microfilming. See:
I have contacted the National Library of Australia who record and archive such items but they have no original paper. The State Library of New South Wales does have a copy of the paper but it appears to be the one from which the microfilm was produced! that is, the section I need is missing. It seems I have drawn a blank.
I have searched widely, looking for other papers that might have carried the letter in question, but to no avail.
Is anyone aware of possible locations of other collections of the Grenfell Record in Australia or elsewhere? Believe me when I say I have looked. I know the Grenfell Historical Museum well, and they are unable to help. I have drawn a blank so far.
Any further suggestions/ideas would be most welcome.
Thanks in advance. :D

Thanks JM,

Extensive searching doesn't show that any other paper printed this report in original or modified form either before or after the date. There is one brief letter criticising the report and that is how I know the author and title. There are numerous references to the party over several newspapers and several other reports of similar trips from Wyndham to or from the now Halls Creek area.  This letter was sent to the Grenfell paper for the benefit of Grenfell residents as it refers to quite a number of their community.

It is rather difficult to search for the article on the previous page (other side) as it was completely removed!  There appear to be 75 lines missing from the item of interest and presumably this gives some idea of the size of the clipped item too.

I'm looking for the content of the first 75 lines of the letter by WB Filby entitled "Grenfell to Kimberley" published in the Grenfell Record and Lachlan District Advertiser, 16/10/1886, p2. This would have included an introduction of some sort, a date of writing, possibly the location in which it was written (probably Grenfell, but possibly Sydney), the details of the journey from Grenfell to Sydney and from Sydney to a port (probably Wyndham, WA), perhaps details of the horses and donkeys, equipment and supplies involved and daily details and distances for the first several days travel from Wyndham toward the Elvire River. It may also have included details of O'Donnell's map followed.

Grenfell Library/Historical Society do not have the newspaper and they had not even been aware of the expedition of interest here.

I would be more than grateful to hear from anyone who has a copy of the page involved or of the previous page or any other related information.  I've face quite a number of brick walls in my family history research in the past, all of them further back than this and none that looked as ominous as this one does at present.

Thanks for your attention and interest - and with the hope of some positive response.


Well, folks,  thanks to each of you - especially to Craig who did some serious work on my behalf.

Unfortunately it seems there may not be a copy (original or otherwise) available of the missing part of the article of interest.  Microfilm at both NSW SL and NLA do not have it and the only copy of the newspaper in question is in the NSW SL and I'm told this was the source of the microfilm.  I have not be able to have this copy opened to check. I'm told it is too old to look at.

ANY other suggestions for an alternative location would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again folks,


Australia / Enquire re a newspaper reference. Adelaide 1851
« on: Monday 20 June 16 09:40 BST (UK)  »
I am not sure this enquiry belongs in Rootschat, but Ill try anyway. A direct ancestor of mine was John Argles Robinson. He came from the Westminster district of London to Adelaide with his young wife Sarah.  He drowned in the Yarra, Melbourne, on the way to the Victorian goldfields in December 1851 leaving Sarah and a baby in Adelaide. I believe I have just found him in Adelaide, and am wondering what information I might gain from the two following links to Adelaide newspapers.

Do these tell me that he owned land/a house in Angas St, Adelaide? What else do they tell me? What does acre 411 mean?

John Argles Robinson may be found in these two places:

Id appreciate any comment/suggestion about what this information might mean, please.

Thanks in advance


Thanks Craig,
I appreciate the offer.  I'm waiting on a response from a librarian at the moment but may need to take up your offer.
Regards from COLD Melbourne.

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