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Technical Help / Scotlands People - no image coming up!
« on: Monday 08 October 12 17:37 BST (UK)  »
I have been using Scotlands People for years with Internet Explorer with no problems, but recently switched to Firefox and now find that I pay 5 credits for an image which doesn't appear.

    To try to sort this problem, I went to "My Details," where I have Java Applet as the viewer and Image at Lowest.      As advised there, I ran the two tests, one for Active X and one for Java -- but no image for this test appeared, so neither of them are working.

    What can I do?      I have read that if I try Direct Download instead of Java Applet in Image Viewer, I may not be able to "manipulate" the picture when I open a certificate or census.

    ...A lot of the images need to be enlarged - would I be unable to do this?

    It also said that, after Direct Download, I may have to do some downloading of something else to get the manipulation of the images back to normal.      Is this true?


Technical Help / Create shortcut
« on: Thursday 13 September 12 08:28 BST (UK)  »
    After switching from an IE browser to Firefox, I now find that I can't just right click a page on any site and see the words: Create Shortcut.       So how do I create a shortcut when using the Firefox browser?   

Technical Help / Adobe Flash Player 11.3 doesn't install
« on: Monday 10 September 12 08:51 BST (UK)  »

     I recently installed Firefox as my main browser, but now get messages asking me to install Adobe Flash Player 11.3            So I click install, but  it simply doesn't download.         

      ...I have googled this problem and all I see is VERY complicated solutions being offered to solve the problem.      Some advice given was that Firefox isn't compatible with Adobe Flash.         Have I got to switch to another browser just to get Adobe Flash?


Technical Help / Choosing a Second Browser
« on: Thursday 06 September 12 13:01 BST (UK)  »
      I have Windows Vista and am using Internet Explorer 7, and it often refuses me entry to things.    I have tried I.E.8 and it was no better.
When I try to reach some sites, I get a message saying "We notice that you do not have a supported browser" ....   IE7 also keeps saying "Can't display page".

      I am not technically minded, but if I install a second free browser, how do I look up to make sure that I have it installed as the default browser?      (I am sure I read that there is a box somewhere that I have to tick to enable it to work.)

     I definitely don't want IE9, so that is out.     So which browser is most similar to IE7, so that the page isn't altered too much with an additional distracting toolbar and other unfamiliar features?      ...I have heard that Chrome have gone "too far" with the new features.       Would Safari of Firefox or one of the others be better?

     I am uneasy about adding a new browser in case its security system blocks me out of sites and makes things worse.

     Where is this box I l would look at to see if the second browser is actually installed and working?

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