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Scotland / Re: Inbound travel to Scotland - 1925 - 1935?
« on: Tuesday 23 January 18 22:19 GMT (UK)  »
    There is a Richard Gray, a Plater at 1135 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow on the 1935 Valuation Rolls.
These only go up to 1935, and they give very little information.

Scotland / Re: Inbound travel to Scotland - 1925 - 1935?
« on: Tuesday 23 January 18 21:10 GMT (UK)  »
      Richard Craddock Gray married Catherine Boon at Townhead, Glasgow in 1944.      This is on ScotlandsPeople site.

Scotland / Re: Robert Strang & Catherine McCan
« on: Sunday 21 January 18 09:39 GMT (UK)  »
                On Scotlands People, there is a marriage on 2 Mar 1792 of Robert Strang to Katherine McLean at Eastwood.   O.P.R. 562/30 298      I think there is a possibility they may be Janet's parents.

                I found three births from the marriage:

Andrew Strang, born 29 Jun 1807, Mearns to Robert Strang & Ketren McLean.  O.P.R. 571/10 82
James Strang, born 10 May 1812, Mearns to Robert Strang & Ketren McLean.    O.P.R. 571/10 100
James Strang, born 6 Sep 1813, Mearns to Robert Strang & Ketren McLean.      O.P.R. 571/10 105

       I didn't find a birth for Janet Strang.

       It seems likely that the first James died in infancy and so the next child was given the same name.    About Ketren... ???    I still think this could be your Catherine McCan, Janet's mother.
There are no other births in the time period 1792 to 1820 for any child named Strang at Mearns.
I wonder if you have more information about Janet's birth?     Have I overlooked it on Scotlands People or did you see the birth elsewhere?


Lanarkshire / Re: Glasgow searching - c. 1950s
« on: Tuesday 09 January 18 15:48 GMT (UK)  »
If you are searching for snippets of information post 1910, one avenue you could go down is to try a google: "Ancestry - Glasgow Electoral Registers".       These records often only give the head of the house and what address he or she was living at.       But they go up to the early 1960's, and sometimes they do tell you names of other people living at the same address.    You can then try to investigate whether the other people were sons, or daughters etc.     

      I am already a member of Ancestry, and I find the easiest way to reach the relevant search page  is to try the google.      Then, all you do is type in the name of the person you are searching for, plus a date.    However, if you are looking for a John Smith, this brings up countless possibilities, but if the name you are searching for is more uncommon than that, then you have a reasonable chance of seeing where they were living, and possibly even who was living with them, just by using these registers.      They sometimes also tell you what a person was working at.     

      ...The registers helped me find my grandfather between the years 1926 and 1940.

Lanarkshire / Re: Soho Street Glasgow 1870 help
« on: Monday 08 January 18 20:24 GMT (UK)  »
I had a great grandfather in Manchester who always described himself as Physician & Surgeon.     He actually rode on a horse to see his patients, and often delivered babies himself, some of these births being long drawn out and difficult.     Perhaps this last part would be why he also called himself a surgeon.   

Angus (Forfarshire) / Re: Looking for descendants
« on: Thursday 04 January 18 14:09 GMT (UK)  »
  There was a Richard S Souter who married a Helen Henderson Blyth in 1925 at Balmerino.      This would be the Richard Forsyth who was born in 1896.     Balmerino is at Newport on Tay, Fifeshire.

   Now there is a Richard Souter Forsyth, who died aged 80 at Dundee in 1976, and his mother's name was Lawson, so this must be the Richard Forsyth who was born about 1873.    In other words, he would be the father of the above Richard, born 1896.

   Helen Henderson Forsyth died aged 81 in 1978 at Dundee, so it looks like Richard Souter Forsyth & Helen Henderson Blyth possibly lived all their lives in Dundee.      I should imagine there may be children dating from the time they were married in 1925.

    ...Also, I think that Richard S Forsyth and Mary may have had a child named Jessie in 1903 at Dundee.      I can tell this by going to the 1911 census, typing in Forsyth, and looking to see who has the same census number as Richard S Forsyth.       They had Mary, Richard & Ellen on the 1901 census, so Jessie was aged 8 on the 1911, unless I am mistaken

     P.S.    There was a Forsyth child born in 1927 at St Clement, Dundee who had the middle name Lawson,
and I think this may be Richard & Helen's child.      (Don't know if I am permitted to give the full name as it is less than 100 years since the child was born)

Lanarkshire / Re: Can't find death for George McMillan born 1828
« on: Wednesday 03 January 18 22:52 GMT (UK)  »
On Scotlands People, under Wills, there is an Inventory for a George McMillan, dated 4 Oct 1873 for Newlands, parish of Kilmaurs,  Ayrshire.          It costs 10 credits to open the record and it might not be him!

   Perhaps you could try the 1871 census on Ancestry to see if a George McMillan was living there in 1871.     

Technical Help / Re: Problem with Firefox 54 and Trusteer Rapport
« on: Saturday 25 November 17 15:02 GMT (UK)  »
Having trouble with Trusteer Rapport again.    I have been on Chrome for a while with no problems until today.      When I look up the console it says it is working but there is no green icon at the top right of any of the site pages.       Help.

           Norman died 16 Oct 1942 at 12 Colinslie Road, Glasgow.    He was aged 60, a Police Constable, Retired, married to Mary Jane Stewart.      His father was Angus Campbell, Crofter and Flora Campbell, both deceased.     He had been confined to bed 4 years with Spinal Cord disease.          The informant was his son, who was also named Norman Campbell.   

           P.S.    James Stott Campbell was born in 1919 at Eastwood, and married Betty Dobson in 1945 at Pollock.   

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