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Technical Help / Re: PDF Document
« on: Tuesday 23 March 10 11:18 GMT (UK)  »
If you have Microsoft Office installed then whilst viewing the pdf file in Adobe, click print and at the top of the print dialogue box you will see the printer name box.
Instead of selecting your installed printer select Microsoft Office Document Image Writer. You can then select the page or pages as you would normally do when printing.
If you want to save just the page that you are viewing then you would select current page or current view in Print Range.
When you click OK you will be asked where to save the image and it will be saved as a mdi file.
The mdi file can only be opened by Microsoft Office Document Imaging but once opened it will let you save the file as a tif file which can then be opened and edited in most image software such as Paint.

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Re: Kirkheaton OPC
« on: Sunday 21 March 10 10:49 GMT (UK)  »

I had some notes given which say the following about William Starkey:

Born 17 Jul 1709

Baptism 4 Sep 1809 at Highfield Independent.
This seems to be the birth and baptism of Josiah Starkey though!

Died 25 Jun 1880 at Tulliallan, Kincardine, Scotland

I think that William was born about 1806 and probably baptised at Highfield.

Do you know anything about the William Starkey who married Barbara Buckley?
Could he belong to this family:

   1     William Starkey   b: 26 Sep 1776 in Huddersfield      d: 05 Mar 1843 in Huddersfield
.      +Martha Royston   b: 1777   m: 19 Jun 1796 in Halifax   d: 24 Mar 1821 in Huddersfield
..   2     Starkey   b: 10 Aug 1798 in Huddersfield      
..   2     Eliza Starkey   b: 29 Jul 1800 in Huddersfield      d: 13 Aug 1833 in Louisville, USA
..   2     Mary Starkey   b: 09 Jul 1803 in Huddersfield      d: 29 Jul 1820 in Huddersfield
..   2     Josiah Starkey   b: 04 Sep 1809 in Huddersfield      
..   2     Sarah Starkey   b: 23 Jul 1811 in Huddersfield      
..   2     Charles Edwin Starkey   b: 22 Nov 1813 in Huddersfield      
..   2     Caroline Starkey   b: 28 May 1818 in Huddersfield      d: 19 Jul 1831 in Huddersfield

If so I can trace his ancestry way back.

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