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US Lookup Requests / James Coventry STENHOUSE
« on: Tuesday 22 March 11 23:13 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all

Can anyone help me with one of my more elusive ancestors - James Coventry Stenhouse?
James was born on 24th March 1883 in Burntisland, Fife, Scotland.
His parents (my GG Grandparents) were David Stenhouse (1841-1888) and Elizabeth Coventry (1845-1910).

James appears on the 1891 Census for Birkenhead, England at age 7, but unlike his many brothers and sisters, doesn't appear on any 1901 English Census. He seems to vanish.

I found a reference on to 'Jas C Stenhouse' in the 1910 US Census as a resident of Brooklyn Ward 22, Kings, New York and shows his immigration year as 1898.
His birthplace, and that of his parents, is confirmed as Scotland (which Im sure will apply to thousands!)
His wife is Margaret (no maiden name), and she was born in New York to Canadian parents in about 1882.
His children are listed as James M (born c1902), Devena E (born c1905) and Margaret M (born c1907).

What makes me think it might be him is that he had two older sisters (maybe his favourites) called Davina and Margaret McBeath.

Its a bit of a long shot but.if you are a descendant of James Coventry Stenhouse, and the above information appears to stack up, then Id love to hear from you!


Fife / Stenhouse burials in Aberdour, Fife
« on: Monday 08 November 10 20:33 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all
Can anyone point me in the right direction?
I'm looking for burial records for both Aberdour Cemetery and St Fillans Church in order to track down the graves of the following people:

David Stenhouse died 6th April 1888 aged 79
William Coventry Stenhouse died 4th June 1888 aged 3 months
Andrew Stenhouse died 4th December 1891 aged 77
Elizabeth Ross Stenhouse died 11th April 1895 aged 79
Andrew Stenhouse died 15th February 1913 aged 60

All were residents of Aberdour.

I've spoken to the Burials Superintendent (Dunfermline), Fife Council and New Register House (Edinburgh) who were all sympathetic, but unfortunately couldn't help.
It would appear that the Burials Superintendent's records only start in 1930.

Any help would be most appreciated.

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