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Australia / Waverley Cemetery inscription
« on: Saturday 28 September 13 11:02 BST (UK)  »
Could any kind person tell me if any of the following  were buried and might have a headstone in Waverley:   Elizabeth Conlon buried in 1878.    Mary Dickinson buried in 1882.   Julia Ellen Dickinson (nee Conlon) who died in 1928.   Thank you  :)

Buckinghamshire Lookup Requests / Re: Buckinghamshire and Pedder surname
« on: Tuesday 23 July 13 21:46 BST (UK)  »
 Greatly appreciate the information miriamkinga.  Most illuminating.  Granny did well, raising 2 generations.   Thank you, jalrose

Buckinghamshire Lookup Requests / Buckinghamshire and Pedder surname
« on: Tuesday 23 July 13 11:43 BST (UK)  »
In 1851 census Maria Pedder is shown as living with her grandmother, Sarah Pedder, head, widow, aged 71 at 44 High Street Parish of Great Missenden (aged 18).  Her parents may have been William and Mary Ann but I have no proof.  Can anyone able to shed more light on Maria's ancestors please.  Thankyou Jalrose

Bedfordshire Completed Look ups / Re: William Garrett of Luton
« on: Saturday 29 December 12 21:00 GMT (UK)  »
Good morning everyone.  The hat bloc.. explanation was excellent.  Maybe he continued that in Aust.  His brother was a straw bonnett maker accord ships list. I had found Williams birth on freebdm, but not William&Mary's 37 marriage (silly me only checked to 1839).  Have found parents George & Eliz Garrett's death in Luton on freebdm also.  So one happy researcher.  Many thanks to all for the input. :)

Bedfordshire Completed Look ups / William Garrett of Luton
« on: Saturday 29 December 12 09:27 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone know anything of William Garrett in UK. He (aged 35), wife Mary (37) and son William (infant) arrived in Aust aboard Mary Bannatyne in July 1849.  Passenger list says they are from Luton. Another daughter (Matilda) born in Aust c.1852.   Seems strange to start a family so late in life.  Also his occupation says bonnet blocker/labourer.   What is a bonnet blocker?

Australia / Re: bdm in Tasmania
« on: Sunday 08 July 12 03:33 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Neil & Floozy.  According to the online convict record for Henry Bampkin, he sailed on Duchess of Northumberland arriving 18/1/1843 in VDL, Convict No. 8641, and the page has written in different handwritings that he obtained a ticket of leave in 1846 & Cert of F in March 1847.  So I puzzled why he would travel citing a Conditional Pardon (may be he reoffended?) and go to Melbourne in 1852 aboard Shamrock.   However this is the first lead I have had for his after-convict life, so am grateful.
Notice Sparrett has also responded with death in UK - interesting.  Thanks

Australia / bdm in Tasmania
« on: Sunday 08 July 12 02:27 BST (UK)  »
Cannot see online access to BDMs (as in NSW).   Am interested to find out what happened to a convict, Henry Bamford, who arrived in 1843.   He received a cert of freedom in 1847, but I don't know whether he married or when he died.  Can anyone give me some advice.  Thanks, Linda

Sorry, typed wrong surname - should be Henry Bampkin.

Buckinghamshire Lookup Requests / Re: Bardens of Little Brickhill, Buckinghamshire
« on: Wednesday 16 May 12 03:14 BST (UK)  »
I am not sure your William & Edith's marriage cert or his death would reveal much to help you.  SAGHS in Adelaide will provide you with all the details off those certs far cheaper than buying the actual bdms - depends whether you want real certs for your file.   I kept obtaining proof if I could, rather than relying on other people, as a lot of people "assume".  Maybe Gawler Hist can tell you more about the other William & Mary who owned land in Gawler.  I have a vague idea he might have been an animal dr, but it was a long time ago when I was checking so I could be wong.    Happy hunting

Buckinghamshire Lookup Requests / Re: Bardens of Little Brickhill, Buckinghamshire
« on: Wednesday 16 May 12 01:07 BST (UK)  »
Pam, in google type in "William Wade" + Gawler.  When I do that the first item which comes up is Ancestry message board.   In that in 2008 a Paul Wade of UK was seeking information about his William Wade. He says "My great grandfather came from gawler, south australia and moved to North east of Englandby 1891 census i know his parents names as i have his Birth Cert i would like to know when they came to aust & where from, details below:William Wade born on 11th Sept 1869 Gawler South his fathers name was also William Wade he is down on his son Birth cert as the Late William Wade formerly Railway Porter,his mothers name is Mary Barden."   I tried to contact Paul unsuccessfully.  Read all the notes on that message board - you will note they say there were 3 William Wades.  Also I contacted Gawler Hist Soc - some people attached to that were recording land ownerships of that era & they sent me details of the other Wades land.  So you could do that.   William of railway accident left a "destitue" wife according to one newspaper report I have, if they had land, that would not have been the case.   I am sorry to disagree with you, but happy to assist.   

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