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Canada / Re: MATHER Family, Ottawa, Winnipeg & Kenora
« on: Wednesday 23 March 11 01:42 GMT (UK)  »
Possible marriage for Robert A. Mather and Maud Cameron on 24 April 1878 in Eau Claire Wisconsin!!  Have a look at the familysearch site.    This may be totally off base, but his parents are John and Jane Mather.  Hers are A. Cameron and Margaret ?

RK ??? ???

Lots of your Mather relatives are on this site. 

Canada / Re: MATHER Family, Ottawa, Winnipeg & Kenora
« on: Wednesday 23 March 11 01:24 GMT (UK)  »

Marriage of David Low Mather and Catherine Allan on 12 April 1882 in Oshawa.   He is 27, from Keewatin and born in Montrose Scotland.  Lumberman.  Parents John Mather and Jane Lowe.   She is 23, born in Elora and living in Oshawa.  Parents William Allen and Agnes Lowe


Canada Lookup Request / Re: Frederick Webb
« on: Tuesday 22 March 11 16:42 GMT (UK)  »

Welcome to Rootschat!

This is quite interesting - it looks as if the Railway Educational Association was started in the early 1900s.  It was a correspondence school to train people to work on the railways.  It was based out of New York City.  It looks as if its founder was arrested in 1911 for mail fraud in connection with the school.  I assume he wasn't found guilty because he was obviously still operating in 1929.   

Here are some hits from the Google news search - the first one from the New York Times explains the arrest of the founder.   You should be able to view the full article for free.

Here is an ad in Popular Mechanics 1929 for the REA:

Here is another ad in Machinists Monthly 1902:
In case this link doesn't go straight there - it is image 71 and page 398

Perhaps a railway expert can jump in and tell you more.  If this was a correspondence course, then I suppose your Frederick could have done it from anywhere.

RK :) 

Canada / Re: Alexander and Jane/Jean Sutherland
« on: Tuesday 22 March 11 02:20 GMT (UK)  »
The ship manifests have been microfilmed by the Library and Archives Canada.   They are searchable and viewable online for free.   I will go through the steps in case anyone else needs to look for passenger lists from this era.  

Here is the link to the search screen for passenger lists 1925-1935

For example, here is the search result for Jean in 1933:

The microfilm numbers are on the bottom of these records.  You can also get them from here:

Your 1927 record is at T- 14808
Your 1933 record is at T- 14832

Then you can go to this page and find the actual microfilms online.   Once you access the film, you have to flip through the manifests page by page.   It is rather time consuming - but it is FREE :) :) 

Actual image of Alexander in 1927

Actual image of Alexander in 1933


An Ancestry search is faster and has the same images.  My local library has the Ancestry Library Edition - which is free, as long as you have a library card and use a library computer.   Many local libraries have access to this database.    

RK :)

Canada / Re: 1905 Arrivals from Germany
« on: Monday 21 March 11 17:34 GMT (UK)  »

I posted the above entry just as the notice of the duplicate post went up.  Sorry to hear this isn't the right family.   


Canada / Re: 1905 Arrivals from Germany
« on: Monday 21 March 11 17:32 GMT (UK)  »

Here is one that is close:
Arriving 19 June 1905, from Antwerp Belgium to Montreal.  Ship is called the Montreal:
Franz, 39
Appolonia 42
Kids Oscar 11, Joseph 9, Emilie 7.
Everyone born in Germany.  He is a farmer and they are going to Saskatoon.

Library and Archives Canada reel T-484.  Page 7 of the manifest.


Perthshire / Re: Donald C. Christie, Killin area, b. 1830
« on: Monday 21 March 11 02:37 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Val,

Me too!!  I have been working from the Alexander G. Christie family tree sheets that were circulated through the family in Canada (and likely the US) sometime in the 60s.  My grandmother and I have been working on our tree for many years - concentrating on the North American branches.   She remembers many of the older members of the family.  Pre 1831 (many of the Christie's arrival in Canada), it is still a mystery. 

Donald Campbell Christie (1830-1904) is my gg grandfather.   His father was Donald (1796-1844) and his grandfather was Donald - married to Jean McIntyre.  I am sorry, but I don't know his great grandfather.  That is something I would like to find out.  Cambron searched SP and didn't find any of our Christies.  I located the Mitchell MI book Cambron mentioned and didn't find any of our Christie's either.  I am wondering what might be in the Kirk sessions records that Cambron said would be available in 2011.

A cousin went to Scotland a couple of years ago and had a very hard time reading tombstones.  She did her best to transcribe a few.  If you have photos you would like to share, that would be great!

If you don't mind me asking, how do you descend from the Killin Christies?   I would love to share information :).  If you need any photos of the Breadalbane /Sunderland/Greenbank/Port Perry cemeteries, please let me know.  I am planning a Christie road trip some time this summer.  

Canada / Re: Alexander and Jane/Jean Sutherland
« on: Sunday 20 March 11 23:10 GMT (UK)  »

Thanks for telling us about the wife's name!  I couldn't find a Camilla anywhere.  There are several possibilities for Alexander, but I am leaning towards this one - given what your last post says. 

I see an Alexander Sutherland on the Letitia, arriving in Halifax from Glasgow on 20 March 1927.  He had been in Canada from April 1911 to Nov 26, 1926.  He is single.  He is going to his brother, Hugh in Borden, Saskatchewan.  His father is John Sutherland of Mid Clyth, Caithness.

Then, he arrives back in Canada from another trip - on the Cameronia from Glasgow to Halifax on 2 April 1933.  He is married this time (his wife doesn't seem to be with him on the image I am looking at - but the above posting says she IS on the ship).  He is the Alexander from mid Clyth and is going to Borden Sask.  It says he left in 1932. 

Does this sound like your Alexander?  If not, there are many other possibilities!  Let me know. 


Canada / Re: Alexander and Camilla Sutherland
« on: Sunday 20 March 11 17:57 GMT (UK)  »

There are quite a few Alexander Sutherlands arriving in Canada around 1911/12/13.  Do you have any idea when he was born? This could help narrow things down a bit.


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