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Kent Lookup Requests / Re: Birth info for Woods 1866 -Deptford
« on: Saturday 25 November 17 11:07 GMT (UK)  »
Yes I agree that him giving his fathers name as Charles may not be reliable. He hasn't been honest on census returns stating Mary Ann was his wife on both 1901 and 1911, he even says they have been married for 18yrs.
I too now wonder if her first husband dies around 1933 hence the marriage.
Thank you for the possible 1871 census entry, i will keep that on file and see what the birth cert turn up.
Thank you for your assistance,


Kent Lookup Requests / Re: Birth info for Woods 1866 -Deptford
« on: Saturday 25 November 17 09:31 GMT (UK)  »

I was just looking at that birthm Yes it certainly fits though no mothers maiden name.

I usually assume that if the mother is unmarried it might give no maiden name or sometimes the given name and maiden name are the same. But as he gives his father as Charles it would look like Wood/s is his fathers name. I will send for this certificate and see.

Still no luch finding him on 1871/1881/1891 cebsus.

Thanks you for your support!


Kent Lookup Requests / Re: Birth info for Woods 1866 -Deptford
« on: Saturday 25 November 17 08:20 GMT (UK)  »
I now have the marriage certificate for him,

His fathers name is Charles deceased at time of marriage (1933)
His name on this is given as Arthur William WOOD despite being Woods on everything else including all his childrens birth certs.
His age is 64 on 17th July 1933


Yes, that's them

I am 100% confident that all this is the family of Margarets.
What has made me 100%sure is that in 1881 Elizabeth' and Isaacs Robins on live next door to my Margaret with her husband Georges Calvert
I am so pleased to have found her mum and her grandparents and mums siblings.
Thanks for your help everyone, I would never have revised this if someone hadn't awakened this thread.

Yes you are right, he is a farmer on all but this one!

This puzzle is quickly being solved.


Thank you so much!

Bit of an issue with her father James being a comber though, as he is a farmer on all census, but his address on the census is the same as where Elizabeth lived on margarets birth cert in 1843.


I have struck gold!

James and Hannah Atkinson not only live at Foreside but they have a grandson with them in 1861 called David ROBINSON!!

I am now cinvinced I have cracked it.


I now have more weight to add to this as I have found a James Atkinson living at Foreside in 1851, Thornton which is where Elizabeth was living when she had margaret in 1843.

He is married to Hannah.
Other children are -


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