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I am hoping for some pointers in tracking an distant relative of mine, Daniel Wright, and his wife Jane, who emigrated to Australia in 1920. He would have been my great great uncle and is the only one of a group of siblings that I haven't been able to trace.

Some background on them both, first of all...

Daniel Wright, b1881 in Grangemouth, Stirlingshire, Scotland to parents Samuel Wright and Jane Mathers. He married Jane Taylor McFadzen (sometimes transcribed as McFadyen) on 23 July 1909 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland and they lived in Grangemouth where it seems he owned some property. Jane (also known as Jean) was born in 1885 in Dundee to parents John McFadzen and Ann Bruce.

Daniel and Jean Taylor Wright are listed on the passenger manifest (accessed via Ancestry) for the P&O ship Berrima leaving London on 24 March 1920 heading to Australia with Australia listed as "country of intended future permanent residence". Daniel's occupation is listed as Stevedore. I think they may have landed in Melbourne. Interestingly, I couldn't find them via the NAA RecordSearch look-up however.

This is the last record I can find of them and I'm curious to know what happened next! Any tips on how to research this. I have tried every trick I know on Ancestry to search for them, but no luck.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance.



I'm hoping someone may be able to help with where/when in USA some of my ancestors were born (and died!).

Robert Short, my great-grandfather, according to all records (marriage, death etc) was born in USA in 1871. That is all I have!

His father John Short (1839-1908) and mother Euphemia (née Blyth 1840-?1875) emigrated from Scotland in 1870 along with their children Euphemia (1866-?) and James (1867-?). Robert (my g.grandfather) and his brother John (1874-1941) were born in US. John Short had worked as a miner in Scotland, so my theory is that they emigrated to become part of the growing mining industry in the US.

By 1875, the family was back in Scotland - John Short had married a widow, Helen Harrower (widow of William Sneddon 1838-?1875), that year in Dunipace, Scotland. Interestingly, she has a son from her first marriage also born in the US - William James Sneddon, born approx 1873.

I have found a record of a William Sneddon, with a father William Sneddon and mother Ellen Sneddon, with a baptism 19 Sep 1872, Fall Brook, Tioga, Pennsylvania - First Presbyterian Church. This was a mining community, so could be a link, but I'm not sure - could be a red herring. William J Sneddon is in the scottish census records until 1901. I believe he may then have returned to the US, marrying Annie B Beren (1869-1933) in Chicago in 1933.

I have this grand theory that the Sneddon family and the Short family must have somehow met in the US (or the voyage home at least) and the families combined following the presumed deaths of Euphemia (Blyth) Short and William Sneddon.

I have not found any records to show what happened to Euphemia (Blyth) Short (I assume she died before 1875 in US - possibly in childbirth in 1874???) - or William Sneddon Snr.
I have not found any records of my g.grandfather's birth - or his brother. Were the births necessarily formally recorded in immigrant communities?

Any ideas or suggestions of how to search for this?

many thanks


Gloucestershire / Charlotte BENNETT, Bristol - help tracing ancestors
« on: Sunday 31 May 15 14:14 BST (UK)  »
I am looking to find out more about Charlotte Bennett. She was my Great-g-g-g grandmother and is one of my direct maternal ancestors - I am considering doing a mitochondrial DNA test which should link directly to her and to her female forebears. However, I can't seem to get further back than her baptismal record that names her parents.

Charlotte Bennett: baptised at Temple Church, Bristol 01 Aug 1813. Father: Isaac Bennet; Mother: Elizabeth. She later married George Isaacs in Bedminster on 10 Nov 1831 and they had 15 children(!).

I have traced the christening records of potential siblings by searching using Isaac and Elizabeth as parents (William, baptised 15 Jan 1804; another Charlotte baptised 24 Dec 1809 that I assume died in infancy for the name to be reused; George, baptised 13 Oct 1811) - all baptised at Temple Church.

However, I can't find any further mention of her parents in census records or elsewhere. I have read that Temple Church was severely damaged in the WWII bombings, so I assume a lot of the records have been destroyed, which may a reason.

Can anyone suggest any avenues to try? I'm particularly interested in tracing her mother's side.

many thanks


Kincardineshire / James HENDERSON of Johnshaven - first wife?
« on: Wednesday 20 May 15 18:25 BST (UK)  »
In researching my great great great grandfather, James Henderson (b 08-05-1817 Johnshaven, d 1902 Grangemouth), I have come across the record  (on ScotlandsPeople) of his marriage to Isabella Todd Wood (b 1838 Stonehaven, d 1919 Grangemouth). They married on 22 June 1858. On the record, it is noted that he was a widower, but I can't find any record of his first wife.

I've tried the usual places (Ancestry, Findmypast etc) and my best guess is that it may be Agnes Coutts who married a James Henderson on 16 Oct 1836 in Feteresso - but this is just a guess, as I can't be sure that it's the right James Henderson.

For him to be a widower, there would have to be a record of her death somewhere, but no luck there either.

Any suggestions?

many thanks


Kincardineshire / Robert Henderson, Johnshaven - parish records help
« on: Thursday 24 October 13 13:52 BST (UK)  »

I'm trying to trace one of my ancestors, Robert Henderson.

I know that he married Janet Simson on 12 Aug 1812 in Johnshaven. They had a son, James, in May 1817 in Johnshaven. Robert's occupation is listed as a sailor in 1817.

I have not been able to find any further records for Robert or Janet in the Old Parish Records on - can anyone help trace their births, or is this my brick wall!? I haven't been able to trace their deaths either (although I know they were both deceased by the time of James' marriage to Isabella Wood in 1858). Is there anywhere else I should try looking?

There is also a Robert Henderson who paid duty on his horse in Johnshaven on 22 Jul 1797, but I'm not sure if it is the same one.

many thanks


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