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According to NSW BDM index her parents were John and Margaret.

Death notice here (doesn't give age, only children's names )

Will keep looking to find out more ...

Australia / Re: Alfred Herbert Ltd. Coventry
« on: Today at 05:43 »
Hello NicciB, welcome to rootschat.

dieve3 hasn't been active on rootschat since July 2016, hopefully they will receive a notification of your post if they still have the same email address - I'm sure you would have lots of interesting info to share!

I can't see any reports in British Library Newspapers of bigamy involving Ada BROOKS around 1933-1935.

There is the possibility that it was a story told to help save her reputation. My understanding is that the marriage would still be registered (as the bigamy would have been discovered after).

There are a number of Ada BROOKS possibilities for marriages on FreeBDM, perhaps you could check these against the 1939 register to eliminate them?

Did Leonard marry? Who did he name as father on his marriage certificate?

England / Re: Dixon Meadows, Captain in the naval service of the East India Company
« on: Thursday 19 April 18 23:08 BST (UK)  »
Here's the death notice for Dixon's wife
The Times, July 30, 1866, Issue 25563, p.1

I can't find a death notice for Dixon.

There's also a fascinating court case involving the family, - a fortune hunter marrying the daughter, but being disinherited, then threatening the father with blackmail - sounds like something out of a Jane Austen novel  ;D The article is too big to post here, if you'd like send me a pm and I'll email it to you. In the article it mentions Dixon died in August 1833, resided at Ilsley, Hants and had two children.

Here is also a death notice for the daughter
Morning Post, Saturday, September 28, 1889, Issue 36594, p.1

Well done matthew, I was looking on the Vic BDM earlier for variations of "Pente", but didn't think to look for Mary McCool.

Interesting item here in the news, probably about Sebastian:

They had at least 7 children, he died in 1890, Mary in 1911.

Hampshire & Isle of Wight / Re: Daniel Ridgley
« on: Wednesday 18 April 18 23:56 BST (UK)  »
My apologies, I mis read the entry - I thought it was unusual to put the wife's name on a burial entry!

However, looking further, I found a burial for Daniel (son of John and Jane) on 28 Dec 1806 at Binstead (the same day of the baptism?) on familysearch. So not sure now ...  :-\

England / Re: Dixon Meadows, Captain in the naval service of the East India Company
« on: Wednesday 18 April 18 23:49 BST (UK)  »
Glad the info helped.  :) I did a quick newspaper search yesterday too, and found a death notice for Dixon's wife - do you have that?

Actually, I've just noticed that the original book you mentioned is in the catalogue of the University my son is attending. He's on a Semester break at the moment, but perhaps when he goes back he may be able to find it and copy any relevant information for you. Won't be for a couple of weeks.

England / Re: Dixon Meadows, Captain in the naval service of the East India Company
« on: Wednesday 18 April 18 05:43 BST (UK)  »
Can't find that book in particular, but there is this "Register of Ships Employed in the Service of the Honourable East India Company from 1760 to 1819" which has Dixon MEADOWS sworn in a sCaptain 29 Mar 1797 and Captain of the Earl of Wycombe 1797, and Baring 1801-1804. If you put his name as a search you can see a little other info.

there is also this info about the Baring which mentions Dixon

Census Lookup and Resource Requests / Re: Look up Census Request
« on: Wednesday 18 April 18 05:29 BST (UK)  »
Possibly James LORAN's death reg Mar qtr 1896 at Liverpool (8b/108) aged 40.

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