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Antrim / Re: family of Edward Kirkwood from Belfast married Mary Lyle
« on: Thursday 13 December 12 20:02 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Mary
Found the following snippet from a newspaper dated July 1893, could this be your Eliza Kirkwood, as this would give you an earlier address.
"Mortimer Jones was charged with fraud for having obtained money from Robert Chestnut, of 13 Chambers
Street, by claiming his niece was dead. He also told this story to Eliza Kirkwood of 54 Percy Street, who gave him 1. He was returned for trial at the Assizes."
Hope it helps.

Down / Re: Millikens of Ravara
« on: Wednesday 10 August 11 22:32 BST (UK)  »
Hi again Millikkan
Found lots of old notes and will send you an e-mail with directions to the old house.
I refer you back to my message of 21 Feb 06 for a summary of what happened to the family around Saintfield. You might also check out the family grave at the 2nd Presbyterian Church in Saintfield with the gravestone dedicated to his parents by William James.  It is easy to find, just enter the front gate of the church and turn to your right and the Milliken grave is the large railed enclosure that occupies the corner.
Since that time I have made contact with two guys who are related to this family and I shall try to contact them. William James had an older brother called Thomas Shephard Milliken, he left the farm and established himself first in Holywood and then in Belfast where he became Manager of the Irish Times. He eventually died in 1903. It is two of his great grandsons that I know.
Speak to you soon.

Down / Re: Millikens of Ravara
« on: Monday 08 August 11 23:25 BST (UK)  »
Hi Milikkan
Please bear with me and I shall get the story for you. Yes, I found the homestead and the final residence of the family near Saintfield. Unfortunately all the information is on another pc which I have to get working again. I have pictures and a bit more information for you.
Will speak to you soon.

Down / Re: Millikens of Ravara
« on: Thursday 04 August 11 12:42 BST (UK)  »
Hi Milikkan and Aghadowey
As it happens I have been rather distracted by current family affiars ::)  recently and haven't had much time to look at Milliken researching but am back from holiday and hopefully will get back to it.   In the interim my laptop has died which had many of my notes on it, hopefully I have them backed up properly.
Will be back in touch soon when I get myself together.

Down / Re: Donaghadee lookups?
« on: Wednesday 07 January 09 13:26 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Rob

According the the "Belfast Timelines" there is the following newspaper story.

"June 1865.  Six men drowned in a yacht accident on Belfast Lough near Greypoint.  The names of the deceased were: Mr Andrew Gilmore, Pakenham Place and his son, a boy under 14 years of age; Mr Richard Allen, Canning Street, assistant engineer to the Harbour Commissioners; Mr Mathers, block and pump maker, Pilot Street; Mr Graham, foreman in Mr Mathers establishment; and a boatman named Hawkins. Only the bodies of Mr Mathers and Mr Gilmore were found."

No further details but this story might be worth investigating as there are several seemingly important people involved.


As it happens, in the Register of Shankill Parish Belfast (1745-61) there are several Hawkins recorded which might be worth keeping on file.

29 May 1746 Ann Mitchell baptised, son of William (of Mill St) and Grace nee Hawkins.
25 Dec 1748 James Mitchell baptised, son of William and Grace nee Hawkins.
22 Dec 1750 Jon Mitchell baptised, son of William and Grace nee Hawkins.
13 Jan 1750 Abel Hawkis baptised, son of Barnaby Hawkis and Jane nee McClannon.

Down / Donaghadee lookups?
« on: Wednesday 07 January 09 12:59 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Rob

Any chance of connections to Belfast? After all it is not so far away from Donaghadee!

In the Cliften Street Cemetery Register there are a number of Hawkins burials recorded.

5 Feb 1849 Mary Anne Hawkins (aged 2) of measles. She was the child of William Hawkins of Lagan Street. Born in Belfast.

That would make William 1st 37/8 when the child was born or William 2nd would have been 16? when the child was born. It is interesting to speculate that the child may have been named after William's wife.

14 Sept 1854 John Hawkins (aged 18 months) of measles. He was the child of William Hawkins of 22 Grace Street. Born in Belfast

27 Dec 1860 Unbaptised child of William Hawkins, it was a premature birth. William was living at 22 Great Edward Street. Born in Belfast.

These three children were all buried in the same grave at Platform D Grave Number 46.


2 Sept 1849 George Hawkens (aged 41) of decline. Described as a pensioner of 20 Shankhill Road.

Could this be a brother of William?


Down / Re: Land and Their Owners in County Down
« on: Thursday 04 December 08 14:06 GMT (UK)  »
Hi NewGent

You might want to check out the "Belfast Timelines" at which are a collection of newspaper stories from those days. 

"Nov 1842 Thomas McMaster, Samuel Boyle and James Nicholl were charged with wilfully and maliciously conspiring to set fire to houses in Stephen Street and McMasters Court with intent to defraud the County Fire Insurance Company.  They were sent to the Spring Assizes."

"Jan 1859 A woman named McMaster (Agnes) was charged by her husband for the eighth time with being drunk and using abusive and onscene language.  She was sent to prison for two months."

"Dec 1867 A woman names Sarah McMaster met her death by a cart driven by a man named McCann....."

"July 1868 An inquest was held.....of a 50 year old woman named Margaret McMaster who allegedly died form the effects of the violence of her husband".

It is worth a look.


Down / Re: Waugh/Brown; Shankill c. 1830s
« on: Tuesday 25 November 08 13:31 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Brian

Check out the "Belfast Timelines" at you will find many Waughs in these extracts from local newspapers.

"Dec 1843 Thomas Waugh, aged 19, in the employment of Messers J Boyd and Company, flaxspinning Mill, cashed a cheque for 300 an the Bank of Ireland and later withdrew 500 from the Belfast Bank.  He then left Belfast on the Fleetwood boat."

"May 1848 A fire broke out in North Queen Street at the bakehouse of Mr Waugh adjoining the Constabulary Barracks....."

"Nov 1853 The range of houses in Victoria Street, known as Victoria Buildings only a few years erected, was consumed by fire.  One of the houses, owned by Mr Joseph Waugh Grocer, was completely gutted."

There are others over the years.

Hope this helps


Antrim / Re: help please.......
« on: Wednesday 19 November 08 12:23 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Helina

What are the names of those earliest known Coole's.

In the Register of the Parish of Shankill 1745-61 there are three Cooly's which might be worth looking into (page 102).

Baptism - 20th December 1750 Thomas Cooly son of William Cooly and Flora Cooly (otherwise MacClean).

and perhaps

Baptism - 11th June 1746 Mary Greer, daughter of Alexander Greer and Eleanor Greer alias Cooey.

It would be interesting to see if any of those names appear in your next generation in Bristol.


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