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Glamorganshire Lookup Requests / Susan Douse death look up please
« on: Wednesday 13 December 06 18:20 GMT (UK)  »
Hello,  I am trying to find a death date of an ancestor of mine I think in Glamorgan,  In the 1901 census she and her family were living in 74 Cardiff road, Newtown.  Her name was Susan Douse, her husband James died in 1907 Mountain Ash.  I have looked at Freebmd and but have failed to find her also I tried to look for her  in marriages just in case she married again but again I have failed.   She's originally from Redruth, Cornwall born 1853 but I don't think she moved back there but you never know.  I will be greatful for any help given to help  find my ancestor.  Thank you ever so much.

Hello and a Merry Christmas to everyone.

Can someone do me a big favor please,  I'm just going over a few things and I have come up across something that don't make sence.   I have a birth certifcate for a Susan Warren born 22 Jan 1853 Redruth, Cornwall, her parents names were John Warren and a Maria Thorne,  I also have a date for their marriage  which was 1 Jan 1853 Redruth but looking at Freebmd and I can't find the marriage entry and I don't know why.  I've also tried looking at the census for them all but I can only find one which was taken in Mountain Ash, Glamorgan, South Wales.  ( which they later went to, to live  ) in the 1861 census I found a John Warren and Eliza as a wife with  children, Susan being one of them,  Maria is nowhere to be found so I am assuming that she may have died but when searching Freebmd I found a death date for a Maria Warren Jun 1854 Redruth,  this could be her but when looking for a marriage entry for John Warren I could only find this one, John & Eliza Hocking March 1853 Redruth, that would be a year before Maria died.  Can anybody help me to sort out this puzzle please,  I will be very grateful.  Thank you very much.

Hampshire & Isle of Wight / Parkhurst Barracks, Carisbrooke
« on: Friday 17 November 06 20:01 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find some history to do with the above,  my ancestor James Roberts was a private soldier in the 36th foot regiment but I understand that there is always a possibility that he may be in another Regiment at some point. In 1851 at the time of the census he was stationed at the barracks and I would love to know why he was there at that time.  Was something going on that needed him to be there and how many regiments were also there in 1851, I know at a later date he was at Weedon, Northampton and then a little later at Cork, Ireland.

If anyone has any information or knowledge regarding the Barracks please can you get in touch as I want to find out as much as I can about  my ancestors life.   Thank you very much in advance.

Armed Forces / 36th foot regiment
« on: Wednesday 08 November 06 19:34 GMT (UK)  »
My ancestor James Roberts born 1820/1822 was a Private Soldier in the 36th Foot Regiment which came from Herefordshire but later joined up with another  the Worcestershire Regiment.  in 1851 he is living at the Parkhurst barracks, Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, in later years he was a Chelsea Pensioner, he was also stationed at Pembroke Dock  at the time of his marriage 1852 he also lived in Cork, Ireland and Northampton while he was in the Army,  I have looked at various sites and written to  the Pro Gov site but have failed to find my ancestor, in one census he states he came from Fown Hope but its quite possible he came from another village near by called Modiford,  where can I go from here ?  I know his father names which was Thomas but I would love to find his mothers so I know which family route to go down, I was hoping that finding information about my ancestor from Army  records will lead me to his parents.  I will be grateful for any help given.  Thank you.

London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / Sainsbury 1861 census Middlesex
« on: Monday 09 October 06 14:28 BST (UK)  »
Hi,  I am searching for my ancestor Richard Mees Saisbury born 1788, Wilton by Salisbury, Wiltshire, his wifes name was Mary Ann born about 1792 Sussex.

They had  at least 4 children,  Jane,  Terresa Mary, Emily Augusta and Edward,  Edward was born in Middlesex 1842.

Richard was a Clock/Watch Maker/Finisher

In the 1851 census I have found them living at Meridith Street, Middlesex, Would it be possible if someone can have a look at the 1861 census to see if they are still there.

Also if it is not too much to ask, I have looked at the freebmd site to see if I can find a death date for him  and even though there are a few I don't see one that could be his as the ages don't correspond. Would it be possible if someone with a better knowledge could have a quick look for me please.  Thank you very much, I appreciate any help given.  Thank you.

Somerset / Hayes & Attwood, Clutton
« on: Monday 09 October 06 14:00 BST (UK)  »
Hi,  I am searching for a Thomas Hayes born Abt   1782 Clutton and his wife Sarah Attwood born Abt 1785 Clutton,  they were married  Nov 1804 Clutton,  their son John ( Att ) Wood Hayes was born the same year 1804 Clutton.

I would love to go further if possible,  if anyone has access to the Parish Registers would it be at all possible if someone can do a look up please, I would like to know who the parents are of Thomas & Sarah, or if there is any other information I would love to hear. 

Thank you ever so much for any help given.

Completed Census Requests / James & William Roberts 1891 census Monkton
« on: Friday 22 September 06 22:31 BST (UK)  »

Can I be so cheeky and ask  if it is possible if someone can do a look up for me please,  I have a James Roberts born Cork, Ireland 1858 and his brother William Henry Roberts born 1856 Wedon, Northampton and in the 1891 census they are living in Monkton with their families, James wifes name is  Mary and Williams wifes name is Martha.

I will be grateful for any feed back,  thank you very much.

Devon Completed Lookup Requests / East & West Yard Farm, Highbray
« on: Friday 22 September 06 21:07 BST (UK)  »
My Thorne ancestors lived, owned and worked the two above farms for quite a few decades and I was wondering if these farms are still around today or is there any information available on them, that I can obtain  as I am very interested to learn as much as I can.  Thank you for any help given.

Devon / Thorne, Courtice, Geen, Ackland & Conniber
« on: Tuesday 01 August 06 13:05 BST (UK)  »
I have Thorne's from Highbray, North Moulton and Courtice from Bratton Fleming along with Ackland & Conniber.

Jacob Thorne born about 1800 was a farmer his parents possible a John & Mary Thorne,  Jacob married a Maria Courtice, who's parents were a William Courtice and a Grace Geen.  There are variants of the surname Courtice, Curtis for example.

I will be grateful if anyone has information regarding these families, I do have more information but would like more if possible.

Thank you very much.  Rhian

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