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I know this has closed. But my family owned 1 Fort Villas from very early 1900's until the 1980's I was born there as were my Mother and her brother and sisters 1 lived until 1974 when I emigrated to australia. 1 and 2 Fort Villas were originally built for a private school as some sort of Annexe. However after it was built the school decided it was not safe for children due to proximity of the river. The address was changed to 51 and 53 Pevensey Bay road sometime in the 60's. Hope this helps. I would be interested in any history you have relating to the occupants of both houses
Regards Steve

Hi you asked where 2 Fort Villas was. It is now 53 Pevensey Bay Road Langney I used to live at 1 Fort Villas, now 51 pevensey bay road. The two houses were originally built as one for use by a Girls school but was never used by the school was decided too dangerous as it back onto the river.

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