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The Lighter Side / Re: What has Rootschat done for you?
« on: Saturday 22 September 18 23:58 BST (UK)  »
Just checked my profile to see it is coming up 13 years. I remember seeing a notice about Rootschat on the notice board at my local FH society.  I logged on when I got home and I think I have logged on everyday since. I have enjoyed the professionalism of the design and operation of the site; the skill of the moderators which has enabled rootschatters to share their knowledge and help.

I am continually amazed at the range of knowledge.  I felt I could help in a small way with stuff about my local area.  I have made friends, found rellies and broken down brick walls.  A person in the UK googled my ggrandfather's name found in an old album he found in an attic.  Via Rootschat, the album was returned to my family in the UK.

Thank you to all.

Australia / Re: Spiers family living in Ipswich
« on: Saturday 18 August 18 01:07 BST (UK)  »
I suggest you also contact the Ipswich Genealogical Society.  They have a comprehensive website including burial records for the Ipswich cemetery.  It may also be worth your while  and cheaper in the long run to join as a member, to gain access to records and their advice.  I am sure you would be warmly welcomed by them when you visit their office on your arrival in Ipswich.

I know from my experience at being a helper at another FH Society, we looked forward to helping our out of town members.

Best wishes.

Dumfriesshire / Paternity order: Armstrong v Jardine: making of payments: 1851
« on: Monday 06 August 18 01:48 BST (UK)  »
The Paternity order is dated 1851 in the parish of Canonbie and outlines the regular payments to be made until the illegitimate child reaches 7 years of age.

My question is how would the payments be made.  Would the father make the payments to the parish and then the mother have to front up to the parish officials?

In other words, would the father have any further contact with the mother in order to hand over the money?  Thank you, Gazania

I have come across some information on this issue but have not kept references so I shall depend on my memory.  I was searching through some undertakers' records for the 1880s and came across some references for bodies from Asylums were to go to  medical schools.  Some others were buried in cemeteries attached to the Asylum (eg my convict ancestor died in Tarban Creek Asylum, Parramatta, Sydney, OZ and was buried in the attached cemetery)

My father's cousin died in 1953 and no parents were listed on his Queensland burial index.  He was buried a fortnight after his death in a pauper's grave.  Information from his cemetery record indicated he had been in an asylum and no next of kin could be located.  (sad family story including in hindsight, probable PTSD from WW1 injuries)

Quite recently in Queensland,  a body had been held in a mortuary for a long time.  NOK had been found and notified of their responsibility for burial but had not acted despite all efforts.  The matter has been taken to court and the State was given permission to bury the body in a pauper's grave.

Some time ago now, I remember reading about how a medical school respected the bodies willed to them.  They conduct memorial ceremonies with the knowledge of the living next of kin.

The Common Room / Re: Ancestry... Public tree contact
« on: Friday 22 June 18 00:53 BST (UK)  »
Xinia - sadly my experience too.  Thanks for your interest though. Gazania

The Common Room / Re: Ancestry... Public tree contact
« on: Thursday 21 June 18 11:16 BST (UK)  »
Oops.  I answer to both JayNQ and gazania.  It is a long story about a Win 10 update wiping out my Rootschat id.

The Common Room / Ancestry... Public tree contact
« on: Thursday 21 June 18 07:27 BST (UK)  »
I am thinking of taking out a month's subs to Anc. as I found a public tree of interest to me and I am wondering if it is worth making contact.

The Tree shows very little knowledge of my family which after 25 years of searching, I have just managed to crack.  So I can certainly pass on a lot to the tree owner.  My question is does the tree owner have to be a current subscriber to respond to my contact ? ( that is of course if they able or willing to do so.)  I am just asking whether it is worth while.  (I do not have a tree on AnC)

Thanks Gazania

Sussex Lookup Requests / prison records - 1882
« on: Saturday 26 May 18 07:56 BST (UK)  »
I found a news item in the Hastings and St Leonards Observer dated Sat 12 Aug 1882 which indicated that at the Hastings Borough Bench on the previous Thurs (ie   10 Aug 1882) that James LANE was sentenced to 2 months hard labour for common assault.

I am asking if there are any prison records available (or any other records) which would give the age/ description of the prisoner.  I am interested to see if this James Lane is a relative.

I have searched the Catalogue for the East Sussex Archives with no success.

Thank you, Gazania

Armed Forces / Invalided out of Navy - "Penelope"
« on: Wednesday 25 April 18 07:25 BST (UK)  »
My request may sound a bit picky.....

My relative had signed up for 10 years with the Royal Navy. Some dates:

11-13 Jul 1882: on board the "Penelope" at the battle of Alexandria (confirms family story)
Jul 1882:    Not on Newspaper casualty lists of wounded/killed on the "Penelope"
6 Oct 1882:   Naval record shows invalided out of Navy (confirms family story)
7 Nov 1882:  "Penelope" returns to Home Port in UK

My question is are there any records which tell me whether he was discharged while on the "Penelope" and remained on board until the ship docked in Nov.  Or could he have been taken off the ship and brought home earlier?  What was the usual practice?

On a 1890 record, his father said he had suffered sunstroke in the past.

Thanks, Gazania

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