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Census and Resource Discussion /
« on: Wednesday 14 February 07 23:07 GMT (UK)  »
Anybody had any dealings with  How safe would the site be from hackers if you have to include your mother's maiden name? (Sometimes used as security on opening a bank account)  Also I noticed "beta" in the backgound of the title, I wonder what that means.  I would like to hear any comments from others far more experienced than me.  Gazania

Census Lookup and Resource Requests / Mat(t)hews & Carling 1871 and 1881 census
« on: Monday 29 January 07 11:27 GMT (UK)  »
As a starting point could someone please look up the 1871 census to find Ellen Mat(t)hews.  I can only assume she was born like her supposed siblings at Southend Essex approximately 1856+.  Her father was Edward b 1826 Barling Essex and her mother was Ellen also born Essex.

This has been a brick wall mystery for many years.  Charles Albert Carling was born to Charles and Rosaline Carling, one of 15 surviving children from 22.  He was born Pimlico, London 14 Oct 1856.  His occupation has been given as a sewing machine mechanic.  He married Ellen Mat(t)hews at St Pancras Church, London on the 25 Feb 1878.  Neither has been heard of since.

Our only clue is that in the 1881 census, an Ellen Carling aged 2 appears as a grand daughter of Edward and Ellen Mathews at Prittlewell, Essex.  The birthplace of Ellen the g'dau is given as Southend Essex, the same as the other children in Edward's family.  This Ellen is still living with the family in the 1891 census. Have not found her in the 1901 census.

The birth of Ellen in approximately 1878/9 under both Carling and Mat(t)hews has not been found.

A death certificate for an Ellen Carling aged 18 gives no proof of identity.

Any ideas would be much welcomed.  Gazania

Dumfriesshire / Canonbie PR LDS batch no C118144 gives only female names - Why?
« on: Wednesday 10 January 07 05:31 GMT (UK)  »
LDS Batch No C118144 for baptisms for Canonbie 1819 - 1854 gave me only female christian names when searching for Armstrong and Bell (apart for one John Bell).  Does any one know why?  Is the LDS in the process of doing more indexing and the males are not yet loaded?  Seems strange to me.

Thanks, Gazania

Census and Resource Discussion / Armstrong or Jardine 1861 census and SP
« on: Saturday 30 December 06 07:19 GMT (UK)  »
Before the Internet, my OH had pretty thoroughly researched his Scottish Armstrong forebears with the available records and even help with a professional researcher.  His Armstrong family had been found on the 1851, 1881 and 1891 census but not the 1861 or the 1871 as the family had moved from Canonbie DFS to Hawick ROX in that time frame.

Using the free access to I found the family on the 1861 census but with 4 more kids then expected.  But the surnames of three of the kids was Jardine including OH's grandfather aged 2 who we know was both baptised and registered as Armstrong and who was illegitimate  Now we got pretty excited thinking at last we might know that Jardine was the name we should start searching.

However nothing more was found on the IGI to support the births of these "new" kids either as Armstrong or Jardine. Next we ventured onto Scotlandspeople trying before we buy.  Again not much joy apart from the family on the 1871 had moved again but with  fewer kids, not surprisingly.

Puzzled , using free SP we tried to reconstruct the family on the 1861 census again.  This time three kids called Armstrong not Jardine but with a possible Thomas Jardine aged 10 to keep it interesting.  So we shall now pay to view the original records.

My advice then is to check every resource especially the originals.  Has anyone else had an experience like this? Gazania

United States of America / US census search for Monk family
« on: Friday 10 November 06 01:46 GMT (UK)  »
Just found my long lost Monk family through's free immigration offer.  To put me out of my misery could SKS please look up a census after the 1886 arrival (on New York Immigration list).  Names and details:

Chris(toper)  MONK b1858
Fanny                      b1852
Edith Lillian (Lily)       b1874
Edgar Levi Howard    b 1876  (Howard on shipping list)
Walter Herbert H       b 1879
Frank                       b 1884

Thank you, Gazania in Australia

Yorkshire (East Riding & York) / Beech Farm, Scagglethorpe, near Malton
« on: Monday 30 October 06 02:17 GMT (UK)  »
I would like any information on Beech Farm (or similar name  eg The Beeches) and homestead in the hamlet of Scagglethorpe, which is in the parish of Settrington, & which is not far from Malton.  Does it still exist?  Is the house still standing?  Any suggestions for me to search are welcome.

My family, Cundill/Cundith, occupied the farm for at least 200 years with my branch leaving in 1800.  Apparently the farm was still in the family until it was sold about the 1950s when the last occupants, both bachelors (Cundill) willed the proceeds to the local chapel.

I have researched the parish registers, censuses and wills. I live in Australia and unable to make a trip, these days.   Thank you. Gazania

Completed Census Requests / 1891 census Surrey for Langley, please
« on: Tuesday 17 October 06 00:51 BST (UK)  »
Could someone please lookup the 1891 census for John Langley born c 1833, Camberwell, plasterer, possibly in the Camberwell area.  A likely death for him is in Camberwell district in1896 aged 57.  The entry in the census index may be mispelled but I cannot find him using at my local Mormon centre.  Another clue may be finding also his youngest child, George, b c 1878, ie about 13 years, b Camberwell.

In the 1871 & 1881 census, John was living with his wife, Jane, and family. But by 1888 according to a will, his wife, Jane, had moved out and in the 1891 census she was living with her future second husband, William Rodford, & calling herself Rodford.

Thank you, Gazania

US Lookup Requests / ALDERMAN, lookup on US census.
« on: Friday 15 September 06 10:14 BST (UK)  »
Could some one please lookup the 1840, or 1850, or 1860 US census for the ALDERMAN family, possibly New York State.  Details are as follows:

James ALDERMAN b 1803 Swanbourne Bucks England and his wife,Sarah, b England.  Their children before 1841 were Elizabeth b1824 and Thomas b 1831 both born Swanbourne, Bucks.

They appear to have migrated to the USA before 1841.  In 1860 they could not be contacted at a New York State address by the solicitor settling an estate.

Thank you, Gazania in Australia

Completed Census Requests / SIMPSON 1891 Census Lookup
« on: Monday 11 September 06 07:11 BST (UK)  »
Could I please have some help with the following:

The Simpson family appears in the 1871 census at Camberwell SRY as follows:

Thomas head aged 29 lab on docks b Colchester ESS
Eliza       wife aged 25                     b Camberwell SRY
Ada        dau aged  1                       b Camberwell SRY

I have not found them on the 1881 census.  I know from a will dated 1888 that they had another daughter Emily and the mother, Eliza, was by then deceased. Could some one please check the 1891 census.  Perhaps they migrated.

Thanks, Gazania

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