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Cheshire / Re: Charles SIDEBOTTOM, son of PETER and ELIZABETH
« on: Wednesday 25 January 17 18:44 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you, both seem like possibilities, despite these suggestions I still haven't been able to locate any possible baptism records for Charles :-\

Cheshire / Re: Charles SIDEBOTTOM, son of PETER and ELIZABETH
« on: Wednesday 25 January 17 16:58 GMT (UK)  »
These are some images of the baptism records - mentioning the parent's names and where they were from, it might make it easier to read the name of the place if I show the records themselves.

I'm afraid I do not know if the family were non-conformist.

Cheshire / Charles SIDEBOTTOM, son of PETER and ELIZABETH
« on: Tuesday 24 January 17 18:11 GMT (UK)  »
Hello all,

I'm having a problem locating a baptism for Charles Sidebottom. From his burial record, he was born about 1752, and according to his children's baptism records at Wentworth in Yorkshire, Charles's parents were Peter Sidebottom and his wife Elizabeth. Peter is said to be a cordwainer of Wheily? Whelley? in Cheshire (it's hard to read on the documents, and I don't know of many places in Cheshire - but one says it's near Stockport).

Despite this information, I can't seem to find any possible baptisms for Charles. I have been able to find two possible marriages of a Peter to an Elizabeth/Betty in Cheshire, but I don't know which would be the correct one.

Any help with this would be great - it's the first time my ancestry research has taken me to Cheshire.

Thank you,

thank you both  :)

Thank you both, I'll have a look into the name 'Savina' now  :)

Hello all,

While tracing my Parkin line, I found a very odd name transcribed on FindMyPast.
The name, which I'm pretty sure isn't correct is 'Leweiner Parkin'.
It is said to be this on the transcription, and does look like it says this on the census image.

It is the 1851 census for Charles Parkin (b.1816, Kimberworth) and his wife Sarah (b.1817, Kimberworth) and their children Emma, Aaron, Zilphah and 'Leweiner', living on Hesley Lane in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire.
Leweiner is said to be a female, daughter of Charles and Sarah, born in Ecclesfield in either 1851 or 1850 (as she is listed as 0 on the census).
However I cannot find a baptism record for her, nor is she on other censuses I have found of the family.

I've attached an image of the name as it appears on the census document.
Help finding out who this female was, and what her name was would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Hello all,

I'm hoping someone has knowledge of the Bradfield/Bolsterstone/Hollingbush area of Yorkshire.
I have a Ann MORTON, daughter of Alice Morton. This Ann married Thomas EASTWOOD at Wath Upon Dearne on 5th January 1779.

I went about trying to find a baptism record for Ann MORTON, with a mother named Alice. I've found a possible baptism record at Sheffield - 'Anne Mortin daughter of Alice Mortin' born at the Workhouse, baptized 27 Jul 1760 at 'Sheffield, St James, Norton' (record can be found on FindMyPast - I think it may be transcribed as Martin).
On Ann and Thomas Eastwood's children's baptisms at Wentworth, Alice (Ann's mother) is said to be of Bolsterstone, and again at Hollingbush, Bradfield.

I know that Alice may well have moved to live in a different area between the birth of Ann and the time that Ann had her children, but does anyone know if this Alice baptizing her daughter at Sheffield could be my Alice of Bolsterstone/Hollingbush? Were there any workhouses in this area? (the name of the workhouse mentioned on Ann's baptism isn't mentioned).
Also if anyone can find any alternative baptisms for Ann, then I would be very grateful.

Many thanks,

Added: I should mention that on the record image, the exact words are: "Anne d: [blank space left for father's name]   & Alice Mortin at the workhouse".
Is it likely that the father is deceased or that Ann(e) was illegitimate? Also, would there be any way of me tracing Alice - where she was from etc, or would it be looking for a needle in a haystack?

Thank you Brian, but whereabouts on the page should I be looking as this links me to the main Rotherham page? :)

Hello all,

I would really appreciate some help finding out more about SUSANNA, who married John Hammerton at Rotherham on 29th November 1779. They had several children, all baptized at Greasbrough;
- Ann, bap 8 Dec 1780
- John, bap 19 Dec 1784
- Stephen, bap 5 Apr 1789
- William and Thomas, bap 5 Jun 1791
- Thomas, bap 29 Sep 1793
- Richard, bap 11 Feb 1797
- Elizabeth/Betty, bap 14 Jan 1798

On the marriage of Susanna to John Hammerton, Susanna's maiden name is said to be OXSPRING.

I found what I believe to be her burial record on FamilySearch (only the transcript), which suggested she was buried in 1831 in Greasbrough/Rotherham. The burial record also suggested a birth year of about 1758, but I can't seem to find any Susanna Oxspring's baptized. So that led me to believe she may have been married previously (so Oxspring wasn't her maiden name), but I haven't managed to find a possible marriage of Susanna to an Oxspring yet.

Help and advice would be greatly appreciated,

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