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Armed Forces / Re: Merchant seaman details 1841 help needed
« on: Saturday 29 July 17 21:46 BST (UK)  »
Hi Seaweed

Thanks for your reply, Alexander was mentioned several times as being the master of colliers particularly those arriving at Gravesend, there are several articles relating to him on the British Newspaper website regarding the sinking of The Rhine 1864, but I have struggled to find anything about his earlier voyages in the 1830s and 40s, so your information helps fill the gaps and it's much appreciated. 



Armed Forces / Merchant seaman details 1841 help needed
« on: Saturday 29 July 17 18:58 BST (UK)  »
My ancestor Alexander left Kirkcaldy around 1839-41, not sure if this record relates to Scotland or England, his later records are Sunderland based. I wondered if anyone could fill in the details for his 1841 record, I wasn't sure if Adam Clark was the master or the ship, I know in his early days Alexander worked on colliers and travelled all over the world more so when he became a master mariner but this is the earliest record I have found for him and would appreciate any help relating to it.


My family descends from Marys illegitimate son William born 1809, census returns point to her birth being around 1777-1781 Thornton, there is a birth for Mary to Thomas Crosby 28 Feb 1780 he had an earlier daughter Mary 1772 who must have died before Marys birth, a Mary Crosby married Henry Hodgson in Thornton but as William was born to Mary Crosby in 1809 my Mary wasn't a widow before marrying William Boddy a year later.  Some people have William marrying this Mary others marrying a later Mary Crosby born in Nunnington whose birth date and location don't match census returns or Marys death in 1861 the problem is both Mary's appear to have Thomas as their father and on various family trees descending from the Otterburn/Duchman families several generations earlier, I know from experience not to rely on family trees so I don't want to add Thomas Crosbys earlier ancestors to my family tree until I have the correct details if applicable, so any help sorting through this family would be appreciated


Hi Bookbox

Thanks once again for your help, Thomas Henfrey on my earlier post that you helped me with was one of my ancestors, the Bruntons were on hubbys side, they should be father and son Peter being the elder and would explain why he is named first.  I wonder what the outcome was as I haven't found another document to follow up this one, will check again in the library tomorrow if I get chance.

Thanks for your help I could make out Scotton and Brunton and that's about it.  Saw the heading Pontefract when I looked at it again, geography was never my strongest subject at school  :)

I have found a document relating to hubbys ancestors Peter & Joseph Brunton, if anyone can translate it, it would be very much appreciated



Hi Bookbox

Things have moved on a lot as you say and as more sets of records are released online it's amazing what turns up, in the last few months I found my Great Grandfather did a runner to America leaving my Grandfather aged 1 with his Uncle after my Great Grandmother died in 1883.

Thomas Henfrey's daughter Elizabeth married Will Tinson, there were a few candidates for his parents but none local, by chance I found his death 2 weeks ago with an interesting note "son of Tinson of Chipping Norton" not the sort of thing you would expect to see relating to a 71 year old man, but considering he was a fellmonger of Melton Mowbray, it seemed like the right Will, then I found Elizabeth's death noted a widow of Will fellmonger of Melton Mowbray, turns out Will is the son of Edmund Tinson of Chipping Norton, he was born in 1725 and served an apprenticeship with Jon Tinson Glove? (can't make out the second word) in 1745,  he married Elizabeth in 1752 that leaves a gap of 7 years for his move  up to Melton but without that note in the death records I would never have thought of looking in Oxfordshire 80 miles away for himIt's the little details that can turn out to be the most significant finds


Hi Bootbox

Thanks for all your help, I did try to find more about Thomas 10 years ago

Sad really to think I've been into family history for 11 years now, who knows another 11 years and I might find everybody that I've been researching all these years :)

Hi Bookbox

Thank you for your help, 200 must have been a considerable sum for 1728, I did find a copy of the parish entry for their marriage, sadly they follow each other in the June 1742 burials, the English part of the marriage bond is posted below.

Would the avoidance of banns be a sign that the bride's family didn't approve?  I have no information on Thomas or Catherine before their marriage, there are a few Thomas Henfrey's being bapt around 1696 but I have no clues to work on exactly when or where he was born, Sketh if it is correct is a very unusual surname, I was wondering if it was a Catholic surname as I know how hard it is to find early Catholic records.



Thomas married Catherine Sketh in Thrussington 1728, there is a part Latin/English document relating to Thomas and Catherine regarding their wedding but I don't understand why it is signed by Thomas and George Cockram, could he be acting as a proxy/adoptive parent for Catherine as she does not sign the document.  I'll post the Latin section as I am scared of falling foul of copyright by posting a full document on here.  I tried to find an online Latin translator but had no luck, if anyone can tell me what it says I'd be very grateful

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