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Scotland / Re: Anyone going to National Archives Scotland (NAS) in Edinburgh ?
« on: Sunday 20 December 15 04:48 GMT (UK)  »

appreciate if anyone going to NAS could look at and possibly copy a document for me;

Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference GD305/1/165/227
Title Copy Petition of the Inhabitants of Aird of Coigach Parish of Lochbroom To the Society for propagating christian knowledge in the highlands of Scotland. Pray to have a Missionary placed amongst them who would also act as Schoolmaster etc.
Dates 1793
Access status Open
Location Off site
Level File

Might possibly be a good census substitute, with help of other volunteers and copyright permission from the Earl of Cromartie (Chief of Clan MacKenzie) I have obtained and transcribed 6 Lochbroom Militia lists for my Coigach site, and from the description this petition might name all Heads of families 1793, if so a great addition.



Ross & Cromarty / Re: Forbes Family of Millers - Little Lochbroom
« on: Saturday 12 December 15 05:47 GMT (UK)  »
The Forbes millers that I'm investigating lived in the 1800s, about a century after the events to which you refer. However, perhaps previous generations of Forbes were millers too. A George Forbes, born around 1808 in Kilmorack or Beauly - places that are near the Lovat Estates (so I have learned) - was my gg-grandfather. By the time of the 1841 census he had relocated to run a mill at Ardessie, near Little Loch Broom. Milling was indeed a family business, since his brother, Robert ran a mill at Second Coast in the parish of Gairloch.

Hiya Grant,

I have a webpage focused on Coigach, the north-west third of Lochbroom Parish. On the page are annotated transcriptions of the 19th century censuses, weak for the south-east part which after 1857 was administered for Civil Registration separate from the rest of the Barony. Have recently been adding bits for that neglected area, which includes Ullapool, largest town in the Parish.

I see a Robert Forbes, miller, there in 1841, and a James Forbes, miller with sister Isabel, in 1851, I think were Roberts' son and daughter. Also with Robert in 1841 were young MacKay children, and newspaper articles refer to the disgraceful eviction in the late 19th century of a Widow MacKay, noting her family had been millers there for generations.

Is that Robert Forbes the same one who you note as having a mill at Second Coast? See;

All the best from Niagara,


Ross & Cromarty / Re: Amazing, but sad, death certificate
« on: Wednesday 21 October 15 19:12 BST (UK)  »
After downloading a death certificate for a family member, I looked at the other names on the image and wonder if it would relate to anyone on this site looking for family members.

The names are Mary and Catherine Mackenzie.

Mary was 29 years old, and Catherine was 17 years old. They both died on 01 April 1864, after drowning, because of an upset open boat, near Priest Island, Lochbroom.
Their bodies were never found.

Mary and Catherine's parents were John Mackenzie, deceased, a lotter from Scoraig and Ann Mackenzie, nee Macrae.

Their deaths were registered by their brother, John Mackenzie.

If anyone wants a copy of this certificate, I would be only too happy to share.

Sad tale! I had transcribed a newspaper article about that tragedy for my website that focuses on Coigach, the article did not name the two MacKenzie sisters, thanks for that additional data.

My transcript of the article is at;

Ross & Cromarty / Re: Ancestors from Scotland
« on: Sunday 23 August 15 21:27 BST (UK)  »
Working out relationships is always difficult but I come to 4th cousins, twice removed. Could be wrong of course, so we'll just say you are cousins.  :)

Ha! Yes, After I posted that I also cut a "removed"...

The 1915 marriage shows that the parents of Walter MacKay are Henry MacKay and Annie Skinner.

So not a case of a sister and brother marrying a brother and sister. "Skinner" very much a local name as Skoosh noted up this thread, the eastern part of the village is known as "Skinnerton of Inver".

"Henry" also a name common to the area, I have seen in the Corbett family there.

Thank you also for the extra information about the ancestors of John MacKenzie. I'm very grateful for that and means that I have much more information about her Scottish side than I ever imagined I would have just a week ago.

I'll p.m. you URL for my MacDonald of Reiff chart, a non-public file as it includes some details on living people and so is only circulated to descendants, I have penciled in grandmother of your friend, Henrietta MacKay, in there at position 1-1-5-1-2-6-1


Ross & Cromarty / Re: Ancestors from Scotland
« on: Sunday 23 August 15 14:18 BST (UK)  »
BTW, I see the next younger sibling of Margaret MacKenzie, Roderick (born 29 September, 1896 at Inver, died there, index on ScotlandsPeople suggests 1979) married 8 April, 1921 at Pitmaduthy Farm in Logie Easter to Jessie Mackay, I wonder if this was a coincidence, or possibly two siblings married two siblings.

Parents of Jessie MacKay were James Mackay, a Cattleman, and another Jessie (I do not have maiden surname for her), do those names match with parents of Walter MacKay from the 1915 marriage registration?

Ross & Cromarty / Re: Ancestors from Scotland
« on: Sunday 23 August 15 12:43 BST (UK)  »
Hi  :)

Yes the parents of Margaret are John MacKenzie and Margaret Ross.

I am doing a small amount of family research for a friend and John and Margaret MacKenzie are her 2x great grandparents. Does that mean that you and my friend are cousins?

Yes! in brief, John MK was born 1858 at Polglass in Coigach, Parish of Lochbroom on the west coast, I have a fairly large website focused on genealogy and history of Coigach;

You can see John in the annotated census transcripts there by following the links to Polglass, or jump directly to;

John's mother was Murdina MacLeod, born about 1829 and baptized 25 October, 1829 at the Coigach village of Achiltibuie (follow links in the annotated census back each 10 years and between villages)

Murdina's parents had married a few years previous, at the Coigach village of Reiff. The mother was Mary MacDonald, born about 1801. Mary's younger brother, Donald MacDonald, was a gt-gt-grandfather of mine. Similar to your friend's MacKenzie family coming east from Polglass to Inver, my gt-grandmother about 1869 came east and married a farmer, Andrew Ross, at the farm of Lower Arboll in Tarbat Parish, that farm borders Inver to the east (Inver straddles the border between Tain and Tarbat Parishes).

So, as your friend is a gt-gt-granddaughter of Margaret, we are cousins, if I count the generations correctly, fourth cousins, three times removed. Although my focus is with Coigach, with input and correction from many of your friends other distant cousins I have charted descent of our common MacDonald ancestry, 949 people, and would be happy to share data.


Ross & Cromarty / Re: Ancestors from Scotland
« on: Sunday 23 August 15 02:56 BST (UK)  »
The marriage image also gives details of her age and her parents names. She was born in 1915 and her parents are Walter MacKay and Margaret Mackenzie.

I've just found the image of their marriage in 1915 and they are living at.......  11 New St, Inver.

Seems so odd to me to marry in their own home. Is this allowed in Scotland?


I had MacKenzie cousins a few Households away at 5 New Street, age seems a bit young but there was a daughter Margaret born 1894 or 1895, perhaps the Margaret who married 1915 to Walter MacKay and had daughter Henrietta later same year? "My" Margaret had parents John MacKenzie and Margaret Ross. Do they match the parents of "your" Margaret from her 1915 marriage reg?

Ireland / Re: First name Bridget
« on: Sunday 09 August 15 00:15 BST (UK)  »
One of my mother's elder sisters was a Bridget, often called "Biddy" she took a dislike to the name and declared henceforth she was "Bee". A few days after, walking down the street of Ardee she heard a boy calling out "BIDDY BIDDY BIDDY!!!"

Aunty Bee grabbed the miscreant by the shoulders and threw him against a wall, screaming into his face; "WHAT IS MY NAME?", The poor boy wailing in fear, could hardly reply and the question was repeated till he finally whimpered out; "your name is, ... BIDDY NO MORE!!!"

Armed Forces / Re: Chelsea Pensioner
« on: Tuesday 04 August 15 21:27 BST (UK)  »
A descendant of this family has contacted me, Phil Shearn at Oakville, Ontario. He has done great research on the descent to himself, but was not to aware of the Scottish side, I have forwarded him some data, and am now editing in his Dawson at Ullapool line and MacLeods at Morefield to the pages on my Coigach genealogy site, which is weak on the Ullapool side of the Big Rock..

When Ullapool was founded by the British Fisheries Society in 1789 as a model village craftsmen from the south were brought in, including I assume, the mason, Benjamin Dawson. As Benjamin's wife was a MacKenzie I assume he married a local girl, and had at least two children; John and William. John born about 1786, and William born about 1789. If that birth predates founding of the village than I am wrong to assume Benjamin came then, though he is noted in the 1798 Militia List.

Phil descends from William the Chelsea Pensioner through his son, another Benjamin. That Benjamin and his wife Isabel MacRae had a daughter Emily born about 1849, she marries in 1872 to Roderick MacLeod fom a Morefield family, by 1901 they are at Inverness.

Still transcribing and annotating censuses, but thought you might be interested in a few christenings from the Parish Reg (I have images of most of the Lochbroom Register in a binder);

Parish Register notes the marriage 13 April, 1815 at Ullapool of John "Dazon" to Ann MacLeod.
christenings at Ullapool with father John Dawson or "Dazon" at Ullapool;
•child, forename not recorded, christened 12 January, 1817
•Janet, christened 12 July, 1820
•John, christened 6 October, 1822
•Betty, christened 5 June, 1828
•Roderick, christened 5 January, 1833

christenings at Ullapool to William Dawson or "Dazon";
•Peter, christened 18 April, 1813
•Thomas, christened 2 October, 1814
•Benjamin, 12 October, 1816
•Donald, christened 2 August, 1818
•Betty ("Elizabeth" above), christened 5 September, 1827, married 1 July, 1852 in Lochbroom to Murdo MacLeod
•William, christened 27 September, 1831

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