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World War One / Re: Re: Can anyone identify this WW1 uniform?
« on: Tuesday 06 June 17 17:56 BST (UK)  »
Hi,experts :) would be grateful if this uniform could be identified. Thanks.

Could you start a new thread pse??? It will save clogging up this one...

World War One / Re: Can anyone identify this WW1 uniform?
« on: Tuesday 06 June 17 01:36 BST (UK)  »
Also, I am not convinced by the "shoulder title" its far too far up the epaulette, and looks more like a fault on the exposure. The original may support this, or it may show something clearer.

World War One / Re: Can anyone identify this WW1 uniform?
« on: Tuesday 06 June 17 01:32 BST (UK)  »

Why do you think regular rather than conscript, barryd?

Moustache, puttees, demeanour. Only a thought.
Good afternoon,

I would agree on the bugle horn above shoulder titles but that would be light infantry. Cameronians did have a bugle horn as part of their badge, it was surmounted by a wreath with a star within it. It came from the 90th foot when amalgamated in 1881.

I would also expect to see tartan trews or kilt for Scottish regt.

I would agree pre war because of the regtl insignia being on the uniform but post 1908 because he has a web belt. Brought out that year to relace the old leather slade wallace equipment.

Most regular soldiers would have their own swagger sticks for walking out. Either purchased or homemade, they were regarded as a status symbol when walking down the street. Stick under one arm, lady on the other. Also made a handy weapon for the unarmed soldier returning to barracks after a few drinks.


Sorry, I have to disagree with most of the above.

He is NOT pre war, neither is he a reg...A regular soldier would not have his puttees in such a deplorable state.

The 1908 web equipment replaced the 1903 Bandolier Equipment, not Slade Wallace. The brass shoulder titles in 1908 were not there...They had cloth ones

The "Walking Out Cane" to give the "swagger stick" its correct nomenclature was a private purchase item for ALL rank and file. Indeed there was a prescribed "stick drill" for it. It was to keep a soldiers hands out of his pockets and to add a bit of class. Stick Drill only left the army in the 1960s. All rank and file had to carry them when leaving barracks after 1800 hrs to go into town or where ever.

The wife MAY have a sweetheart brooch at her neck. I cannot see the detail, but it may be more patent on the original.

She is also wearing the clothes of wartime period.

So, a wartime pic and not pre war.

World War One / Re: West Ham Union Infirmary 1917
« on: Tuesday 06 June 17 01:17 BST (UK)  »
I agree with mirl, and given the cause of death, I doubt he would have been medically fit to serve anyway.

Yes, exactly...He would have failed the medical. In addition, he died in the "Union Infirmary", the Workhouse Infirmary.... If in the services, he would have been in a military/Red Cross / VAD hospital, or convalescent home, not in "the bun"

Armed Forces / Re: Pte. David Hawkes, V.C.
« on: Tuesday 07 March 17 19:29 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you for the redirect, I'm new at this!
Also thank you mirl, this is new information to follow-up.

Mod comment

And just so you dont get confused...I've amended to the correct abbreviation.... :)

When looking in archives, the Pte will be found as opposed to the American variant... ;)

How to Use RootsChat (Please don't post requests here) / Re: Lapsed RC members
« on: Saturday 04 March 17 16:11 GMT (UK)  »
Moderators are human - and doing it because they are interested, knowledgeable, experienced and helpful. They're not in my view at all officious,  and any apparent inconsistency will be because a matter has not been drawn to their attention. We've all had a tiny smack on the hand when we've done something daft, but most of us have had more good guidance and help via moderators re-directing us, or pointing out that someone has already asked the exact same questions that we are thinking of spending time answering, several times. They also make sure as far as they can that we do not accidentally - or otherwise, breach copyright rules by publishing information we have found in certain places in a manner that could render "RootsChat" liable for some trouble and cost. Without them, it could not run as it does, if at all.
I salute them. They devote time and effort to helping US.
-Oh, and why is it a problem about old posts/ lapsed members? Dates of "last logged on" are by profiles, and if you look at a thread and think of responding to it, I'm sure most of us read through the entries - and the date of the origin is there on the first post.
Some members who have lapsed have through their work provided guidance for later seekers on the same theme - and to remove lapsed members' posts after a certain period would leave some very odd gaps in the narrative of some threads, wouldn't it?

Well I'm certainly not human as Im sure a number of people on here will testify... :P 8) :o ;D

It would be silly to remove lapsed posts...I just this morning had recourse to look up a thread from 2009...And not all are lapsed...Some have issues...some have lives...some have issues with their lives...I myself am not as active as I once was....So where would the inactive cut off be?? One week? one month? A year??? And what about members who have passed away?? A number of them added some great int that could be lost...

Nope...My advice is to read the thread, look as to when original poster was last active, and then post if you want to. Wont take more than a few seconds...And...Some of the other posters may be active and interested and thus benefit from added input  ;D

World War Two / Re: Ukrainian POWs
« on: Wednesday 14 December 16 18:43 GMT (UK)  »

I wrote 3 books on this unit which my father served with

Send me an email directly

And I'll help

Best wishes

Mike melnyk

Marvellous...But pse dont put your email on an open forum where any oik could copy...Pse send by PM.... ;)

World War Two / Re: Ukrainian POWs
« on: Wednesday 14 December 16 15:03 GMT (UK)  »
Kew may be reticent to release, but my ex and I had great success a couple of years back with such a case...

World War Two / Re: Ukrainian POWs
« on: Wednesday 14 December 16 15:02 GMT (UK)  »
Possibly...Worth a dig...

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