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Armed Forces / Re: Uniform help
« on: Monday 09 April 07 23:27 BST (UK)  »
The picture shows a chap in Scarlets, with what are known as "Jam Pot" cuffs and shoulder titles

The Buff facings (the collar and cuffs) are peculiar to the Northamptonshire, Middlesex, Lincolnshires and Devons of the period...which is around 1880-1900. The cuffs became pointed around 1902ish

He is holding a cane, an other ranks "walking out" type. No well dressed soldier of the period would be seen without one!!

It is a well known fact that people didn't always join the "local" Regt....My great uncle, altough born on the Northamptonshire/Buckinghamshire border joined the Somerset Light Infantry in 1892! We still don't know why!!!

Armed Forces / Re: Any ideas on the uniform??
« on: Monday 09 April 07 23:10 BST (UK)  »
I agree with Millymcb and Jebber that the badge is Notts and Derby, but I dont think they are wearing Bombay Bloomers!! They had buttons at the side to hold up the long turn ups! These are Shorts KD, well starched on the left, not so much on the chap on the right. I also note that the toecaps are well bulled....

The picture can be dated within a short time frame....The FS cap (left) was specified in 1937, and worn until replaced by the GS cap in 1943. The chap on the right wears the Other Ranks (ORs) pattern of Service Dress Cap. This disappeared around 1940 after Dunkirk, but was worn by the Corps of Military Police throughout the war.

Just to muddy the waters further, all Regiments were allowed to wear coloured FS caps from 1937 with the Regt Colours being shown. These were at the discretion of the battalion commanding officers and were private purchase. This not withstanding, some Regts had worn coloured FS caps since the 1880s! The  colours for the Notts and Derbys would have have been a dark blue main with yellow piping, and a dark green top and peak. So I can see where Wendi was coming from with her thoughts on RAF.

The 1st bn was in Palestine, the Middle East and North Africa from 1939-1942 and the 2nd bn was in Tunisia and Italy from 1943-45 so that should help pin down the picture a little.

It is also more than likely that two chaps from he same unit would wear different hats. It is possible that with the evidence of the highly polished (bulled) boots, whitened web belt and starched shorts that they are members of the bn Regt Police, although I would expect "RP" wrist bands....

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