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Canada / Re: A look up please by private message.
« on: Tuesday 10 April 18 04:39 BST (UK)  »
I don't have any details other than the name. Someone has messaged me and I've been able to explain.

Canada / A look up please by private message.
« on: Sunday 08 April 18 07:57 BST (UK)  »
Please can you help with a look up by private message. Details are vague and the only person I have is living, so can't put name on here, it's an Irish Canadian match.

Westmeath / Re: Mccarthy/carty look up please
« on: Sunday 25 March 18 16:07 BST (UK)  »
I have a christening record, spoke to the parish before. Sometimes the priest has a note of fathers of illegitimate children, just not in this case. The people that were God parents are called smith. No longer in the area. Have next door neighbour and family who played together as kids ( she was granny reared until her grandfather died, granny took her back to England but died on the boat journey. The police took her to her now married birth mothers house introduced as as her sister. She forgot and called her mammy, the birth mother beat her, she ran away. Police found her, mom had her put in foster care and never contacted her again..She was 5/6. I found the mom,now deceased a few years ago, she gave that name. Mcguinness as birth dad before she died.) She wants closure..the search goes on.

Westmeath / Re: Mccarthy/carty look up please
« on: Sunday 25 March 18 15:14 BST (UK)  »
Westmeath :-\ night be good, then I've gone full circle to the DNA born in westmeath. Thanks for info.

Westmeath / Re: Mccarthy/carty look up please
« on: Saturday 24 March 18 14:44 GMT (UK)  »
I only have her children and husband's family and now her dad Michael.
I've put a few in westmeath examiner, Never Had A Response.

Mullingar, in westmeath ireland. We still have friends there.

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Any DNA experts fancy trying to crack this?
« on: Friday 23 March 18 20:37 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for a birth father who may or may not be called McGuinness.

Have a maternal half brother who tested, so now can say which side matches are on on gedmatch....but it would seem this family met before a couple of generations between.

The only paternal 3rd cousin match is father i found out after i spent months building her tree only to find she used her husband's family in the tree..She won't upload to gedmatch.

I have a mirror tree containing all the paternal matches at 4th cousin stage..looking for a common ancestor.

I can't work it out..spend hours every day..gedmatch is A919901 should you fancy joining in.. ::)

Child born in mullingar westmeath left Ireland aged 5 now in Midlands Birmingham. Birth mother found years ago now deceased.She gave a name..but who knows.

Any help would be appreciated, a few have tried and given up. It's also uploaded to genesis,DNA land,my heritage and ftdna.
Many thanks

Westmeath / Re: Mccarthy/carty look up please
« on: Friday 23 March 18 19:31 GMT (UK)  »
I'm still on  looking for a missing birth father..mcguinness?? This is now the highest 4th cousin DNA match on the side of missing dad. Ancestry subscription ran out, can't renew until end of month..

This is years long search and a 14month DNA search..probably dead by now..

Westmeath / Re: Mccarthy/carty look up please
« on: Friday 23 March 18 17:27 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you.

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